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Is winter, both musical and weather-related, saying goodbye, or not yet? But according to #newtunes, there are already some more spring or summer tunes I suggest for the weekend.
I'm almost sure there will be a tune that will stay with you and you won't be able to shake it off :)

When I looked again at what I had prepared before posting, well, you'll hear it if you take a few minutes, there are some very summery songs.
And, if you don't like something, feel free to skip it, nothing bad will happen.


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Mรฅneskin - FEEL

First, I'd like to start with an Italian rock band that became a worldwide sensation after Eurovision last year and released a new album "Rush" this year. I don't really listen to that kind of glamour rock, but I saw somewhere (Pitchfork) that a critic completely trashed this album:

Their new album is absolutely terrible at every conceivable level.

Since I'd never seen such a low rating for anyone before, I was intrigued and listened to it. And what can I say? I don't see any significant difference between what they play and some of the other big stars backed by the production and money of the big record labels. All the songs have had an average of between one and two million views on YT in the month since the album has been out. Bread and games! Otherwise, judge for yourself.

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Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs โ€“ Ultimate Hammer

This English band released a new "Land of Sleeper" album a few days ago, their fourth in a row. Pigs in repeat :)
The music doesn't change too much on their albums, they categorize themselves as stoner metal, a kind of blend of classic old-school metal that draws on the sounds of previous decades from the likes of Black Sabbath or Electric Wizzard. Muted screaming vocal spots match sharp guitar riffs, galloping bass, and rhythm. Everything is in its place. Fans of the genre will undoubtedly be impressed.

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Quasi - Queen of Ears

Quasi is an indie-rock band from Portland, Oregon. New band for me, but they are not new because they have been playing for 30 years, since 1993. They used to be a three-piece, with a bass player, but for the last ten years, it's been just a duo. This year they released a new album "Breaking the Balls of History" in which they expose their long-standing art-rock roots.
Jane Weiss, drummer and multi-instrumentalist Sam Comes, with a slightly nostalgic-psychedelic organ in the foreground and a solid rhythm, create an interesting and full sound picture despite being the only two in the band.

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Caroline Polachek - Sunset

Caroline Polachek is an American singer, producer, and songwriter from New York. She is also known as one half of the duo Chairlift, with whom she released two albums and which disbanded in 2017.
Since then she has been pursuing a solo career, first under the alias Ramona Lisa and now under her own name. With her exceptional vocals and mastery of other instruments, she's gaining popularity with each album. "Desire, I Want to Turn Into You" is her latest, which is distinctly popish. This song is the first single. Very summery and melodic pop music, in a positive sense.

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Liv.e - Gardetto.

Hailee Olivia Williams, or Liv.e, is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter who has attracted critical attention for her hypnotic voice and her blend of soul, r'n'b, jazz, and hip-hop. This year, she released her second album "Girl in the Half Pearl", which only confirmed expectations. She says she's still learning and that she's not up to speed with global issues, but in the meantime, she sings about herself and her experience of the world around her. Trippy.

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HAUSER - Seรฑorita

Stjepan Hauser, cellist, and composer, one-half of the world-famous duo 2Cellos, has recently released a solo album "The Player", where he puts his own spin on well-known romantic songs. Yes, we can't avoid romance (why should we?), but just the right preparation for summer. The album is at the top of the Billboard crossover chart and People magazine (this news has nothing to do with music) recently listed it as one of the "Sexiest Men Alive"... well, that's for others to judge... the best thing to do is to enjoy the hint of summer and the love that comes out of this song :)

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Kovacs - Goldmine

Sharon Kovacs, a Dutch artist, has been involved in music since she was very young. "Child Of Sin" is her third album. I didn't know her until now, but after the first listen it was immediately clear to me why she is so critically acclaimed. I have even read that Amy Winehouse's songs are almost obscure because of her music. Hmm...
The dark, authentic, deep "black" soul vocals of a white woman with an ever-present melodramatic note, a mixture of Marianne Faithfull, Macy Gray, Grace Jones, and Duffy. A charismatic, sometimes vulnerable, mysterious phenomenon, with a vocal ability that gives the impression of a femme fatale whose power is sometimes to be feared. With her authentic cabaret interpretation of pop, rock, jazz, and soul, she certainly belongs to the avant-garde of the current mainstream sound. Highly recommended.

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Meral Polat Trio - Bile Bile

Meral Polat is a Kurdish woman born in the Netherlands. Her talent for singing has so far been shown mainly in theatre and in TV films and series. For the trio, together with guitarist and keyboardist Chris Doyle and drummer Frank Rosaly, "Ez Kรฎ Me" - translated as "Who Am I" - is the first internationally acclaimed musical venture.
A unique blend of genres and playing styles such as traditional Kurdish and Turkish brass bands, Anatolian psychedelic rock, blues, jazz, and African influences play equal roles in the trio's expression, nothing dominates, nothing takes a back seat, styles constantly intertwine and interplay with each other.
The Meral Polat Trio demonstrates how musical traditions are easily fluid and malleable, and changeable when taken up by imaginative musicians. Recommended.

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