Healthy fries - how to [#4]

Hiho folks! 🍟

As promised in previous post - today's post will be mainly about how to make healthy fries. I will use potatoes 🥔 and still have tons of freegan carrots🥕 from last hunt, so I'll include them, but actually it could be almost any vegetable in its place.

👉On bottom of the post freegan mix cream soup.


I forgot to make finished picture when fries was done, and ate them with friends. Only few remain for this photo 🙄

  • First of all worth to notice, that most oils brag that are made cold pressed.
    💡 Its not without a reason. Any oil when heated loose its good qualities, and become unhealthy, fattening goo.

Wash vegetables, but don't peel off potato 🥔 skin 💡 it is the healthiest and crunchiest part of our fries.

Chop vegetables, especially big ones like potato. 💡 When You cut them in smaller pieces, they get ready evenly and much faster.

Next put them best on baking paper, (on picture we have baking foil).
💡 Paper is better, because fries will not stick to it so much.

  • Oven heat - I would go for about 160-200 degree Celsius, for about
    30-40 minutes, but check after 20-25 minutes. Sometimes vegetables like to burn on the bottom side, so flipping could be an option (I didn't ).

To know when they are done use a fork 🍴 and stab a potato 🥔. If fork gets inside easily, take veggie out and carefully eat a part (is it baked enough).
💡 If fork cant go in - way too early to take them out.

Ready 🤤

Put them into clean pot or something similar. Add salt & oil for traditional taste. Close with a lid and intensively shake pot with your hands, like they would ride a bike, but with only one pedal 🚴‍♀️.


Another photo I forgot to make, so took what was left just for example 😅

😈 I like to add every time different spices, my favourite combinations are:

  • Smoked paprika, chilli, sweet paprika, turmeric.
  • Marjoram, basil, oregano.
  • Parsley, garlic (Marysia's suggestion).

Bon luck & good appetite!

  • Freegan mix cream soup. This is not a recipe.

I had a lot of freegan veggies about to spoil, and a lot of mouths to feed.
So instead of making recipe food, just took what had - broccoli🥦, champignon🍄 and carrots🥕.

All cleaned and carefully selected (freegan food often is on the border of edible) to the pot.


Because I want to blend it all, spices/herbs like allspice, or bay leaf took to different pan and boil. 💡 Its hard to take them out when soup is done, and blending them is futile. This time added allspice, bay leaf, colander, nutmeg, but I urge You to experiment and learn Your way.



Pour herbs & spices to another pot thru sieve. Pour water to soup and blend.
💡You can add coloured water, bit by bit, and taste the soup if not sure how much herbs/spices.

Later blend it until look like very bad shit, 🐓 et voila, bon appétit!

On picture with fries, pickled radish & pickled cauliflower from last post.

I don't want to focus on my blog only on foodie, tomorrow I will post about some art 💥

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