New Tunes 28.4.2023

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It's time for #newtunes again!
New music to fill the void during the weekend and beyond if you want it.
A selection of well-known and less well-known musicians of different styles to help you in this harsh reality. :)

As usual, if you don't like something, feel free to skip it.


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PJ Harvey - A Child's Question, August

PJ Harvey, one of my favorite authors is back with a new album "I Inside the Old Year Dying". That's the 10th studio album. Will be out in June. Here we have the first video "A Child's Question, August".
She's going back to her roots and childhood, inspired by her epic poem Orlan.
She's a very rare singer able to renew herself, the living legend, who never repeats.

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Arca - Яitual

Arca is a provocative Venezuelan musician, I've mentioned her a few times here on #newtunes. She is a synthesis of different musical styles, mainly electronic, robotics, and cyborgs, and she never stops provoking.
The latest thing she is bringing back to the spotlight is the visualization of the song "Ritual" from the album "Kick", which she herself says:

This video is for the freaks, for the outcasts, for the dispossessed, for the weirdos, for the migrants, for the shunned, the mocked, the ridiculed, the misunderstood, and the othered.

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Nick Waterhouse - Hide And Seek

American singer and songwriter Nick Waterhouse has been one of the most prominent names in the Retro Soul and Rhythm and Blues genre for a decade, and since 2012 he has released six studio albums, the last one, is named “The Fooler” from April the 1st.
Nick Waterhouse is at home in the pop, rock, soul, and rhythm and blues of the sixties, so this song "Hide and Seek" is a postcard from the past, like love letters to another time very different from now.
As a curiosity - the album and this song are recorded and released in mono audio.

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Florence + The Machine - Mermaids

Florence + Machine presents a new single. "Mermaids" thematically continues the story that started with last year's "Dance Fever" album. The track recalls mythical sea creatures turned into English girls, recklessly roaming their towns and dancing like never before, carried by the "joy of oblivion" that comes with drinks, opiates, and a desperate desire to belong, to love, and be loved without regret or consequence.
Florence again proves why she is considered one of the most innovative singers and musicians of today.

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Poil Uieda - Kujô Shakujô, Pt. 2

French avant-gardists and progressive rockers PoiL, together with Japanese troubadour and master of epic singing, Junko Ueda, have set an abstract but absolutely exquisite interpretation of the Heike-Monogatari epic in the album Poil Uieda.
On this self-titled album, the newly-formed collective PoiL Ueda combines the musical practices of over one thousand two hundred years of Western and Eastern musical traditions, while avoiding the use of anachronisms and clichés.
This track, Kujo Shakujo, is a three-part Buddhist chant, the kind chanted by monks while driving away evil spirits. PoiLov's interpretation is faithful to this idea: it is imbued with a strong sense of spirituality, which plunges us into a meditative and optimistic atmosphere, punctuated by fragments of abstract noise.
A very interesting mix of traditionalism and modernity. Highly recommended.

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The Eurosuite - Cup of Water

The Eurosuite is a four-piece band from London, which was introduced to the world in 2020 with their debut album "Hot Off Depress".Their music is said to be an intersection of no-wave, noise rock, and synth punk. In short, post-punk. This year's album "Sorry" and the first song "Cup Of Water" confirm them even more in their postmodern sound, with drone and synth mixed in. And all this together is not boring at all.

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Prognan - Kapija slobode

Black metal and war go together, as Croatian melodic black metal band Prognan from Vukovar proves with their first album "Naši životi više ne postoje" in translation Our lives don't exist anymore, following the story of a Serbian soldier on the Balkan front in World War I.
The fact that someone from Vukovar is writing a story about a Serbian hero in the light of all that, unfortunately, happened there and elsewhere in the former Yugoslavia at the beginning of the 1990s is enough for attention.
"Kapija Slobode" in translation means Gate of Freedom.

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Have You Got It Yet? The story of Syd Barret and Pink Floyd

And finally, another piece of media news.
Syd Barret, a founding member and initially the artistic director of Pink Floyd, has always been shrouded in a veil of secrecy and various stories have been spun around him. Their first album, 1967's 'The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn', is considered to be one of the finest works of psychedelic music of all time, and it was clearly time for a movie.
Documentary about Syd Barrett, the legendary founder of Pink Floyd, 'Have You Got It Yet?: The Story of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd', arrives in cinemas in mid-May.
As a fan of all things Pink Floyd, I of course recommend seeing it, although I don't know exactly how it will be, well, let's say they try to introduce him to younger generations. And here we have the trailer.

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Thanks for your attention!🎵

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