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You are reading the first post in a new series in which I want to present my perspective on our interpersonal relationships, our neurodiversity.

I will divide this post into three parts:
-Short history of gender in the world;
-How gender evolved, my own perspective;
-The gender that I identify with.

  • The post-Jewish division of people didn't include gender

Cultures whose origins of religion evolved from the Old Judaic
(for example, Christianity or Islam) did not allow gender to exist.
Adam and Eve represented the only genders described in the holy books.

Later, the countries of Western Europe forced their social structures with colonization on all other cultures of the world. Only biological sex was recognized for so long, that in the 20th century I was indoctrinated with such a division in school. In religion lessons, or biology.

We are used to thinking it's a standard. Meanwhile, a multitude of communities on earth have recognized gender diversity for centuries.

  • Gender among the Native American culture

Among the peoples of North America, gender was most often perceived in a similar way.

It was believed that there were "two spirits" in every human being, a female and a male. Biological sex was just an enclosure, more important was which of the spirits dominante. Sexuality was also regarded as being independent of gender.

Five social genders were distinguished.
male with female dominance,
female with male dominance,

Interestingly, the last three were treated as sacred, higher and more developed.


  • Gender only exists among highly developed, social animals

Organisms that are much simpler than us, for example such insects do not have a gender division. Most often we have females and males, in the eternal struggle who will manage to give their DNA.

With such a simple gender division, we have a system consisting solely of selfish competition. Most often, males have one goal, to eliminate competitors and fertilize females. The female gender is to find the 'best' genetic material among males, and this is how the circle of life goes on.

  • Gender, a revolution in the evolution of herd animals

For the safety and ease of gaining food and finding mates, some species of animals began to flock to form herds. Some form of herd unity arises, and the collective interest of the group evolves from many of us from individualists to collectivists.

There are more and more individuals with much better developed empathy. They are indispensable in large groups of animals, they become a binder that enables the herd to function. New sexual orientations are also emerging.

Without these improvements, with only a heteronormative pattern, the herds would be small in number and very aggressive among themselves, as among insects. Such small groups of animals would be easier prey for predators, dramatically reducing the chances of survival.

Summarising my argument

I once heard that non-hetero lovers are a negation of nature.
"Homosexuals cannot reproduce, so they parasite in the herd".

I believe that sexual orientations and gender roles do not exist for reproduction, but for the survival of the whole species. They are the backbone of the herd. They are higher evolutionary creatures that guarantee our survival as a whole. We owe the progress of humanity to undifferentiated people.

As mankind evolves, more social roles, sexual preferences, and even asexual people arise. It is all part of nature that helps the entire species survive.

I once read a magazine whose sources I am not sure of.
Still, I will share it because it fits my hypothesis. Allegedly, ducks have no natural enemies (other than humans). At the same time, among ducks there is the highest observed% of homosexual relationships. I don't know if one results from the other. If so, it sounds like nature has an effective way of slowing down overpopulation.


  • My gender

All my life I have been looking for an answer to the question who I am.
I dig deeper and deeper into my authenticity.

I could never identify myself with a typically male gender,
even though my sexual needs definitely prefers women.

I am proud to speak of myself as this guy who understands women.
It is easier for me to identify with their complex, highly sensitive psyche.
I am not interested in typically male conversations. At most, I can talk about cars for a moment, because every car has a colour, right? 😅

My sense of who I am has changed over the years.
I have had a time where I thought that my inside was a woman and the outside was a man. Today I think I know who I am and I explain it with the social role in which I like myself the most.

I came up with a name for my gender and it is a 'female ally'.
In the herd, in the primal days I would be the one who instead of hunting, preferred to stay and look after the herd. Help the elderly, look after the children, and watch over the well-being of the weakest. I would be the one that stops the aggressive aspirations of some individuals and helps males and females by matchmaking them.

Working in the mine is not easy, but it's worth digging.
It doesn't matter if you find gold or diamonds.
What is important, is that You will dig deeper into yourself.
You will become who You were meant to be.

The next episode about women and feminism.
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