Weight loss no.02 Psychological reasons of weight gain [#9]


Live long and prosper dear reader 🖖

In the last post about my weight loss, I talked about how it felt to be obese and why I started to set changes in my lifestyle. Now I'll write why I got so many kilos.

  • My diet, that got me so big.

Food wise I was raised in a semi-traditional Silesian way of cooking.
Always at least two dishes, soup and the main course. Portions here tend to be bigger than really needed A lot of herbs, spices and very fat, in a bad way.
I'm not expert here, but as a common belief say - wife cook heavy food for her man, so he would be strong when going to work in the mines.
(Years ago Silesia had so huge mining sector, that it was hard to find a person living here, that didn't have a miner in the family).

I was born in 1985, and during my teenage times good knowledge how bad is sugar is was uncommon, or obsolete. The corporate industry took care to conceal the harmfulness of cheap and addictive sugar and blamed people's bad health on the fat.
It made sense, fat makes fat, and sugar is bad for teeth, so just brush it right?

I was used to a very bad eating pattern.
At first it didn't seem so bad, even television promoted to be good for me.

Me in Holland, looking with passion at sugar with extra sugar waffle.

  • Psychological reasons for why I was gaining weight.

The second aspect of why I got obese, were feelings and emotions.
I had no knowledge how to process them, didn't even know its a thing.
I was repressing them, thinking it is in my best interest. It left me feeling numb and silted up instead. With time I lost contact with them, or maybe I never learned how to listen and feel my body.

So I started to eat up emotions.
Seemingly I believed that I'm so mentally strong, that I can take a punch without any harm. So not knowing better I was leaving this punches alone with my body. I've compensated with tons of food, even eating when not hungry.

Bored ➡️ food | lonely ➡️ food | sad ➡️ food
stressed ➡️ food | afraid ➡️ food | confused ➡️ food.


  • Thoughts in my head were a very bad friend.

More thoughts made more emotions ➡️ whenever too much, I repressed them (instead of resolving) ➡️ my body reacted with comfort food.

All that bullshit my brain provided, provoked many unhealthy habits. When I ate, it felt like its disgusting for other people. So often I avoided eating publicly, getting even more hungry and when finally home alone, ate twice that amount. Often I got up at night to eat, probably body tried to compensate.

I wanted to write today about tips how I coached myself in weight loss... But when I started this post, I realised that I have more to say before.

Please be patient dear reader, I'm new at writing ^^.


Most of people in the world (like me) are constantly dehydrated.
Drink now some fluid please 💧, read Ya.

The main reason why I started this blog is to tell my story.
I've grow a lot thru my lifetime and learned things I believe should be taught in primary school, as a human right.
Teachings about basic human needs, self-discovery, search for passion, cooperation, need of tribe, love, how to grow, healthy lifestyle for both physical and mental health.
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