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You are reading a post from a new series, that I want to dedicate to understanding social issues. Recently I wrote about gender roles, today about feminism.


There is a lot of confusion about who feminists are, and the definition is simple. A feminist can be defined as a person who believes that women should be treated as equal to men - politically, economically, personally and socially.

Everything you hear beyond that, such as that women should have more rights than men, goes beyond the very term feminism. Some feminists may also express such views, but this is not a mainstream message.

It is even more difficult to understand what feminism is about,
when the media of various factions distort this picture.

Media about social minorities

Take, for example, such an equality march.

Thousands of cultural, smiling, loving people walk along the streets.
What will we see on TV? Loud men in stockings, swinging a dildo and narration as if they were going to pick up your baby from kindergarten...
Poland that I live in is quite conservative on that matter.

The media specialize in searching for controversy, not in reporting reality. They make people feel dependent on fear and pain. Addicts follow this content daily, suffering from fear of being omitted. The news on the radio or television does not differ much from the news from 30 years ago. This kind of gloomy information sells like alcohol in the countryside.

People want to hear about controversy, drama, fear. They love the black and white world. They need to have enemies and be a part of the herd - and herds tend to fight other herds.

The other herd is most often any kind of a change. People are afraid of change, even when it is for the better.

It is the same with the feminist movement.

I made this photo in my city in Katowice (Poland in Europe). It was right after our government banned abortion and people went out on the streets. It was called black/woman march. The sad part of this story is that abortion in Poland is still illegal.

Feminists are highly sensitive people who believe in an equal world. They spend their precious time and energy fighting for a better tomorrow.

They stand shoulder to shoulder with the ancestors who fought the feudal system, or the same people who started fighting slavery 150 years ago.
Also those who will fight with what capitalism looks like today,
so-called 'modern slavery'.

Why do you hear so much about 'radical' feminism?

As with every group, there are people here who are making a bad name for the movement.

'Radical' feminism that we regularly hear about in the media is most often the result of a long felt helplessness that turns into anger.

Anger is an emotion that produces adrenaline that obscures common sense and provokes action. People under the influence of this emotion, (during protests for example) say and do things that are often thoughtless.

Have you ever made a fool of yourself under the influence of emotions?

How would You feel as if the state was treating you like a second-class citizen? Decide about your body for You? As if you had less chance of success in life because of who you were born as? They tell You how to live?

Feminism is not equal to feminism

We distinguish at least eight, often very different, types of feminism - marxist, socialist, psychoanalytical, existential, ecological, christian, anarchist or postmodern.

If You like taking quizzes, I've found a test of what a feminist You are.

I am proud to be a feminist.
I hope I convinced at least one person to think like that about Himself/Herself.

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