New Tunes 8.9.2023

Hello music lovers! 🎢

Are you still happy and satisfied in this slowly ending summer? In the most decentralized blockchain social network? In a harsh real world where you have to fight to survive?

Whatever your answers, it's Friday again, and time for a #newtunes selection of new music to cheer you up for the weekend and the next working week!

Lesser-known, but also world-famous musicians offer you their fresh tunes through all kinds of distribution channels and fight for your favor. It will be hard, I know. But give them a few minutes of your precious time, maybe you'll find what you've been looking for.
And if you don't like something, just skip it and forget it.


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Jaimie Branch - Burning Grey

Jaimie Branch was an avant-garde American composer and jazz trumpeter. She has been described as progressive, truthful, fearless, sparkling, and genius.
She collaborated with many musicians from different genres, from rock to jazz, but she made her name with her band Fly Or Die, which she started in 2017.
Recorded 4 albums, the last one, Fly Or Die Fly Or Die Fly Or Die (world war) was released this year, posthumously, as she died of an overdose in August last year.

Experts say it's her best album. Exceptional musical virtuosity, high-energy compositional dynamics, and the blending of different styles with American classical jazz are the hallmarks of this work. I recommend jazz lovers to listen to the whole album.

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Moundabout – Sacred & Profane

Moundabout is a fairly fresh musical project by two Irish musicians, Paddy Shine and Phil Langer. They are also active in other, noisier bands.
The music on An Cnoc MΓ³r, their second album together, ranges across the genres of psychedelia, folk, and krautrock. The synergy of instruments, acoustic and electric guitar, antique drums, analog synth, and the minimalist use of both vocals gives us a sense of a kind of primordiality, ritual, and nature as the essence.
By the way: they took the name of the album from one of the highest hills in Ireland, Cnoc MΓ³r na Gaibhlte or Galtymore, which offers a magnificent vantage point over a sprawling green landscape.

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Nabihah Iqbal - Dreamer

London-based Nabihah Iqbal is an artist, curator and lecturer who is a co-shaper of the contemporary UK electronic scene. She has given guest lectures at the Royal College of Art and radio broadcasts on the BBC, composed music for the Turner Prize for Contemporary Art and was guest artistic director of this year's Brighton Festival.
Her album Dreamer, released earlier this year, is her second in a row. The dreamy pop electronic fusion is still prevalent, but she also incorporates acoustic elements into the music, especially guitar or harp, which add a certain sentimentality to the sound of the songs.

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INCANTATION - Concordat (The Pact)

Thirty-five years into their career, the American death metal band Incantation have managed to consolidate their leading position in the American death doom metal scene, and they confirm this with their new twelfth album, Unholy Deification.
The album is linked by a conceptual story where their bassist presents his thoughts on the occult. Instead of blasphemy and Satanism, the album is more about H.P. Lovercraft's lyrics.

The heavy riffs, the pounding drum and the harsh, monotonously one-dimensional vocals immediately let us know that Incantation are not discovering warm water, but are pushing forward into the future with their classic style.
Fans of the genre should not miss this. Two months ago I recorded them.

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RΓ³isΓ­n Murphy - You Knew

RΓ³isΓ­n Marie Murphy is an Irish singer-songwriter. She has been living and working in Ibiza for the last few years. She started her solo career in 2007, but in the 1990s she was better known as the better half of the duo Moloko, which for a while dominated the UK pop charts with their pop music. She has released six albums to date, the latest, Hit Parade, from which this song is taken, apparently just today.
She's still making danceable electronic beat music which, in the present day, feels like a sophisticated instant classic.

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Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - Dymaxion

Jazz again :)
Darcy James Argue is a jazz composer living and working in Brooklyn, New York since 2005, leading the 18-piece orchestra Secret Society. The ensemble is highly regarded by music critics and has won many awards for its work in the field of jazz. They have released four albums, the latest Dynamic Maximum Tension just today, I believe.

The complex compositions embrace contemporary sonorities and dissonance within jazz parameters. Definitely a treat for fans of the genre.

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The Rolling Stones - Angry

Legendary rock icons the Rolling Stones have announced a new album, Hackney Diamonds, the first without drummer Charlie Watts, who died in 2021. Charlie will be replaced by drummer Steve Jordan, who drummed on tour earlier this year.
The album was announced with the new single Angry, which was unveiled the day before yesterday (6 September) and now has over 10 million views on YT.

These eightysomethings are pure solid for their years and as someone mentioned, they are rock itself and will forever be the ones that shaped the genre.

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Noonoouri – Dominoes

I wanted to end with something else but today I noticed this and thought it would be a good idea to add something else to my #newtunes mix.
Noonoouri is a teenage influencer who has over 400,000 followers on Instagram, mostly among fashion lovers because that's how he got started. Well, I'll start with a question first: Who or what is Noonoouri? She doesn't really exist, she's just a metaverse avatar and her voice is developed with the help of artificial intelligence. She was created by German artist Joerg Zuber in 2018 but mainly as a model for global fashion brands (Dior, Balenciaga, Valentino, etc) and she has been quite successful there. Well, as if that wasn't enough, she has recently developed her vocals to speak and sing using a generative AI process (similarly used by ChatGPT, Bard, DALL-E, Midjourney, and DeepMind).
And then what happened? She signed with Warner Music, the result was the first single Dominoes, produced by Alle Farben, the author of the big dance hits Music Sounds Better With You, Good Morning, and Supergirl, which have over 100 million Spotify streams...
So, it's coming to music, in fact, it's already here....

That's all for today, I hope you liked something, and thank you for your attention.

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