In my mind no.01 Monkey Mind, voice in your head [#13]


Hello reader and hello to You, readers dear Monkey ๐Ÿ™Š

Today I'm starting a series about how to deal with your thoughts.

Nobody told me that I can stop thinking.
That I can change what my thoughts say to me.
Back then I didn't even know that my thoughts were not really me.

  • Preface - in my mind, when I was younger

My thoughts have been fired constantly since early childhood.
At a younger age I mostly felt things, not many words. Constantly emotional feelings, warning me about my surroundings. With age in my mind I started to visualize pictures, situations and finally I heard words.

When I age level-upped - about finishing primary school, those words started to be a problem. Constantly talking shit about me, diminishing my self esteem, gagging my actions and dominating my head with abusive language.

In school I could not focus on my teacher, peers' stories and studying was a hell. Do You know the feeling, when You read a page from the book and get distracted by your own head? Then You have to start all over, because now You don't even know what it was about...

I had undisciplined monkey mind ๐Ÿ™Š

  • Your thoughts are not You

Many highly developed animals have a reptilian brain, so do we.
As I understand it, one of his main roles is to warn You from life threatening situations. Like a guardian angel inside Your head. He mostly helps you to eat, survive, have fun and get laid.

For this article I will call that part of us a Monkey.

  • Monkey, before humanity learned to talk

In the primitive times, before civilisation occurred - Monkey worked just fine.

For example:

Our humanlike ancestor tried to grab a venomous snake, and died of a bite. Another ancestor saw it, let's call him Adam. Next time, when Adam saw a snake, Monkey warned him to be cautious.

Adam cared about the people of his tribe. He did so, not only because he is nice. Monkey advises that, to advance in the tribe hierarchy, get a woman.

Adam's Monkey also kept him from being wrongful toward his pack, because being tribe outcast - death awaits.

Adam and his Monkey were friends, so he lived long enough to await offspring. Our instincts are Monkey knowledge through ages. That's why a baby is afraid of fire, but with curiosity touch the electric stove. Just not enough generations of monkeys that felt an electric stove burn.

Adam passed on Monkey's wisdom through genes and primitive teachings.

  • Boom! Civilization arrived and people developed speech

Now Adam has very low chances to die from a snake, he lives in a city. Far away from native nature, where Monkey felt more relaxed. Instead of trees and wind, all he hears is the city's rumble, terrible clatter.

Adam is afraid of not having good friends-pack. Monkey evolved to believe that being alone will end with death, without any offspring. Now Adam hasn't had a real tribe for a long time, and Monkey is sad. They got depressed.

  • Monkey not being at ease, still does his best for your good.

Before You make friends with them, monkeys tend to be stronger, dominating and louder. That's why You can't meditate, I'll write about it in a future post.

In the wrong environment Monkey is constantly afraid, not knowing better. Being in panic mode says bad things about You. He makes You believe in many paranoiac scenarios he comes up with, forgive him, he doesn't know any better.

He can't stop talking because he wants a job to do, but doesn't know what.

  • Teach Your Monkey love ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜

It is best to deal with the Monkey as with the pets You love.
When your dog shit on the carpet, bite, jump on you, tug on the leash
and You will let him do all those things - He will continue his whole life.

When you teach your pet commands, tricks, He grows to become smarter.
He will guard in a way You want him to. He becomes patient and obedient.

More time your spending with the dog, bigger love and connection grows.
With time he will know when You are sad and will cheer You up. He will make You feel stronger and safer, listening to Your commands when for example meeting an attractive girl/boy in the park.

Like with a well-treated dog, it is the same with Your Monkey.

  • Fine in theory, but how to do it?

I believe that self-awareness is the first step to healing.
That's why my main focus of this article is to inform You how 'monkey mind' work. I urge You to find your own ways to communicate with your Monkey.

Buy a book about it, search for more knowledge on the internet, experiment and ask a psychotherapist.

Understand, that Monkey need your love, even when he say bad things to You and give suicidal thoughts. He could visualize it, because is very afraid You might...

First You need to want to love your Monkey.
Change starts from within.

For this article I've done some research, by typing monkey mind on YouTube. I've stumble upon first result and already it is a very good one:

I'm practicing my monkey mind in various situations similar to this monk.

Often I go out dressed all in pink, I sing loud when going through the main square of my city. Now days I even don't feel tiny bit of discomfort, my Monkey feels strong enough things like that regularly.

I try my best to walk a lot and visit nature few days a week, for my Monkey to feel safe in its more natural habitat. I do my best to go out meeting new people, even when monkey mind is petrified of it.
It's like growing muscles, more You do it - stronger You are.
Stronger You are, Monkey is less afraid.

Now my Monkey rarely says bad things and if he does - patiently like a positive thinking mother I teach him nice things as an example.
I'm proud of him, he grows so quickly!

My Monkey is my best friend. ๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ’–

All I regret in this post, is not enough monkey emoticons ๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™ˆ
Read Ya!

Found one more good movie about it! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

The main reason why I started this blog is to tell my story.
I've grown a lot thru my lifetime and learned things I believe should be taught in primary school, as a human right.
Teachings about basic human needs, self-discovery, search for passion, cooperation, need of tribe, love, how to grow, healthy lifestyle for both physical and mental health.
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