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More and more people do not believe in science.
Even recently I met a flat earth hypothesis believer (I couldn't investigate the subject deeply, because he deleted me from facebook 😥).

I would like to correct where science begins and where it is no longer.
I am not surprised by the new wave of negation of science - despite the smartphone held in hand.

  • First of all the media makes science look like a joke;
  • Secondly nobody teaches us us how it works;
  • Thirdly, (the worst thing) it is fund-dependent.

So we as a humanity are developing these branches,
that are most profitable for the 'money people'.

However, don't blame the tool for being used wrongly...


Science & media

Texas state researchers say...
American scientists discovered...
Scientific research proves...

Who are these scientists who are so much in the media?

  • They are a 'philosopher' with Alex Jones quality, who came up with some hypothesis having to do with science - nothing.

  • They are a 'researcher' handing a handful of people a questionnaire. It has to do with science as much as monkey 🐵 throwing shit with 🛰️ space flight.

  • These are tabloid-quality articles, 'humorous' news on the radio,
    or science-clown memes.

Why not? People that are kept in ignorance eat what they get served.

The media of all kinds has a tendency to simplify research by presenting excerpts. They create lampoons taken out of context. The most stupid hypotheses are thrown into one 'scientific' bag and are called a fact.

Don't fall for 'scientists' this, 'scientists' that.
Without reliable sources provided, without detailed descriptions with linked full context, it is a mediocre parody of science.

Mostly if somebody quotes 'scientists', it has little to do with them.
Reliability like Facebook application what kind of Pokemon you are.


Science as an idea

The assumption that "the world is what it is" does not satisfy me.
Ever since the sharpness of intellect in humans overtook the power of instinct, since we learned to speak = arose ❓ questions.

Probably the first religious institutions claimed the right to be the carrier of 'the answer'. The only truth to the bothering issues.

It is easier to believe the answer 'God' than to endure without an answer.
When the question is too difficult, you can always use the ace on the sleeve,
for divine judgments are not investigated.

There is some deep, warm, and fluffy pleasure in handing the cold void of ignorance into the hands of a legitimate shaman, which has an answer to every question.

Fortunately, for some this was not enough.
Many thinkers have emerged in opposition to this monopoly of knowledge.

Aristotle, who pioneered the techniques of logic, observation, and research;
Copernicus based on meticulous observation of the stars;
or Descartes, one of the precursors of rationalism.

Rationalism is a line of philosophy based on questioning every assumption. This laid the foundations for the emergence of today's science.


Science my favorite faith

Nobody knows science is true, but it makes sense to believe in it.

My old saying "I am not a man of faith, but of reason",
it's as accurate as stormtrooper blasters from Star Wars.

The scientist who carried out the study himself may know.
Given the results, he knows the truth (often questionable) on a narrow subject. This is His knowledge.
However, I believe that he did the tests correctly.
✔️So I believe in science, not - ❌I know it is the only truth.

I believe in science because it is the only belief that is constantly evolving.
Because I understand how the science engine works, about which below.

Each serious created hypothesis is challenged by other people.

Metaphorically, it's how to do a reality puzzle.

  • Until there was science, we tried to understand the world by adding together two of the xlion random puzzles. We often put the wrong puzzles together just because we were able to physically connect them.

  • Rationalism arose, the first idea of how to do science.
    So the wise one came, who advised us to search for external puzzles first. Finding the ones without one side makes it easier to make a border as a basis for understanding the world.

There are still a lot of puzzles being put in the wrong places, but fundamentally science is about questioning everything. Thanks to this, others verify each combination of the puzzle. Disconnect the ones that do not match.

Who decides which puzzles fit together and which do not?
I invite you and welcome to the next part of the article.


Science, how does it work?

We are not dealing with one science, but a set of various fields of knowledge covered by a common name. So there are different methods of verification, different research tools.

Without doing justice to science, I allow myself to generalize the process:

  • Somebody makes a thesis.
    Then, he performs tests to verify its sense.
    If he fails to challenge his thesis, he publishes it in some scientific journal, at symposia, or in forums as a scientific hypothesis.

  • Many specialists are looking at his hypothesis. They do their own independent research and try to undermine it as well, they check the 'math' behind it. After a longer, undefined period of time, a hypothesis is considered a fact (until someone succeeds in challenging it). This hypothesis becomes a scientific theory.

Example of the difference between a hypothesis and a theory:
The theory of evolution, only in name it seems to be unsure.

So far no one has successfully challenged (earlier called) the hypothesis of Darwin's evolution, so today it is considered a fact.
That is why today we call it the Darwin's theory of evolution.


Science, how i see its future.

Technology and understanding of reality develops with hyperbole speed.
Each single discovery can give birth to a new ones at an amazing pace.

A man who lived a hundred years ago, as if he saw the world today...
Planes, smartphones, space ships, and the internet?!
He would consider it all pure magic and us wizards.

"Science we don't know, looks like magic"
-Christopher Moore

Likewise, if we had an insight into the world in a hundred years, we would consider our successors not as wizards, but as gods who can freely create and change the reality that surrounds us.

I believe mankind has found a lead to understand everything
however, it is only at the beginning of this road, in its infancy.
He still struggles with the fringes of the puzzle of the reality that surrounds us.

The Amish, followers of the Christian faction, treat science as a satanic product. Likewise, many 'awakened people' today consider it a perversion of nature. I don't agree with that.
Problem is that people distort nature by misusing science.

Today, it is the people of money who develop only those branches of science that are profitable for them. I believe that this is already beginning to change and we are entering the golden age of science.
The branches scrupulously avoided by the people of power will catch up.

Science itself is only a tool that will gradually bring us closer to answering every question. Sooner or later, he will begin to effectively study even sections that are now absurd for many.

Like life after 'death', esotericism, or telepathy.
Maybe science will even unite us with the idea of ​​god?

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