New Tunes 21.4.2023

Hello music lovers!🎵

It's Friday again and we've got a new #newtunes selection of fresh music for the weekend and beyond!
These songs have stayed in my ears after listening to them several times this week and I can't help it, I have to share them.

Well-known and unknown musicians, melodies, and noise from different genres and styles.
Just a few minutes of your time and maybe someone will want more and start exploring the wealth of sounds on offer.
And if you don't like something, skip it, musical tastes vary! :)


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Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Council Skies

British rock star Noel Gallagher, with the help of his band High Flying Birds, has released Council Skies, the fourth single from his soon-to-be-released album of the same name.
I've listened to all four singles and I can't help but mention that Noel is really productive, churning out hit after hit in the manner of pure Britpop.
Of course, there is a huge machine behind him but what is true is true.

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Ploho - город устал

Meet Ploho - a Russian band with a temporary address in Belgrade, Serbia, who will draw you into their melancholic atmosphere from the distant, cold, and gloomy Novosibirsk. They have been around for ten years and have released ten albums.
A new band for me, I first heard of them recently when I listened to the Balkanrock Sessions recordings. Although the band's name means "Bad" in Russian, their music and performance are anything but. With a precise lo-fi sound, Ploho takes you through the post-Soviet era, full of crime and social chaos, with cynical lyrics.
Song город устал in English means "the city is tired".

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King Krule - Seaforth

After a sold-out series of concerts in London, Paris, Berlin, and New York, British musician, and producer King Krule (Archie Marshall) announces "Space Heavy", his fourth studio album.
Written while traveling between London and Liverpool, the two places he calls home, King Krule became fascinated by the notion of "the space in between" - a space haunted by dreams of love, lost relationships, lost people, and situations on the guillotine of the universe.
The first single from the album is the dreamy and melancholic 'Seaforth'.

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Water From Your Eyes - Barley

American experimental duo Water From Your Eyes have caught the attention of music critics with the song "Barley", the first single from their forthcoming debut album "Everyone's Crushed", which will be released at the end of May.
A thrilling expansion of crazy pop and intertwining sounds that smash the beats, with jagged guitar and harmonies creating a tapestry of mind-altering sounds and offering another view of reality.

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Spirit Possession - Inhale the Hovering Keys

Spirit Possession is a duo from Portland, USA, and living proof that black metal is no longer synonymous with Scandinavia, but that you have epicenters of the genre everywhere.
The symbiosis of guitar and drums works very well. The guitars are distinct, so you can hear the technical perfection of the riffs. The sound of the guitars can be described as wicked, in the mid-high range, leaving room for the drums, and the vocals sound classically black metal.
The production is excellent, so we can hear all the details and technical perfection of both musicians. I recommend it to all fans of the genre.

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Deerhoof - The Little Maker

Deerhoof is a band from San Francisco and in its enviably rich, almost 30-year career it has created a lot that could be called unconventional, new, and different. "Miracle-Level" is their nineteenth and final album, recorded entirely in the studio.
In the song The Little Maker, they indulge in a carefree sonic stream, alongside a sing-song vocal melody, and precise and harmonized guitar riffs. All the songs on this album are sung in Japanese, only the titles are in English.

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Bella Technika - Solid State

New band for me, coming from Belgrade, Serbia. When I heard this song on the radio I thought it was Darkwood Dub and actually I wasn't far off.
Two former members of this band, with an additional member, formed a new band in 2019 and the album of the same name is their second in a row.
Solid State is a dance song, it sounds intentionally like a remix of sorts, a philosophical contemplation on the subject of modern sound, it brings the very rare experience of being present at a gig that isn't, just a few metres from a band that isn't, in a word, the music before us is designed as an experience (of a special kind).

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Džezzva - Drops

Džezzva (Jazzva) is a Slovenian jazz quartet from Murska Sobota, active since 2014. At the end of last year, they released their fourth album "Clearness". They are regular guests on European stages. In fact, this album's music is a fusion of traditional American jazz and European classical music, and this combination works very well in their interpretation. I would put a World Music label on it, welcome at any time.
Maybe @w74, as a very good jazz expert, will add some comments too?

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Thanks for your attention!🎵

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