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A lot of festivals around. Hard to choose where to go for the weekend. But don't worry, here are #newtunes suggestions for the weekend and beyond, maybe you'll like something.

Famous and obscure musicians, as usual. If you don't like something, just skip it.


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Melvins - Discipline 23

The Melvins, American rock/grunge/sludge band have been entertaining us for three decades with their chameleon-like artwork. Colorful, unexpected, crazy, frivolous, mind-fucker, different. They surprised me with the release of the album "Throbbing Jazz Gristle Funk Hits", where they cover the music of the band Throbbing Gristle, one of the pioneers of noise rock from the late 1970s.
The artistic nihilism of the world around us is still as sick as it was decades ago, only this time no one is stopping us from having an industrial party with sequins, neon stars, tons of glitter and countless synths, colorful pedals and children's gadgets. Recommended.

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Django Django - Fluxus

I've been following Django Django, the London art quartet, since the beginning, since 2009, when they were actually one of the first harbingers of neo-psychedelia. Their first album Django Django was great for me but then they lost their way. They recently released their fifth, concept album Off Planet, which contains 21 songs, about 80 minutes of music.
The most distinctive feature of the band is the psychedelic ornamentation and the vocals, which are more in the background on this album, mainly because of the rather guest vocals that play the lead role. The music is more in the style of electro soul but still recognisable and fresh.

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Olivia Rodrigo - vampire

Olivia Rodrigo, a young American singer-songwriter and actress, also known for her role in the TV series Bizaardwark, returns to the glam scene with a single called "Vampire".
At just 20 years old, her debut album broke streaming records, earned her three Grammy Awards and made pop music history. The single "vampire" is a song with emotional lyrics and a powerful sound, and is the first single from her upcoming second album "GUTS", which will be released on 8 September. With it, he starts a new creative chapter, abandoning dreamy minimalism and revealing to us a sophistication in vocal performance and songwriting. I find her worth following.

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Parni Valjak feat. Igor Drvenkar - Bogati će pobjeći na Mars

Even after 50 years of existence, Parni Valjak is still one of the most popular Croatian rock bands. Although the founding member and singer Aki Rahimovski, who wrote a lot of evergreen hits with his very specific voice, died a year and a half ago, and everyone was convinced that they would stop, the band decided to keep playing, because, according to them, if they stopped playing they would lose their sense and energy, so they kept on going.
They are still well-received by the audience. They spent a year concentrating with different singers, they got ovations everywhere and now they have the talented Igor Drvenkar with whom they are going to record a new album.
The song Bogati će pobjeći na Mars, in translation, The rich will escape to Mars, is an introduction to a new era. As their follower, I wish them well.

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The Chemical Brothers - Live Again

English electronic music duo The Chemical Brothers have released "Live Again", the second single from their forthcoming tenth album, currently untitled, which will be released towards the end of the year.
Live Again is hypnotic, full of hope, and goes fast in the ears along with Halo Maud's vocals. The masters of techno, sampling and repetition at their best. Indeed, they never disappoint me. You will not shake them off easily.

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Squid - Swing (In a Dream)

London-based Squid, one of the most prominent representatives of the younger British guitar alternative scene, has released its second album "O Monolith". Mantric rhythms and sailing guitars largely serve as a backdrop for the lyrics of singer and drummer Ollie Judge. The colorful instrumentation, creative approach, and cynicism of the lyrics are interwoven with current social themes, such as police violence, feelings of personal alienation, and reflections on that half-cynically idealized history.
There is also the influence of progressive rock from a decade or so back, and all of it, as in this track "Swing (In A Dream)", is written and played with a multitude of different instruments, effects and production components. Highly recommended.

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Coffin Mulch - Spectral Intercession

Coffin Mulch is a relatively young band, starting in 2018. The first demos already showed that the band wants to be disgusting and nasty in sound, which means they play fun and listenable old-school death metal, based on the classic sound of Swedish death metal bands. And this year we got to see their debut album "Spectral Intercession", which doesn't bring anything new, except for a fun atmosphere (which is rare in death metal bands), and is easy to digest. For fans, this old-school death metal will definitely be the best thing they've heard in a long time.

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Bob Marley: One Love - Movie Trailer

And finally, information on the musical biography of the reggae legend - Bob Marley: One Love, which is due in cinemas early next year. The film follows the story of the musician and counterculture icon from the start of his career until his death in 1981.
The lead role, Bob Marley, is played by Kingsley Ben-Adir, who is also remembered as Malcolm-X in One Night in Miami, and the mini-series The Comey Rule, where he played former US President Barrack Obama.
Well, music films are always interesting to me if they deal with musicians I have known and listened to. We shall see.

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