In my mind no.02 Authenticity [#15]

Hello! 🤠

Last post was about monkey mind. What are our thoughts and how to make friends with them. I will use 'Monkey' as a metaphor once again, like previously.

Today is about my favorite advantage of befriending your Monkey.

  • Authenticity

Working on authenticity is not easy, but how rewarding!

The beginnings will be tough, as You've probably tried to live up to the social norms of being 'grown up'. Authenticity might be rusty, because society told your Monkey that at this age it was not appropriate to act like that.

The monkey, as I wrote in the previous post, is like a defense system.
He does not understand human imagination, the diversity enchanted in creativity.

He looks a bit like the stereotypical grumpy old man, who has been defending himself against everything that is new, half of his life. What will these young people come up with? The grandfather sighs, shaking his head in disapproval. The monkey fully feels the grump's words and replies with melancholy.
Good old primal times! Those were beautiful ones!

It was then that Monkey understood the world around him. The day was all about moving to get food, resting and grooming with Eva. He understood everything, except maybe Adam...
Who, for some reason, fools around, dirtying the wall, like below.


The most human trait I know, is the need for expression.

The Monkey is afraid of what people will say, when Adam does things. Actions, that the Monkey doesn't understand. What will the herd think if he would let Adam walk weird? It is not appropriate! Over the centuries, Monkeys have evolved to the only correct, most effective way to walk. So the Monkey is doing his best to suppress Adam's fantasy.

Well, I'm writing a post for a while and already I have to react.
Adam! Stop walking backwards! People are watching!

With every generation, Adam's need for expression grows.
He decorates his weapon with a feather, finds a beautiful stone for his favorite female. Starts to beat rhythms with sticks, makes up pranks, laughs, dances and sings.

Cacofonix, the Adam - may be a metaphor for Monkey's fears.

  • However it is worth it to play with expression

I dare to say that over half of humanity does not know its authentic side at all. How to get to know Your real self, since most of Monkeys are in constant fear of social mismatch?

From the Monkey's perspective, blocking Adam's needs is a solution.
Adam is forced to play the role of an observer.

Lets say nowadays homosapiens come home from work.
Monkey bribes Adam's needs with comfort food and alcohol.
They sit down in front of the TV. It could be Monkey's funniest time of the day, when suppressed Adam laugh at other Adams.

It does not surprise me, because when quoting my best friend Agatha,
"The only ones that criticize, are those who do not create".


At least on TV Adam can watch other people's expressions.
He should be happy right?

💔🍭 Happy like a kid, licking a lollipop through the foil 🍭💔

  • How to unlock your authenticity?

The task is not easy, but dear reader I promise - doable.

The Monkey is mostly afraid of Adam's creative actions in front of other people, so start practicing being authentic when alone. Do all kinds of expressive things, unleash Your cringe! For example:

Dance, sing, paint (even on Dadaistic level). Laugh at anything, rearrange something in an abstract way, wear something you don't wear regularly, take some pictures. Shout out loud, walk barefoot in the woods or even better naked. Bury yourself under the leaves in the forest or in the sand on the beach. Lie on the street for some time or climb a tree (keep it safe homie).
Only creativity limits you and...
A monkey.


Any criticism You hear in your head is a monkey acting!

Don't listen to him, He does it out of fear for you. Explain to Monkey that you are just learning how to express. Once again, like a newbie. Probably You haven't used inner child so intensely since childhood.

Let Your inner child get out of the Monkeys cage!

My beginnings in that matter were very difficult. When working on authenticity, I was often drenched in a cold sweat, feeling stupid, I even felt chills on my face. I was doing things that at first were uncomfortable to the Monkey, so He defended himself best he could.

Over time, the Monkey realized that me playing was safe and I stopped feeling uncomfortable with it. If that only!

Nowadays the Monkey loves my actions and with it,
He lets me feel as safe, as a child once again. 🐵❤️👶

By cultivating expression, as soon as your Monkey trusts you, both of you will feel happier. Instead of looking at your TV set, the Monkey will prefer to watch what you will do today.

You will begin to have a great time alone with yourself. I've just reached this stage of my growth. About a year ago I was still getting tired of spending time alone with myself. Most often I resorted to marijuana, abused masturbation, computer games, or other drugs not knowing how to spend time.

  • Second step, repeat Your expressions near the people

You will blush, look down, feel nervous, and get all sweaty. I'm still practicing my Monkey and I promise, with time it's getting easier and easier.

Nowadays when I dance in front of people, I feel like I am in my element.
I sing loudly while walking down the street. I can dress in such a provocative way that I get insulted* on the street and react with laughing. There is not even a shadow of shame in me if I feel like doing something that align with me.
*It happens only by male, and when I'm to pink for them 😅

Finally, remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. Baby steps my friend.
The next post will be about how to meditate!

The stick I am carrying here, my inner child took just for play, not for a bonfire. Friend @deepresearch in the background, it's easy to learn authenticity with him, thank you!

The main reason why I started this blog is to tell my story.
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