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Today about how to eat healthy, but nothing about what or how much to eat. Science proves, that there is an aspect much more important than the quantity or/and quality of your nutrition.

Today about the metaphorical elixir of longevity.

A style of nutrition that, among other things, enables the body to regenerate, reduces excess fat tissue and cleanses the body 💗.

I have been interested in a healthy lifestyle for about eight years. Most of my knowledge comes from my passion for listening to podcasts on many topics every day, mainly from the world of science and experimenting with myself.

I have already written about healthy and not healthy fat and sugar.
Knowledge that helped me lose over 30 kg in six months.

Today, however, not about what to eat and what not.

Science and longevity.

There are scientific institutes that deal with the prolongation of human life.

Most of the research results are very simular, and I will focus on the words of Professor David Siniclair. Director of the Sirtris Pharmaceuticals Institute.

I've listened to a lot of podcasts with him, this one is one of the more accessible:

From the podcast you can find out, among others:

  • You can calculate the remaining life expectancy from the changes in DNA;

  • Aging is a disease that we will treat in the near future;

  • They can now reverse age in mice in the laboratory, including gray hair;

  • There is a cheap drug for diabetes in the pharmacy, which significantly extends your life;

  • How and what do the longest-living people in the world eat.

  • You can naturally rejuvenate and slow down the aging process with the style of eating. No additional financial expenses.

In conjunction with the knowledge gained, I will try to discuss only the last mentioned point. As the other dashes are interesting, I recommend that you listen to the entire interview.

Hunger, the process of autophagy.

According to the research results, it turned out that it is not the quality of food or the quantity that is the most important element of a healthy figure and longevity.

Of course, in writing this, I do not legitimize reliance on processed foods or refined sugar. Quality is also important, but there is something more important.

The most important thing is hunger.

Metaphorically, our digestive system has a lever that has two modes.

  • You activate one when you eat, it is a digestive mode and our bacterial flora focuses all its power on processing food, extracting ingredients, etc.

  • The second mode starts when you get hungry, we call it the autophagy process. It is a state of hunger in which our digestive system turns into the best doctor/healer. Then your bacterial flora begins to digest diseased and dead tissues, cleans the whole body. By eliminating the old, it gives room for the new.

Then when to eat and when not?

David Sinclair says he changed his eating style to the one that worked best according to the test group studies.

One large meal a day.

At the same time, the use of the 12-hour nutritional window also gives very good results.

For starters, I recommend starting as I do. I divided the day in half.
Twelve hour window where I could eat and twelve hours without eating.

Over time, I narrowed the eating window down to 6 hours, now I give myself 1-3 hours to eat. It is still demanding for me to correctly calculate the amount 😜. I often bend with the amount that puts me to bed for a forced nap.

It may sound very hard, but in fact, after a while of getting used to, I have a lot more energy. True hunger will not be felt over time.

Mental hunger remains, which is more often emotional eating or eating out of boredom. He too gets weaker over time.


According to statistics, people who do not eat breakfast live longer than those who do.

The most important thing when you wake up is to drink at least a glass of clean water. Only after that you can start Your coffee, tea or juices - but keep in mind, that it breaks autophagy process.

During the night, the body regenerates intensively and consumes a lot of fluids. In fact, every day we wake up unknowingly dehydrated.

Late lunch/dinner

It is also not recommended to eat at least 2/3 hours before bedtime - because this is the best time for the autophagy process. Not eating before bedtime is also a magical way to get a lean tummy. At night, when we sleep with an empty stomach, we burn the most unnecessary fat from these areas.

I know it can be very hard for some people not to eat at night.
For 8 years of depression, I used to get up almost every night to eat - usually things based on sugar.

I once came across an article by a psychologist who wrote that this is most often done by people who lack a sense of love. This is the body's reaction to an unmet need.

Hunger is likeable

It is no wonder that so many of us feel hunger as a very unpleasant experience. At that time a lot of demanding, intense processes take place in our body.

However, it does not have to be this way.
We can influence the interpretation of most of the stimuli we feel.
Just as you can love running or cold showers, you can also like hunger.

In the past, I treated it like pain and tried to be in hunger state as little as possible. Since I understand how it works and what it serves - like a pessimist who learned to be optimistic, I started to enjoy whatever hunger appeared.

You know - both the pessimist and the optimist are right.
How we perceive the world affects how we feel it.

How much absurd it would sound to you - when feeling hungry, I recommend smiling and thinking how wonderfully regenerating and cleansing your body is now. Change the narrative of hunger!

I also came up with a tactic that may already pay off.

As long as I feel hungry, I do not eat and wait until it stops, even when it is time for me to eat. I realized that by not responding to hunger with food, I was unlearning my body from giving me such intense impulses to make me eat.
However, I don't know if it makes sense, it's just one of the fun-experiments

Hunger is your friend, not your enemy.

Until now, I have believed in nutritional myths

I think of folk wisdom repeated over the generations. For example that "a child cannot walk hungry" which turns out to be an unhealthy myth.

On the other hand, almost all religions in the world get a point. Most often in their sources you will find entries about fasting and the importance of these processes.

It is also a myth to suggest eating many meals a day.
I am not a fan of conspiracy hypothesis, but judging from the many corporate scandals, I suppose these "healthy suggestions" come from wanting to sell more food.

If you look at nutrition historically, three or five meals have only become the global norm in our time.

What about longer fasting than just one/half day?

Among many people involved in self-development, not eating a few or a dozen days in a row is something normal, healthy. Controlling hunger seems to be an essential element of development.

However, I only want to cover things that I understand well and have tested on myself. So far, from longer fasts I only had two, about 5 days each, and I must admit that I felt sensational and light.

However, I did them without any substantial preparation or knowledge of how. With both, I had to stop before I hit my week goal. I will probably come back to the topic of longer fasts if I manage to do one well 😅.

As of today, I am not ready to describe this topic in detail.
If you are interested in it, I recommend that you google 1 day, or 3-day fasting at the beginning.

Good luck learning to love hunger! 😁

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