What is Hive no.01 Introlude [#19]

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  • Introlude

This post was created due to the multitude of your questions about this blog I write on. Poor addressee of the question, because I am learning it myself. In addition, I do it organoleptically - aaand what will happen when I push this button?

This ecosystem is complex, and the technical language of the thick manual of Hive is overwhelming me so far.
Ecency blog is based on Hive.

Therefore, below I will write in the dark, as I understand it so far.
Actually You can stop reading this post if preferer short version.

You are still reading this, so you are curious about my first approach to understanding the phenomenon. You've already read the introlude, so it's time for a second introlude 😅.

In the beginning there was nothingness, and from nothingness emerged ...

  • Internet 1.0, 1989 do 2005

A highly simplified version, containing mainly only readable data.
The type of websites or the ability to send e-mails.

  • Internet 2.0, 2004+

I will give microphone the creator of the idea of Internet2.0 Tim O'Reilly:

Without going into my assessment of the i2.0, I will highlight one drawback.
These societies arose not for people, but pockets of gentlemen in suits.
The last flagship corporation, 'meta', known for Facebook or Instagram.

Heartless financial empires. Sticky hands that follow our every step.
They make money on manipulation tricks. They spread fear, pain and complexes. They are messing with our worldview, causing people to distance themselves from each other. They create in us artificial, capitalist needs.
From a broader perspective, they mean money, information and a authority.

  • Internet 3.0

People are starting to walk away from centralized social media where you are just a product. I know a revolution is coming.

There are many theories of what the Internet of the future will look like and Hive is the best proposition I have ever known. I recommend that you google web3.0 and read how many visions for the future have already been created.

When the Internet was born, no one understood it. Even the concept was difficult to explain. How would you explain the Internet to a man from a century ago? It's not much easier for me to explain what is Hive,.

  • What is Hive

Most of the known cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or etherium are based only on money. Hive is also a cryptocurrency, but it has a lot more behind it.

Based on the Hive many social media was created.

Just like ecency you are on, or ~YouTube-like https://3speak.tv/:

Hive regularly prints new money, as if diluting the value of the cryptocurrency itself. This money is distributed to users, both for creating content and commenting / liking.

The amount of money obtained during any of the activities depends on the 'Hive Power' HP is the power generated with Your doings or purchased physically in the form of cryptocurrency. You don't need to spend real money.

When someone likes a post, they make a profit for themselves and the creator 50% : 50%. There are daily limits on likes and comments.

Below examples based on my first post, where I introduced myself
these are screenshots in app, if You use computer it can vary.

On the left you click the up-arrow twice to like (upvote) - or once to the left and other on the right click on the down-arrow dislike (downvote).
The down vote aims to take the prize away from spammers, identity thieves and plagiarists.

When you click on the heart, you will see a list of people that liked my post,
it looks like this:

You can see the amount of money activity achieved under each post.

Accounts that have a lot of HP like acidyo, by liking my post earned ~ half of the visible $ 30, the other half went to me.
My friend @deepresearch made ~ $ 2.2 by liking this post and I did the same.

Hive in the system has a lot of safeguards against overusing it.
I can pay out physically two weeks after the given activity.
I can pay out half of what I earn with my activity,
and the other half increases my HP permanently.

  • Social medium you are co-owner of.

There is no boss in here.
Whole ecosystem works like a community, like a big tribe.
What you write on Facebook, or post a photo on Instagram, the Zuckerberg corporation earns of it.
When You post on ecency, or 3speak Hive pays Us for the content We make.

I've been watching movies on 3speak or searching posts on ecency for a month now. I've noticed that the content is very diverse, for example:

-Someone earned money for recording his hour of online chess.
-A girl filmed making Halloween makeup in front of her webcam.
-Someone else took a guitar and earned $ 50 by singing a song
and the next one teaches guitar chords.
-Someone made money showing stage by stage as they drew / painted something.
-I've seen videos like unboxing some products.
-There are a lot of recipes,
-Opinions on various topics like someone wrote for what he loves a specific music band.

  • Why is Hive for you?

It's a place where you can blog about your life in the form of a diary.
-You can post about what it was like on the walk.
-Take pictures at the festival and describe it.
-Make a photo report from your trip to India.
-Make a video of you practicing yoga.
-Teach juggling, record how you dance, whatever you like.

Hive is about people, about their authenticity. Artists are doing very well here. You can create a place for memories, professional portfolio or documentation of your passions.

  • Future of Hive

It is a young community, as of today - approximately 700,000 monthly active users. You can be among the first by creating an account and creating content now. I believe that this community may become the new norm, replacing today's Facebook, Instagram or twitter.

Let's take power back from those who have failed Us.
Power for the people!

  • How to start?

First make Your account here, I'm @monti33 for referral link. 😋

After creating the account, introduce yourself. Describe yourself authentically, real people are welcome here, don't write your CV 😅.

Type #introduction / #intro-post in the search engine, check how others did it.

When you open a new post window, under the title space You type in hashtags. This way people can find Your post. I was advised to start with those: intro-post introduceyourself introduction proofbrain palnet neoxian
and some personal, based on what You wrote in the post.
You have a limit of 10 hashtags and the order is important.

  • Second post, after the presentation

If you want to post for the second time, look for larger subject groups.

So far I have only posted posts on the biggest culinary I have found Foodies Bee Hive. Eg about sugarless&flourless cake and the post earned three times what I wrote without writing in the group.

With next post I will try to be more entreating 🙄.
Good luck!

It was serious post, so serious photo of me.🤔

The main reason why I started this blog is to tell my story.
I've grown a lot thru my lifetime and learned things I believe should be taught in primary school, as a human right.
Teachings about basic human needs, self-discovery, search for passion, cooperation, need of tribe, love, how to grow, healthy lifestyle for both physical and mental health.
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