The 8 Pillars of @TribeSteemUp: Clarification, Refinement, and Re-Casting the Spell

317 days ago I created a container called @TribeSteemUp, with the purpose of supporting, connecting, and inspiring content creators working toward a more peaceful, harmonious, loving world. When i set those first intentions, I had not considered just how powerful a spell I was casting, and now I am here to clarify & refine, reinforce & recharge, to bring more intention & mindfulness to the conduit of energy that has been opened.

I, bearing witness to the lessons of history — that no form of political governance may be relied upon to secure individual rights; that no society based on competition & consumption can live harmoniously with itself or the natural world; that change must always come from the hearts & minds of the people— now therefore establish and provide certain fundamental principles guiding our conduct toward ourselves, toward one another, toward others, and toward the Earth:

FIRST, each individual is the exclusive proprietor of his or her own existence and all products thereof, holding no obligations except those created by consent;

SECOND, no individual or association of individuals, however constituted, has the right to initiate force against any other individual and each individual has the inalienable right of self-defense against the initiation of force;

THIRD, explicit voluntary association is the only means by which binding obligations may be created, and claims based on association or relationships to which any party did not consent are empty and invalid;

FOURTH, rights are neither collective nor additive in character, and no group can possess rights in excess of those belonging to its individual members;

FIFTH, the Earth is not a resource to be exploited, it is a living system, of which we are all pieces, and we must learn to live in harmony & balance with the rest of the system;

SIXTH, animals & plants do not exist to serve humans; they are living things that have their own existence, of which they are the exclusive proprietors;

SEVENTH, the purpose of all human endeavors should be the creation of a more thriving, peaceful, healthy, joyous world for ourselves and to leave for future generations;

EIGHTH, basing our interactions with each other on cooperation, co-creating the world we want to live in and pass on, is key to our success;

This is not a contract (legally binding or otherwise), this is something much more than that, this is a conscious commitment to myself (and any & all higher power[s] I recognize). I hereby declare my commitment to peace, individual sovereignty, cooperation, and respect for the Earth and for all life.

It is with these intentions that I have created the container of @TribeSteemUp, and it is these principles which the community was designed to support & spread. The portal has been opened; abundance, inspiration, and support is pouring through this container, and I dedicate myself to maintaining the alignment of purpose for which this spell was cast.

"I am because we are"

TribeSteemUp Portal.jpg

You may recognize those first four from the Shire Society Declaration, because that's where I got them :-) I discovered that document when I first heard about the Free State Project back in 2013, and it always stuck with me as a great way to set the framework for any list of agreements.

If you're curious about exactly how @TribeSteemUp functions, please visit the recent updates from the account:

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