New Tunes 17.3.2023

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I'm back again with new music suggestions for the weekend! #newtunes selection for all music connoisseurs and those who aren't.
It costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time.

From the multitude of sounds created by musicians in different ways, it's difficult to pick out something that will stay for a long time. I hope I have done that and maybe I will encourage someone to listen even more intensely than I do to the new songs that appear every day.
If you don't like something, skip it of course. Musical tastes are subjective.


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Tash Sultana - James Dean

Australian Tash Sultana, who I've been following for a few years now since she was a one-man band, just released a new song a few days ago.
Similar to the previous ones, we know what to expect from her, well maybe she's taken a bit more of a pop turn than on her previous albums. But that's really okay. After all, she's not a young girl anymore.

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Orbital - Moon Princess

Orbital's latest album, their 10th in a row, released at the end of February, entitled "Optical Delusion", is dominated by hyper-pop packed into all the previous electronic styles founded by the pioneers of electronic music, Orbital of course.
Well, I've been following them since I heard one of their songs on a soundtrack for the movie Johnny Mnemonic, that is since 1995.
This song from the new album is also in its standard recognizable style.

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Ren - Hi Ren

Ren Eric Gil, who has recently been performing under the name Ren, is a young Welsh musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He has also been a member of the bands Trick The Fox and Big Push. I didn't know him until a few days ago when I heard the song Hi Ren on the radio and I found the lyrics very interesting.
He released the song "Hi Ren" last October and by the end of the year it had about 8 million views on YT. Ren's lyrics mention mental health, consumerism, hypocrisy, and politics. He is less often seen because he has health problems (Lyme disease).
I recommend you watch this song and include the lyrics, and great rhymes.

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Pay For Soup - Blue Shells

Pay For Soup is a young quartet from Ljubljana, Slovenia, who have just finished high school and released their debut album "Bathouse". They act as a kind of transplantation of jazz into the context of indie rock. The band members come from different genre backgrounds, and the sum of them offers a sound picture that is not often heard but is nevertheless highly coherent.
This is not trans-genre jazz fusion, but a successful crossing of inter-genre boundaries. With confident solo instrumental parts and convincing atmospheric imagery, they will certainly have somewhere to hang their hat in the years to come.

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Godcaster - Vivian Heck

Godcaster is a Brooklyn-based band, active since 2017, they released their debut album "Long Haired Locusts" in 2020, received good reviews, played intensively, expanded their line-up to six members, and recently released their next album "Godcaster" this year.
Paranoia and oppression, amplified by dissonant guitar riffs and samples, erupt into a psychedelic crescendo in almost every song, the constant movement of the songs between ecstasy and shock destroying the genre definition of the band.
The song "Vivian Heck" is a prime example of this. I recommend listening to the whole album.

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Lelee - NestajeΕ‘

Lelee is a unique Balkan band from Ljubljana, Slovenia, committed to indie music and the legacy of the former Yugoslavian alter scene and big-city urban rock. Their music traces influences from Macedonian, Serbian and Slovenian rock and reminds us of a kind of youthful nostalgic past that will never be repeated. The songs are very melodic and preserve the soul of the so-called "ex-YU".
The song "NestajeΕ‘", in English "You're disappearing" was released a couple of days ago and maybe it's a foreshadowing of something bigger.

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PVA - Kim

PVA is a newer English electronic trio, unknown to me until recently. Their first single was already a huge hit, and their second single "Untethered" was nominated for a Grammy. Their first album "Blush", released at the end of last year, was highly anticipated.
The dark mix of dance, house, and techno and the monotonous vocals accentuate the dehumanizing sound of electronic music, with occasional guitar interludes adding to the darkness. All the components combine to create a kind of dizzying tension and a special atmosphere that I have never seen before. This is the next level of sound. No more pure song structure, but a flow from beginning to end. I highly recommend it.

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Van Morrison - I'm Movin' On

And finally, the freshest album from Northern Irish master Van Morrison, "Moving On Skiffle". Skiffle is a musical genre influenced by American folk, blues, country, bluegrass, and jazz, which spread across the Atlantic in the 1950s and 60s to bands such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin.
Van Morrison's last albums were not exactly favored by music critics (because he was intensely propagating conspiracy theories, the music was also boring, and I won't go into details...).
Well, with this album he regained all his reputation, both from the critics and the public. Great skiffle in all its glory.

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Thanks for your attention!🎡

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