New Tunes 19.5.2023

Hello music lovers!🎡

I finally wrote down what I listened to during the week! #newtunes suggestions for your ears for the weekend and beyond!

As usual, since music is a matter of personal taste and preference, you can skip anything. But if a song moves you, keep on browsing!


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ANOHNI and the Johnsons - It Must Change

Anohni (Anohni Hegarty, formerly Antony Hegarty) is the lead singer of the band ANOHNI and the Johnsons. Also involved in videos and short films. She released her last album in 2016, and in 2022, she started working on a new, seventh album in a row, "My Back Was a Bridge for You to Cross", which will be released in early June.
I knew her as Lou Reed's backing vocal on his penultimate album The Raven, and when I saw that she was preparing something new, I went to listen.
This is the opening song of "It Must Change", about which he says:

There is magic when you suddenly put words you've been thinking about for a long time into a melody. The nervous system is waking up. It's not personal, but it's still so personal. Things connect and come to life.

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Goran Bregović - The Belly Button Of The World (The Inside Party)

I have written somewhere that I don't like religious content, but in this case, I'll make an exception.
For more than 50 years, Goran Bregović has been internationally recognized as the most influential composer, musician, lyricist, arranger, and producer who put the Balkan music scene on the world music map.

On the new album "The Belly Button Of The World" he combines the creative core of his classic, or wild, unique, eclectic, and eternally unexpected musical journey. Goran devised three lyrical testimonies based on Christian, Jewish and Muslim liturgies. For him, "The Belly Button Of The World" is

a musical interpretation of the syncretism between three monotheistic religions. Although the dogmas may sometimes seem incompatible, Christianity, Judaism and Islam may unite here and there through their belief in fellowship and peace.

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Jonas Brothers - Celebrate!

After the big hits of 2019, the American pop band Jonas Brothers have a new album with the simple name "The Album", which they unveiled a week or so ago.
Whether it will repeat the success of the previous "Happiness Begins" which topped the Billboard 200 chart we don't know yet, but for all of you who love the classic disco sound of the 1970s and 1980s, it's the one for you. They remind me a bit of the Bee Gees.
They're touring the US as well. Oh, what's the name of the tour? "The Tour" :)

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Foo Fighters - Under You

The legendary Foo Fighters have released the second single from their upcoming album But Here We Are. It's the second song the band has recorded without drummer Taylor Hawkins, who passed away last year. The song is called Under You and in the announcement, the band said that this song represents the brutal honesty and raw emotion that the band dealt with during the previous year.
Yes, everything goes more into melodic hard rock, suitable for fans.

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Alabama Mike - Fat Shame

Alabama Mike is best known as a studio musician and singer who works more for others than for himself. Every now and then he releases a solo album, such as "Stuff I've Been Through" which came out a week ago.
There is no polish and finesse. It's about real life, which is full of fraught events and bullshit, which day after day confirm what a wild and cruel world we live in.
So the following verses are not surprising:

The things I went through would kill the average man, but by the grace of God, here I stand.

Mike sings on this album. Superb funky'n'rhythm'n'blues, highly recommended.

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100 gecs - Dumbest girl alive

The American duo 100 gecs is a musical phenomenon. It emerged outside the alternative and popular music genres, although it combines both, and has spread through online forums and gained a wider audience through memes. When the duo threw all their instrumental backing tracks and vocals online for free, it created the perfect environment to reproduce the memes that 100 gecs mirrored in their DJ sets, both in Minecraft and in an even edgier reality, just in time for the new 10000 gecs album.
The music is admittedly weird on the surface. But at its core, the poetic is simple and tested because it's personal and roughly mundane. The sound is similar too - familiar chord sequences evolve pleasingly to dance rhythms. Only steroids add a strange sound in the form of surreal narratives, humor, banal repetition, accelerated rhythms, noises and sound distortions, and unexpected crashes in the strong dynamics. The compositions are impulsively charged but sonically sophisticated, with a clear goal and production value.

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Civic - Taken By Force

Civic is an Australian punk band from Melbourne, Australia, active since 2017, they recorded their second album "Taken By Force" in February this year and have been touring globally since then.
The music is more polished and varied, unlike the first album where we only had edgy punk songs. Strong basses, distorted voices and nice guitar solos. From punk to rock'n'roll and surf rock. The album is a good half an hour long, but it's still a musical journey.
It fills us with energy, makes our hearts beat faster, and our bodies sway to the rhythm of the music. Cool. This is a clip from The Do512 Lounge, a performance space in Austin, Texas, USA.

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Lana Del Rabies - Hallowed Is The Earth

Lizzy Grant or Lana Del Rabies says of herself that she simply chose this name, just like Lana Del Rey, the name rolls off the tongue nicely in Spanish, but it also beautifully describes the state of being on the glamorous shores of Miami.
I don't know how this translates into the dark electronica of the artist who, in her previous two albums, made more gothic industrial noise music, but here, on her third album "Strega Beata", released this March, she is more down-to-earth. Actually, not really, because the name of the album translates into "Blessed Which" which is kind of mythical and apocalyptic.

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