How to pickle, freeganism [#3]

Well hello there Hivers! 🙋

Today we will pickle vegetables, because as I mentioned in previous post we got tons of freegan carrots. 💡 If You have freegan veggies, make sure they didn't start spoil, and wash them thoroughly. Once had spoiled-pickled radish and mildly said - traumatising experience.

  • Spoiler tomorrow I will write how to make healthy & tasty fries🍟, from vegetables like carrots🥕, or potatoes 🥔.


On photo - pickled cauliflower & radish from last freegan pickling. Pinkish colour came from radishes ^^.

  • How to pickle stuff.
    Suggested proportions & herbs on the bottom, because it is up to taste and preferences.

➡️Fist find a jar and scald it out, to kill all possible germs. I believe it can be just boiled water. 💡 Thanks to this activity our vegetables inside should not spoil. Some jars might explode out of temperature, but IMHO very low chances. Fingers crossed for Yours! 🤞

↘️Next cut chosen vegetable to eatable portions, this time we use carrots.


Angel Marysia, making carrot stripes.


⬇️Next put water, garlic, herbs and salt to pot, and keep it on fire until it will start boiling. 💡 With this procedure, we're making sure there are no germs in the water, and herbs will get a bit more intense.

Let the water cool 😎,💡 so jar wouldn't break because of the temperature.

↙️Meanwhile put all the veggies to the jar, and pour cooled water inside.
💡 Do not make it other way. It is annoying, when you have too many veggies, and the water comes out of jar when putting them in - trust me on that 🐵...


Picture - example of how not too put water to the jar, before veggies.

⬅️Be brave, last stage is on the way!
Put on the jar cloth/paper towel and close it with rubber band.
💡 This procedure will allow pickles to breath, not letting in any contamination. Keep it in the room temperature for ~7 days. Check it every second day and stir. In most situations white coating will happen, its okay, just stir it.

☣️If white coating will start turning black - sorry but this time it failed, its uneatable. It might happen only if you don't stir ☣️

👃 Note, that it might stink a bit during the process 👃.

  • Suggested proportions
    On our pictures, we have 2liter (or more) jar, but i'll stick to 1l proportions.

1liter water,
1,5 big spoons of salt,
3-4 pieces of garlic,
4-6 balls of allspice (polish ziele angielskie) for traditional taste,
This time for experiment Marysia add (instead of allspice) 4-6 balls of juniper (polish jałowiec). Juniper should make forest-like taste, I'll edit this post after 7 days how it went.


'Finished' minus '7 days of stir practice' = picture above.

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