ecoTrain Question Of The Week TIE UP POST: 'What is it about music?'

Well folks, if this weeks response is anything to go by.. music really is something that touches so many of us and in so many ways! Thank you to everyone who has participated this week, I think about 22 people posted... such an amazing response that im still reading them! You guys always deliver such great answers it makes me smile.

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With much love to all, let's see what our gems have to share with the ecoTrain community.


There is something in the music that it's hard to explain. I don't understand why, when I felt sad or happy, the music boosted my emotions. The emotions I was feeling that time became uncontrollable but I just let it flow because the music guided me. I love sad music most of the time because it made me sadder. There are words dictating my brain to cry every time I heard this sad music. I suddenly remember how my passed went by. I missed it even though it just gave me heartache. The regrets and mistakes became fresh into my mind like it just happened yesterday. It's not that I'm happy about it that I wanted to remember. I just wanted to feel it again so I wouldn't do it again.



Music for me is LIFE , every time I listen to good music I feel more alive than ever, it brightens our days, it helps us meditate, I love listening to music when I do housework, when I studied I did it listening to music, my friends they did not understand it, but for me listening to good music was not a distraction, on the contrary, it helped me a lot to concentrate and I could better grasp each subject I studied, I think music has been one of my best escapes during this confinement, and a one of the best medicines in these difficult times, I enjoy all kinds of music, but I prefer romantic, soft rock, urban, Christian music, everything that is good music I like.

My husband is a musician, I don't study at any music school, but for me, he is the best, and I always tell him that understanding music, and knowing how to transmit it to others in such a great way is a gift that God gave him, Through his music he cheers the hearts of all the people around him and that is something special. Since we are in our mother's womb, they teach us the language of music, when I was pregnant, I used to play lullabies for my baby, and songs from her father, it is incredible that children are born and I don't know how, but they recognize those songs, and even the voice of the person who constantly speak to him.


What is about Music?

With no musical background, I have no idea of even thinking to answer it. After a while I found myself whispering a song while taking shower (bathroom singer😉) and that made me to write on the topic.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination
and life to everything."
― Plato

I think, music is part of everyone life. Infact we have grown up listening to the lullabies from our parent, which works quite well when language fails. And then it keep changing as per the genre we get into. When it comes to music, all of a sudden people start over to think upon the best music they listened or something which are in current chart busters. Silently whispering , or singing is part of life. Be you are in happy mood, or sad, or depress, or at work or at any situation, music just makes everything lively.


Music might be a combination of musical instruments and vocals to produce melody at least, but then to humanity, to people in general, music is more irrespective of language, tongue or culture, music can uniquely touch or Influence people differently, create in them diverse emotions and of course connect to people mentally, spiritually, physically or even or a higher plane. When I was younger I listened a lot to Awilo Logomba, he is a Congolese musician who sang in French he was quite popular in early 2000s I think I was about 5 or 6 years then, his music sold all over Africa and the world. For me and a lot of kids back then, we listened to one particular track called Gâté le coin and that track was usually played every Christmas time, it was like listening to silent night sung on Christmas carols or listening to Long Time Ago in Bethlehem, there was a festive mood or feeling that listening to Gâté le coin brings and despite not knowing or understating anything in french, it proved that music can be universal language with which people despite their diversity can find a common ground.


Music is something special to me. When I was in College, I spent my time by listening to music through the radio. Yes, at that time, I didn't have a sophisticated cellphone that could play songs, my cellphone was only able to call or send messages to friends.

During my free time in college, I spent the time by studying the material that I got from campus. If the topic of course material is acceptable I go to the library. Oh yes, I have a walkman that I carry with me. Even when riding a bicycle to campus, I wear it. You can not feel the campus which is 7 km from the house by listening to songs through the walkman.


Back in urban connectivity, I'm ready and happy to look at this week's QOTW by @ecotrain: What Is It About Music? And given the current topic, of course I picked Monday to post a reply. It's the relic of an ancient tradition (of maybe two years ago), when bloggers on the previous blockchain liked to post certain themes on certain days. Still, it lets me tie in seamlessly with my old series Monday Music, so you can check out my previous music related posts, all related to this one in some way. But first, let me address the question:


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What is it about music?

Music in my opinion is a universal language that connects people from all over the world. Some people are gifted, or just (more) ambitious, and can speak more than one language, which helps them connect with other people. Others are not so gifted or ambitious and speak only their mother tongue. Music can connect people, even without understanding the lyrics. You can see people at concerts from all over the world having fun, partying together without speaking to each other. Nothing matters there, race, age, social status, nothing, only music. This is a huge thing and I hope everyone gets to experience that.


Music has been in the world since time immemorial, and I am sure that it has been present in everyone's life because in some way we have heard it, danced to it, or felt it; even before we were born we were able to feel the sound waves emitted by a good piece of music, at birth, and during the first years of our life our mothers sang us lullabies to help calm our anxiety, sadness or simply to fall asleep, so music is part of our life. That's without taking into account the history of music as such, which according to studies has been present since approximately 5000 years before Christ, which is quite old.


What is music to me....

Music is my inspiration and I love to work when there is music playing in the background. I remember my Dad who used to sing when he prepared the Sunday lunch. He loved preparing his ingredients and he would whistle and then later sang a song when he cooked. I can still remember he loved Sinatra and Nat King Cole. Well those are earworms and I still vividly remember his voice right at this very moment... But you know, there is somehow magic whehis n he was singing songs because we always loved the tasty food he served...must have been the happy attitude he had that was reflected in the processing of his food.

Speaking of music, I could work while listening to the music, even when I was still working in the office, there was always a background music coming from the internet radio. My colleague would sometimes dance to the beat. Of course, that was only when the boss was not around.


Expressing ourselves is a necessity and music is a form of expression of the human soul, with music our aspects are manifested that we cannot often say in words.

In all the peoples of the world and in all ages, music has always been present, especially music along with dance as the most important collective manifestation of humanity.

When we are together with other human beings, sooner or later music always appears, with it we create an atmosphere, we celebrate, we laugh, we interact with people we do not know, we even fall in love, music is one of the most important ways and to interrelate and at the same time it is our most characteristic extensive form.


I really do like music, I mean I am in love with music, you know why? Music is life, it uplifts, strengthens and somehow build one who is devastated, frustrated, worried, troubled etc.

What then is this music?

I'd like to say that music is a combination of sounds sung by voices and instruments which gives a pleasant meaning to the ear.

Now, let me ask you this; Have you ever heard or listened to a song in accordance with the lyrics that is sung and it seems the lyrics were just written for you?

If you haven't, I have, many times especially times when I'm broken, when I'm worried, in need, troubled etc. Music is just like my second food, I can't stay a day without listening to it

I can remember sometime ago when I had deep thoughts, somehow my life was in shambles, I cried and wept bitterly because I needed to be in school.
My parents were not buoyant enough, things were hard, no one to run to.


Sometimes, I wonder how the world would have been without music. Boring as you would agree with me. Imagine going to a party or ceremony and there is nothing like music. The event would be so dry and less fun. But thanks goodness, there is music and it has various advantages to each of us respectively.

Someone might ask, "what is music?" I'd say that music is the art of combining sounds in a manner that is pleasing and appreciable to the ears. Implying that if it doesn't please the ears then it is mere noise. Oftentimes, people make noise unknowingly in the name of music. To me, when the lyrics of a song/ music makes no meaning/sense, then it is noise.


Music has a powerful influence on our emotions, innumerable scientific researches and clinical studies have proved that it activates chemical substances of the Central Nervous System that stimulate the production of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, endorphins or oxytocin, which favours the strengthening of the healthy states of the human being, such as: joy, enthusiasm, hope, optimism, gratitude, etc.


Music is our daily companion. Almost all of my friends and relatives I have seen are sensitive to some form of music. Some prefer very loud sounds and rock music while others prefer soft type of music. Whatever it is, everyone has an attraction towards music. I am no exception and I had a lot of weaknesses towards music which I am going to share in this community today. This week’s topic has been awesome for me because I have a desire to share many music experiences and thus got the opportunity.


"The music is not played" is a rough translation of the title of a song by Alejandro Sanz that talks about how music floats in the air, crossing time, becoming eternal:

"what goes in the wind,
it is the safest thing, do not doubt it,
that clings to time
and remains eternal in the heart.
We will all pass and it will be
remember it, a song,
The music is not played."

Inexorably poetic expression that fills spaces of synesthesia in the brain, always predisposed to make the intangible tangible, opposing and intertwining, in unison, the ephemeral and the eternal.



Kazi Nazrul Islam, the national poet of Bangladesh- also popular as the adjective Rebel poet, created a lot of great religious song in Bengali literature. His grave is now in Dhaka University, besides the mosque as per his wish on a islamic song to be engraved besides a mosque so that he can here the call for praying everyday.

The Islamic song of Kazi Najrul is still now so powerful that most of the religious singers like to use his lyrics. But first time Kazi Nazrul was not intended about Islamic song. Because on that time, the market of Islamic song was not well developed in this subcontinent.


Although I just this post now on a friends blog, and its already late though, but i am still wondering why he never mentioned me, maybe he has forgotten what music means to me, @tomlee you no try sha😁😁😁😝.
Well enough of the long talk let's get to know about me and music.

I am a young lady that loves music so much, its not just about loving it but its the ministry God has called me into.


In the last few days, or better said, in the whole year, music has been my companion for obvious reasons. Not being able to leave the house is a strong theme, looking for what to do has been the specific task. I love music but this year I have loved it more. My favorite genre is salsa brava, music from the seventies and eighties fascinates me.

What is it about music? It has rhythm, it has melody, it has lyrics, it has feeling, it has emotions, it has memories, it has a context alluding to my own life.

In these days, as I mentioned before, music accompanies me at all times, when I clean, when I cook, when I share through chat rooms, when I write, when I do my exercise routine and also when I climb my mountain.


On a personal level I think music is the best, it feeds the soul! Why? There are our emotions and it is like everything, there are songs or music that generate healing or make you sad, others happy, some electric, and others give you indigestion.

The good thing is that there is something for all tastes: Pop, ballad, blues, rap, rock, reggaeton, electronic music among others, and so we can decide what to listen to depending on what we want to feel or how to transform a state of mind. In particular, it has happened to me that I feel a bit sad and in order not to lock myself in, I occupy my mind and time in some activity such as cleaning the house, but I play electronic music and as out of nowhere everything is taken from me and I am SUPER HAPPY.





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