ecoTrain Question Of The Week TIE UP POST #14: What is the biggest question or mystery in your life that until now you haven't had the answer to?


Is it that only death brings us answers to many of the mysterious questions that life cannot bring. This week we dig deep into these mysteries that we are always wanting to know and understand, and many such life mysteries to who we never have answers and keep wondering what is the real side of it. Esoteric ponderings makes one dwell deep within and scratch the surfaces. Who am I, What is my Life purpose are some of the big questions that almost everyone is pondering on. Humankind evolution has truly been mysterious in itself, we still do not have answers to questions like how did this whole Universe come into existence and with that we humans also. Lot of myths, lot of stories to fall back on, but do we we rally have clear cut answers? It's difficult to say.
Well let's look at our this week's QOTW to understand the different types of curiosity that people hold.

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With much love to all, let's see what our gems have to share with the ecoTrain community.


As far as I understand the life so far, I believe everything's happens for a reason. And over the course of life that I have enjoyed I did notice somewhere that the action that we do or any happening has corresponding reaction. Such reaction may have somewhere good or bad affects in our life.

What,Where,How,& Why, There are many questions that we come across during the course of life and somehow we did manage to find out the answer through some theoritical studies or through some practical experiences or through some Parental Guidance. Or even we an take help of Google nowadays to find the answer and it very obediently obliges help us in resolving many kind of questions.


Kindness nourishes, heals, strengthens and uplifts us.
There has been studies that show that kindness is not only a good moral value but it is good for you as it actually benefits your brain, your body and your emotions. When we perform random acts of kindness, we activate areas of pleasure, social connection and trust in our brains, creating a positive loop in our mind. Kindness makes you happier and happiness makes you kinder. When you are happy, you are more likely to feel giving and kind towards others.



In the mind of the common human being, there are unsolved mysteries related to what happens afterlife leaves the physical body. It is intriguing to know what is after the last breath because no one has returned to tell the tale.

My spiritual side wants to believe that the last breath of life flows and is transformed into something that transcends a higher energy. But my mind, it stagnates in the now and clouds the vision of a beyond presenting it as a limit, a "this is it, if you didn't fulfill your purpose of being happy, you missed the essential, because there is nothing else".


Years ago my family and I lived the experience of living with an uncle who had paranoid schizophrenia problems, the experiences are very strong, one on the part of Him who had to live that stormy disease that causes them to see hallucinations, they despair, they scream, they cry, they live anxiously and in the moments when their brain chemicals are stable this allows them to think and reason, in the case of my uncle he became sad and wondered crying Why is this happening to me if I am not bad? And that saddened me even more. I couldn't give him that answer since I asked myself that question and I STILL DON'T KNOW.

Grow up with Mom and Dad! This is something that NEVER happened, and I have asked myself: What would my life have been like if I had been raised with Mama and Papa? What significant changes would exist in my life?


Who can answer me, will you try?
The only question I ask is "Why?"
Why is the sky blue?
Why does the rainbow bow?
Why is the night dark and day so bright?
Why is my skin colored black when others' are white?
Who can answer me, will you try?
The only question I ask is "Why?"



Many years ago (10 or so) I fell in love with a guy. It was my first 'real' love and I really fell hard in a ridiculously short period of time. He was a player/liar and deep down I knew that but I decided to look at him through the rose-colored glasses. Now looking back, I think I was in love of the idea of him I had created in my head, ignoring all the red flags. Anyways, our story didn't last that long, maybe about two months before I decided I've had enough. Then the real hell begun as it took me years to get over this heartbreak. Again, looking back, I feel like I just didn't want to let go of the pain, for some reason I was holding onto it all that time. It also created a bad image in my head about men in general and I believed for a long time that I'll never have anything better when it comes to relationships in my life and that being with guys without any commitment is the best.


Personally for me there are many such questions related to Cosmos and the Universe which I always feel that there is so much mystery out there in the space which we may never know, because the other side of the veil can only be explored when we drop this body.

So with that the one question I always have to the Universe is, while there is so much negativity spreading out, but there is equal amount of positive energy being spread out. Or I can also say to a large extent the world is filled with common people, who really do not wish wars, or anything wrong for anyone, largely people are living conscious life, then why does negative still have so much power over the positive energy.


Making decisions is one of the most difficult challenge a person can ever face especially when there are similarities to the choices in front of them. Truth is, we fear the consequences that each of our every choices or decisions might bring and that's why sometimes we're often weary of being in the hot seat to take hold of our lives and make the best decisions for us. But then, the universe is a mystery that'll continue to confuse us the more we try to understand it. We're blessed with the ability to have total dominion of our lives and take responsibility for each and every choices we make but then why isn't it possible for us to see the consequence of our actions or decision upfront before we make them in the first place?


My biggest Question: Why Can't we all unravel what tomorrow holds?

I sincerely wish I can unravel what Tomorrow looks like
I have attended so many Church programs where I see Prophets forsee what tomorrow holds for the congregation in attendance
Imagine such gifts were equitably distributed across places and to people. Personally, I would have love to be blessed with such gifts.



Observation vs Judgement: Do you know the difference?

How do you deal with monsters? How tolerant are you?

Shifting Our Perspective ... Spare A Thought For....

If it sounds too good to be true it probably isn't?...

What is Inner Strength? How do you find it?

What is my hole in the bucket?


Should our governments lie to us to protect us?

What changes would you like to see happen after Covid19

What are you doing to create memories...

What I Am Doing, To Stay Balanced and Positive Whilst on Lockdown</strong

If your were to meet with a wise person/sage what sort of questions would you ask?"

Are you worried about Coronavirus, and what are you doing differently (if anything) since you heard about it?"


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