New Tunes 12.5.2023

Hello music lovers!🎡

Are you ready for the #newtunes for the weekend listening? Musicians, famous and unknown, suggest listening to their new works. Whether they will succeed or not is now the question. Some are already heading for the top, and some will go unnoticed. But that is always the way of life.

We have something like that here today. If you don't like something, feel free to skip it.
Oh, by the way, that's 19 #newtunes post this year, now 132 in total. No matter, the years go by fast. Some of the ones I mentioned are even big hits now.


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Uncle Waffles - Asylum

Lungelihle Zwane aka Uncle Waffels is a 23-year-old DJ from Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) who has risen to the top of the dance scene in a short career of only two years. She is a superstar of a new style of dance music called amapiano, which incorporates the bass line of kwaito music, samples of township jazz, Afro house percussion, and Zulu vocals. A bit slower than the planetarily popular Nigerian Afro-beat. I have to admit I had to look around to get familiar with this, it's new to me too.
Basically, a very ambitious young woman (with a strong production team behind her, of course, from Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Durban, who know exactly what they're doing) has the intention of resurrecting TikTok and taking on the whole world. And how does that sound? The title track from the album Asylum has thrilled dance halls in London, Manchester, Nairobi, and Harare.

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Dolly Parton - World On Fire

Music icon Dolly Parton and recent Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame inductee has unveiled the first single from her album "Rockstar", which will be released this November. It will contain 9 original songs and 21 classics, and she has invited some of the biggest stars such as Paul McCartney, Debbie Harry, Stevie Nicks, and others to join her.
Of course, I will follow up and update you (if I like anything) as the songs are released.

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Rhiannon Giddens - You're the One

Rhianon Giddens is an American folk singer, winner of this year's Pulitzer Prize for her music and vocals in the opera Omar. I read about this somewhere recently, but I didn't know this singer. So I went to listen a little bit. At the award ceremony, she announced her new album "You're The One" which will be out in August this year. The title song is about happiness and her son.
Very beautiful voice, and top production. I am sure we will hear more from her.

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Cruel Diagonals - Vestigial Mythology

American vocalist and experimental composer Megan Mitchell, aka Cruel Diagonals, has released her third album "Fractured Whole".
Experimental music in every sense, the building blocks of the sound on the recordings are only vocals and samples of her own voice, which she has processed and placed in various ways as instruments, from drone, dark ambient backgrounds to pure Gregorian chanting.
An interesting approach that completely confuses our usual audio perception and in which our ability to distinguish the individual instrumental components fades.
Certainly a brave and creative step forward in music making. Highly recommended. (Especially in the car, but watch the road.)

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RoMa Child - Supersonic Gaucho

RoMa Child is a new Slovenian duo on the music scene, founded by two experienced musicians (Roman Ratej, and Martin Ε tibernik), who recently presented their first single Supersonic Gaucho.
This energetic song is a perfect blend of different genres and is about finding magical moments in everyday life, courage and risk-taking, and chasing your dreams.
Positive energy and a totally unique sound based on guitars, drums, and vocals. The video is a live studio recording.

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Immaterial Possession - Current in the Room

Four musicians from Georgia, USA, under the collective name Immaterial Possession, have released their second album Mercy Of The Crane Folk. Their music draws heavily on psychedelic rock and alternative folk from the last century.
They remind me a bit of the early Jefferson Airplane and their floating between reality and hallucination.
In fact, their music is suitable for dancing in dark halls pulsating with light effects or resting on the sofa in a smoky room.

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The Hives - Bogus Operandi

Swedish band The Hives have been performing since 1993 and are considered one of the best live rock attractions. I actually agree with that. After four years, they have announced their sixth studio album, 'The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons', which will be released this August, with the single 'Bogus Operandi'.
Sharp and cutting, without compromise, they continue. First-class guitar rock, if you ask me.

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Queens Of The Stone Age - Emotion Sickness

Queens Of The Stone Age, who I assume needs no introduction in the Music Community here on Hive, have announced a new studio album "In Times New Roman..." for June.
As a fan of them, I of course went to check it out. It's going to be raw, and brutal at times, at least according to jingle. Supposedly not recommended for the faint of heart. :)
Well, the opening single "Emotion Sickness" is in the classic style of the band, the sound that all fans want to hear, harsh desert rock. Welcome back QOTSA!

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