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Music suggestions for the weekend and beyond! I've been cruising all week for new music on all sorts of services, and this is what has stayed with me and is still ringing in my head. Maybe someone will get hold of it and explore the details. But if you don't like something, feel free to skip. After all, it's for our entertainment.


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The National - Eucalyptus

I've mentioned The National a lot lately, mainly because of their new album "First Two Pages of Frankenstein" which is coming out soon. "Eucalyptus" is the third single from this album, with which they are pumping up their following.
A tense and incisive song in a charming burst of spontaneity, it draws inspiration from the labyrinthine situations and relationship breakdowns between a couple, sure to delight fans of the band.

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Sleaford Mods - UK GRIM

The Sleaford Mods are a very productive couple, and a few weeks ago they released their 12th album, "UK Grim". This, they say, continues their dissection of post-pandemic, post-Brexit, metamodernist Britain, with a particular focus on the politicking that goes on in all parts of their society.
The music is minimalist as usual and a very good backdrop for Jason Williamson's juicy spitting, speaking, and singing. We who don't exactly live there enjoy yet another incarnation of Monty Python in picture and word.

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The Unknowwns - Supersonic Love

I've discovered some great young Australian guitar bands in the last couple of years, and The Unknowns, a garage punk quartet where four hopeless romantics combine garage punk, power pop, and 70s rock 'n' roll, is one of them. Their second album, 'East Coast Low', is on the way.
In the world of The Unknowns, it's always sunny, the beaches are endless and full of surfers, and the party never ends. The song "Supersonic Love" is a case in point, with the guitar riffs in the second part bursting with energy like some unhealthy energy drink we overpaid for at the gas station on our way to the seaside.

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Repetitor - Sa izvora

The highly acclaimed rock'n'roll trio Repetitor from Belgrade, Serbia has released their fourth video from their latest album "Prazan prostor meΔ‘u nama koji moΕΎe i da ne postoji" (in English "An empty space between us that may or may not exist").
Tight, loud, fast, and modern rock, continuing the tradition of urban Belgrade bands. Balkan edition of the combo of Mickey O'Neil's family from the movie Snatch, and the Lee family from the Peaky Blinders series. The name of the song "Sa izvora" in English means "from the source". Recommended.

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Lisa O'Neill - Silver Seed

Irish singer-songwriter, mainly playing folk music, Lisa O'Neill has released her third album "All Of This Is Chance", where with a highly sensitive eye she turns the history and images of her native land into lyrical poems of personal narratives and impressions of the cyclical awakening and dying of nature, accompanied by the singing of many birds in the eternal circle of life.
The soundscape is represented by traditional instruments such as banjo, guitar, violin, or flute, accompanied by piano, backing vocals, and sound effects, often imitating the sounds of nature.
Yet her voice is the most powerful emotional expressive tool, which comes from the atmospheric clouds of reverie.

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Bastard Grave - Necrotic Ecstasy

Bastard Grave is a Swedish band playing classic Swedish death metal. Yes, they stick to tradition, but with a more modern approach to sound, which sounds organic and at the same time aggressive and distinct. The guitar riffs are fun in their simplicity, but the most original feature of this band is the unusual solos, with an emphasis on melody. In this case, the guitar sound is manipulated with a kind of chorus pedal.
The whole album, and this song too, is loaded with an exceptional dose of fury, and this is also its best virtue because it perfectly channels the enraged energy of the group directly into our ears.

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Adi Oasis - Dumpalltheguns

Adi Oasis is a French-Caribbean artist and producer based in Brooklyn. She used to go by Adeline Petricien, and now, with a name change, she has released her third album "Lotus Glow". The album reflects the musician's skills in production, and her passion for funk, soul, and r&b classics, and she has also wrapped in this sonority a confession of personal and creative growth, and a channeling of frustrations.
A very fresh and colorful mix of songs that speak of self-discovery, femininity, cruelty, violence, intimacy, and vulnerability. It is her most personal and political work to date and speaks the truth of the black immigrant woman.
The song "Dumpalltheguns" is also her personal frustration and speaks of a perverse propensity for violence and of clinging to the right to own guns.

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Fever Ray - Kandy

Karin Elisabeth Dreijer, Swedish singer, composer, and producer, known as Fever Ray, has once again rocked the music scene with her new album "Radical Romantics". It's very difficult to really encompass all the components of the sound and image that this artist presents.
At times characteristically manipulated, androgynous vocals that break boundaries and defy classifications and still find their pop melody in harmony with beats and loops.
Visually "woke" but musically it's something completely new and breaks stereotypes and molds about electronic and pop music in general. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that Fever Ray is one of the key female musicians of this time and way ahead of the rest of the mainstream, alternative, indie, and underground music scene. Recommended.

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