New Tunes 7.4.2023

Hello music lovers!🎡

A fresh round-up of new music for the weekend. The #newtunes selection is a bit softer today, aimed at a wider audience, with more pop and indie music, the holidays are here, meant for joy and fun. And the suggestions are accordingly.

You can certainly take a few minutes to listen to the proposals. Maybe you will find something interesting and explore it further.
And as usual, if you don't like something, just skip it :)


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Metallica: 72 Seasons

I've mentioned Metallica a few times in the last few months, because they've been releasing singles from their upcoming album "72 Seasons", which will be released worldwide on April 14th. After "Lux Γ†terna", "Screaming Suicide" and "If Darkness Had A Son" this is the fourth single with the title song.
For fans of uncompromising, fast, and edgy rock, this is definitely a treat.

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The Comet Is Coming - CODE

The Comet Is Coming is a new band for me, they're from the UK, they've been performing since 2015, and they were recently nominated for the Mercury Prize. The Comets are roughly a post-fusion-synth-drums-sax trio under the creative leadership of tenor-saxophonist Shabak Hutchings, who is considered by music critics and audiences alike to be one of the leading creators in the post-Commonwealth world of creative chaos.
The mix of jazz, psychedelic rock, funk, and electronica is quite current and interesting, the song "CODE" is from a gig in Ljubljana a week ago, I was invited by my colleagues to go to a gig with them, but I was somewhere else, and interestingly enough I was also listening to jazz. 😎🎢
I recommend it.

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Passenger - Let Her Go

Michael David Rosenberg, better known as Passenger, is an English musician, singer, and songwriter. He is best known for his mega-hit Let Her Go, which topped the music charts and achieved huge views on YouTube.
He recently released his first live album "Live From San Francisco" recorded at the Filmore. Intimate folk indie pop songs and authenticity have ensured Passenger's musical success, and this recording perfectly captures the sound of his songs live.

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The Bouncing Souls - Ten Stories High

The Bouncing Souls is an American punk band, from New Brunswick and they play punk since 1989. If we were to instruct a glorified artificial intelligence to compose and arrange a pop-punk album for us, it would probably sound like the new Bouncing Souls album - anthemic. The last album "Ten Stories High" is the 12th in a row.
The group deals with the injustices of this world through positive introspection. Friendships, building relationships, and reminiscing about the good old days.

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Tolouse Low Trax - How to Beat the Sea

Detlef Weinrich, an experienced German electronic musician, and sculptor by training have signed on to the project "Leave Me Alone" as Tolouse Low Trax. In the context of an experimental krautrock legacy, combined with variations of tribalist-oriented techno, in the lap of industrial architecture, a mix of pop and avant-garde is happening.
It would be difficult to define these saturated sounds as minimalist, but certainly, due to the narrower arsenal of instruments, the musician uses more rudimentary sounds and remains in favor of those sounds that emerge directly from the machine at his first instinctive dictate.

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The WAEVE - Kill Me Again

The Waeve is a new duo, also for me, with their debut album of the same name. Together they're two established British musicians I know from before. Rose Elinor Dougall (ex-Pipettes) and Graham Coxon (ex-Blur) say their new project is something more. The music gives vivid sound pictures and is based on escalation.
As you listen, you find yourself in an atmosphere that builds up as you go along. The feeling of a majestic plunge into reverberating depths and the first-person confessional lyrics let us know that the authors are coming from themselves and their demons. Recommended.

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FIL BO RIVA - Modern Melancholia

Fil Bo Riva is a young musician born in Italy, raised in Ireland, living and studying in Berlin where he is developing his unique pop sound. He gained the attention of listeners and record labels with his debut album "Beautiful Sadness" in 2019.
"Modern Melancholia" is the latest single and video released a week ago, in which Fil explores the loss of loved ones and reveals more about her own missed opportunities to connect with people and the regret that followed. For fans of a pure and melodic pop sound.

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Joker Out - Carpe Diem (English Version Official Video)

And finally, Joker Out, a young Slovenian indie rock band, from IMPALA lists of 100 European indie artists to watch out for, with an English version of "Carpe Diem", the song with which they'll represent Slovenia at this year's Eurosong.
The English version was released at the request of numerous international fans who wanted to know what the song was about. Namely, this dance anthem is a call to everyone who knows that life is more than what meets the eye, and is also a reflection of the personal experiences of the band members after numerous gigs and absolute enjoyment of life.
The message is simple - whatever life throws at you, music and dance are always the right answer.

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Thanks for your attention!🎡

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