New Tunes 14.4.2023

Hello music lovers!🎡

Some new songs from the world of music for all tastes. As it's the weekend, these #newtunes suggestions could be your choice for the next few days. How would you know? Well, just by taking a few minutes and listening. :)

Well-known and lesser-known musicians compete for your attention. Yes, music is blood and sweat and a lot of effort if you want to succeed. Most of them never experience it. But they all have a good time, which is something.
Anyway, if you don't like what you hear, feel free to skip it. We don't bite. :)


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Nick Waterhouse - The Fooler

Nick Waterhouse, an American singer, songwriter, and producer (mainly for the band Allah-Las) from Los Angeles, has been on the music scene since 2010. In February this year, he released his sixth album "The Fooler". He plays vintage-inspired music with elements of soul, rock'n'roll, and R'n'B. A blend of music that is mainly reminiscent of the 1960s, a vivid expression and representation of a nostalgic past that cannot be repeated, while his contemporary music is firmly in the saddle of the present.
The Fooler is, among other things, an expression of an old soul trapped in a world that is changing in a completely different direction than the boomer musician would like. I recommend it to anyone who wants to go somewhere else.

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Temples - Afterlife

Temples are a British rock band, they have been playing since 2012, they belong to the neo-psychedelia or soft psychedelic pop, and they have just released their fourth studio album "Exotico", today, April 14th.
It's been out for a month now, and the song from that album - Afterlife - is beautiful, dreamy, and melodic. At times I heard Procol Harum in their songs. By the way, the producer of the album is Sean Ono Lennon. (You know who is he, right?)

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Altin GΓΌn - Dere Geliyor

Altin Gün, or Golden Day, a Dutch-Turkish band that adapts old Turkish songs into a danceable and likable combination of neo-funk and psychedelia, has released its fifth album, Aşk, or Love.
From the synth-pop of their previous albums, this new one sees them returning to guitar-tinged electronica, mixed with cassette tapes and analog organs, back to the orthodox psychedelic seventies. I've been to a gig once before, if they're anywhere near I'll go again.

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The Chemical Brothers - No Reason (Neon Marching Band Video)

The Chemical Brothers have released a new single after more than two years, it's actually a song from their last EP 2021, and now they've released it as a music video - Neon Marching Band video. From the lyrics (which don't require any intellectual effort to understand), it seems to me that they were very frustrated during the pandemic and are now looking for the culprits... but otherwise, a very danceable EDM song that goes quickly into the ear.

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Greta Van Fleet - Meeting the Master

Greta Van Fleet, the young American hard rock band that some people accused of not being original while others praise them to the skies has announced its third studio album "Starcatcher".
They have also released the lead single "Meeting The Master" which is available to listen to now.
In general, I'm on the side of the listeners who follow this band, for me, they have without a doubt authenticity and originality, but the fact that they sound like Yes or Led Zeppelin is just a plus. I recommend it.

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Mudhoney - Almost Everything

I've been following Seattle's Mudhoney since the very beginning, in 1988, and they were one of the first bands to record for the legendary SubPop label and spread grunge around. First, they opened for Sonic Youth and got the crowd's attention, then with Tad and Nirvana.
Now their eleventh studio album "Plastic Eternity" is here. They are still recording for SubPop and after all these years they haven't lost their tightness, sharpness, humor in the lyrics and playfulness. Highly recommended.

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Drive-By Truckers - Puttin’ People on the Moon

Drive-by Truckers, an American southern rock band, were vaguely familiar to me, I didn't listen to them much except for the cult album "The Dirty South" from 2004.
Somewhere I saw the news that they were going to re-release that album under the title "The Complete Dirty South" and add three more unreleased songs. And this remastered song "Puttin' People On The Moon" sounds very good, even better than the old version. And what is it about? Well, about the American South, the hypocrisy, the moral decadence, and corruption in the land ...

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Lucinda Williams - New York Comeback

Lucinda Williams is an American singer-songwriter, composer, and guitarist who has been performing since 1978. She has released a plethora of albums, with three Grammy Awards and two Americana Awards, and in 2017, she was voted 91st Country Artist of All Time by Rolling Stone magazine.
Basically, not to get boring with the list, in 2020 she had a massive heart attack, but she recovered and this year, soon, a new album "Stories From a Rock n Roll Heart" will be out.
The first single from that album is "New York Comeback" where she sang a duet with Bruce Springsteen. Well done, this lady is holding up well.

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Thanks for your attention!🎡

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