New Tunes 27.1.2023

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Time moves on quickly, but I still persevere and listen to new music from all the possible sources at my disposal. Some artists I know and follow from before, some I'm meeting for the first time.
You can believe me or not, I'm not going to convince you, that's not even my goal, but there's a lot of good music out there, you just have to take your time.

Also this week, I've put together some #newtunes for us to listen to over the weekend. Different genres of music, so I can say there's something for everyone. I'll be happy if there's something that sticks and rings in your ears for a while, or even if you decide to listen to it in more detail.

As usual, what you don't like you can just skip.


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A week ago Laibach released an EP with the same name and eight versions of the song "Love is still alive". This piece is the first one, version "Moon, Euphoria", continuing with "Venus, Libidine" and so on.
The song is taken from the movie "The Iron Sky - The Coming Race" directed by Timo Vuorensola in 2019.
The sound and style are unexpectedly different from standard Laibach production. Anyway, Laibach as an institution has been doing a lot of various things in recent years, so this country genre song is no surprise either.
btw: I recommend listening to the whole EP, 8 mixes of song. Excellent!

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Avalon Emerson - Sandrail Silhouette

A decade ago, Avalon Emerson was better known to the music community as a DJ. She has performed at numerous clubs and electronic music festivals. Her latest single shows us a departure into indie-pop waters, which are richly spiced with a 90's electronic production treatment. So, a move into something new, but with the rhythms, sounds, and noises of the past. As befits a DJ.

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Strategy - In Space No One Can See Your Screen

Electronic musician Paul Dickow, from Portland, Oregon, better known as Strategy released the album "Graffiti In Space" a week ago. All six tracks are produced in a dub-techno style, with deep bass that tends to cause problems for lower-quality speakers.
As mentioned, it explores the dub environment and builds on it an early morning twilight zone for the weekend warriors with hypnotic techno samples.

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The C.I.A. - Bubble

The C.I.A. is formed in late 2017 in California. A new group for me. The trio (husband Ky, multi-instrumentalist and wife Denee Segall, songwriter and singer, and Cairo Gang frontman Emmett Kelly) combines electronic sounds and vocals to create a rather interesting and critically acclaimed sound mix.
Five years later, they released their second album "Surgery Channel", which puts them more in the slightly darker indie experimental post-rock vein with electronic samples, two bass guitars, and muted vocals throughout the album.

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CLOUD RAT - Inner Controller

Cloud Rat consists of vocalist Madison Marshall, guitarist Rorik Brooks, and drummer Brandon Hill. The band has been roaming the scene for more than 14 years and despite the number of albums they have released, they have been steadily adding new dimensions to their sound. The ninth studio album "Threshold" is a pure example of doom grind metal.
Although without bass guitar, the unbridled fury, like a siren to sailors, invites us to new dimensions of doom.

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Anyone who has followed the German alternative music scene even vaguely in the past decade is probably familiar with Stuttgart noise rock trio Die Nerven. They have released five albums so far, the latest "Die Nerven" two months ago. They have a cult status in their home country and with their excellent live performances, they are quoted by the relevant music media as the best live band in Germany.
In their latest album, they deal with general issues of social justice and the position and role of Europe in times of social crises. The lyrics are of course not a sociological survey, but when accompanied by a strong, convincing instrumental line, they still have enough credibility to make us believe the band, at least for a moment.

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Raw Poetic - A Lost Season

Raw Poetic, or Jason Moore, a rapper from Washington DC, released "Space Beyond the Solar System" just half a year after his debut album "Laminated Skies".
The album is quite a lengthy rap album, lasting two hours, and takes us back in time a few decades.
Classically produced hip-hop beats are constantly accompanied by improvised instrumental jazz samples, while the lyrics touch on growing up as a black individual in the United States. Old school rap I would call it.

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John Cale - STORY OF BLOOD feat. Weyes Blood

This 80-year-old composer, musician, and producer, a founding member of the Velvet Underground, and a liaison between European art music and American rock'n'roll is still creating.
"Mercy", his latest album, is a mixture of dream-pop and rhythm and blues, led by his distinctive vocals. Of course with the help of younger but important names like Weyes Blood, Sylvan Esso, Animal Collective, Dev Hynes, and Tei Shi.
Maybe these songs and truths are not for everyone, but who are we to judge?

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Listen loud!

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