New Tunes 31.3.2023

Hello music lovers!🎡

#newtunes weekend and beyond, the package of music suggestions is ready for your ears!
I have been on the road a lot this week, in the car, and I have listened to a lot of things. What I have left is here, and maybe it will help someone else to pass the time in the next few days.

Once again we have the opportunity to listen to this year's fresh melodies, by composers more unknown than well-known, and all of them deserve a moment of our time.
And if you don't like something, feel free to skip it.


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Ellie Goulding - By The End Of The Night

Ellie Goulding, a British singer, and songwriter started her career in 2009 and will release her fifth studio album "Higher Than Heaven" this year. Her music can be described as indie-pop or electro-pop, she has an exceptional vocal range and has been compared to Dolly Parton, Kate Bush, and even BjΓΆrk.
The song "By The End Of The Night" is the introduction to the new album and brings a sense of euphoric and sensual escape, it's very easy on the ear and very likely to be a big hit again.

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Boygenius – Not Strong Enough

Boygenius is an indie-rock female band featuring three established singer-songwriters Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridges, and Lucy Dacus. Formed in 2016, the band has been praised by critics and audiences alike.
This year, just now they released their first collaborative album "The Record". The opening song "Not Strong Enough" is quickly climbing the charts. Why wouldn't it, a beautiful and nostalgic melody, sincere lyrics, and good production is a recipe for success.

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Senshi - Run Dem Over

Senshi, a ragga metal band from Serbia, which already conquered Japan with its debut album, recently released its second album "Rise Again". The group created a unique blend of ragga metal fused with traditional Japanese instruments.
"Run Dem Over", the latest single from their new album, is a musical and visual masterpiece that features gory zombie fight scenes reminiscent of Evil Dead and Robert Rodriguez films. Certainly of interest to fans of the genre.

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Gel - Attainable

Gel is a hardcore band from New Jersey and as they said when starts in 2019 they make hardcore music for the freaks. "Only Constant" is their debut album, released just a few days ago. Music is nothing new. Two or three riffs, strong rhythm, and scorched vocal on top. "Attainable" is a live recorded single as an intro for the album. Fast and dirty, catty and vulgar, maybe the song isn't for you, but definitely for the fans.

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TOMBOUCTOU - Claps On Waves

Tombouctou is a French trio from Lyon, a new name for me, they've been performing since 2015 and released their second album "Tricky Flours" two months ago.
The music could be placed in different genre labels, maybe they can be compared to some post-punk or indie bands, but the musicians have enough musical scope and technical skills to breathe wild unconventionality and originality into the songs, which can be heard in the interplay between the varied, wide vocals and the jagged, sharp and often dissonant guitar riffs.

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Vizelj - Umri

Vizelj is a trio from Belgrade, Serbia, and they've been around for about nine years, I know them more as a grunge and punk band, but in their fourth album "Ne vidim te od dima", in English translation "I can't see you from the smoke", they said goodbye to that and turned to more upbeat electronica.
The band's new sound still adheres to some of its earlier principles, with jungle-drum N bass beats punctuated by psychedelic stoner electric guitar interludes and even folk choruses, most evident in the song "Umri" ("Die" in English).
At moments they seemed to me like a turbo version of Oliver Mandič, a Belgrade star from the 80s and his style. I recommend it.

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PUNTER - Curfew Eternal

Punter is an anarchist punk band from Melbourne, Australia, and they are proud of it. They came to what they are mainly from realizing the emptiness of the Covid crisis. Namely, Australia is known as the country with the longest lockdown in history. All this has influenced the group, which doesn't pay much attention to what we now call the "new normal".
The singer's screaming, which illustrates the depression and loneliness of covid times, is balanced with humor and irony, which in one way is also a cheerful look to the future.

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Afsky - Frosne Wind

Afsky is a Danish black metal band, it started as a one-man band project, but Ole Luk as the leader has continuously expanded it, and now, on the fourth album "OM HUNDREDE Γ…R" or "In a Hundred Years" in English translation, we have a full four-piece band with a drummer, a bassist, and two guitarists.
The melodic motifs are embedded in classic, hard, black metal that deals with the standard theme of fear of death in every possible way. The songs are well structured and there is also influence from Danish folk and classical music, especially in the way they are composed. The masses of chords, which are arranged in classical sequences and divorces, give way to clear melodies towards the end of the pieces.

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The Necks - Signal

The Necks are an Australian-New Zealand trio celebrating their thirty-sixth anniversary this year, with nineteen albums to their name, most recently "Travel" released in February this year. The classic instrumentation of piano, drums, and double bass, occasionally digressing into rhythm-guitar and Hammond organ overdubs defines the trio's musical sensibility.
The compositions are long but timeless, always in motion, and the musicians never bother where they land, with whom, or why, for that matter. Patience and deep listening make us realize that there's no need to go anywhere at all, the music doesn't go anywhere, it stays where it is and is eternal. I recommend it.

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Thanks for your attention!🎡

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