2020, November

Go Seahawks. Socialism is communism with lipstick on, Sunday the 1st of November of 2020. Lazy Kings Miss Out Monday. Rain. Smoothy. Pizza. Big brother. Bed. Babies for Biden. Landslide vs Big Steal Tuesday. Rain. Dresser. States Being Stolen Wednesday. Stop The Steal Thursday. Music Grass Votes Friday. Joe Biden Wins 2020 Saturday.

Stop The Steal 2020

Siri Says Kamala is President Sunday the 8th. Wood work. Veteran video. Stop the steal caravan starting. Moving Back Branches From The Beach Monday. Trump won. Many ways to victory. Cold vs Covid Tuesday. Chicken. YouTube Was Down Wednesday. Walls. Doors. Working. Alex Jones on Tim Cast Thursday. Minecraft videos. Doors. Pancakes. Alex Jones Sex with Bill Gates Friday. Million MAGA March Saturday.

Star Wars Theory

Joey Santa Clause Sunday the 15th. Four People Got Covid Again Monday. Georgia Stop The Steal. Bad Thought Apples Tuesday. Put up the chicken house roof. Special Session Now Georgia Wednesday. Music Books. Car Blinking Thursday. Good Music Kills Cancer Friday. Batman 1989. I was helping with cleaning up the garden as harvest time is finished. Garden Closing Saturday.

Happy Thanksgiving

Watching The Boys. North Korea Chick Sunday the 22nd. Plan of Globalism Monday. Among Us is Teletubies Playing Clue Tuesday. NY Patriots vs Health Nazis Video Wednesday. Happy Thanksgiving 2020. I watched the Fresh Prince of Bel Air 30th Anniversary Reunion Thursday. People Used to Live Longer Friday. Finished watching through to the end of season 2 of The Boys. Thanksgiving Dinner Saturday.

Goodbye Friend

Georgia Gone Crazy Sunday the 29th. Georgia Hearing. Cambodia Monday.


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November of 2020

Oatmeal Monthly - 2020-11 - November of 2020
Published in November of 2020

Screenshot at 2020-11-26 00:30:19.png

The Boys is a series about super heroes gone Dexter Morgan

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Socialism is communism with lipstick on

2020-11-01 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2020-11-01 23:24:10 Google Trends How Vote Republican.png

Google Trends How Vote Republican

Trump will win 2020 in a massive landslide. Socialism is communism with lipstick on. Hitler was a socialist. Salt and light preserves. We are to be salt and to be light in a corrupt and very dark world. Vote the Bible.

Election Tuesday

Biggest thing happening globally on Tuesday. You can be part of history or miss out. It is a major pivotal point.

Lazy Kings Miss Out

2020-11-02 - Monday

Kermit, how to slap somebody through the Internet.jpeg

How to slap Biden voters through the Internet

They tell kings you cannot whipe your own butt, you cannot walk, we do it for you, the same thing with masks and everything else now, they control kings and people by getting them to give up rights, even kings, Presidents, etc, globally, for thousands of years and even to this day. The Walking Dead in an inversion of reality as the real zombies are the protagonists of the show as they kill the Trump supporters who are seen as walkers to them. They are taught to murder what is popular. See, what is popular spreads like zombie disease from person to person, reality is contagious and will change you forever. TWD encourages humans to stab up those who are different as opposed to locking them up in barns. Kids are voting. Philly Teacher Reveals School Lunch Workers Gave Ballots To Children.

Nobel Peace Prize

Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Price at least 4 times in 2020 and it ends up going to a man who is in bed with China, literally in bed with little Chinese girls, no other than Hunter Biden who is son of Joe who must not concede, said Hillary Clinton, when Trump wins 2020 in a massive landslide. Fake News and Big Tech will invert reality to say Trump lost tomorrow, they'll say we have to count all the mail-in ballots, many which are fake. If a store refuses to let you in without a Covid mask, say you can't because it's a medical condition. If they ask what it is, then they're breaking the law. You can't ask. So, that's a lawsuit. If they refuse to let you in, then that's discrimination which is another lawsuit. Jesse James said people have nothing to do in 2020 on election day thanks to Covid other than vote early as opposed to having to get off work at 5 PM and then vote at the end of the day.

Landslide vs Big Steal

2020-11-03 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-11-03 22:22:51 Babies For Biden.png

Babies For Trump

Trump has at least 274 assuming they don't steal any more than that from Trump which they're trying to do more of. Trumps wins but they're trying to steal it from Trump and that is the tough part. A real weapon takes it times because then you don't see it come up. Terminator films condenses reality into a quick disaster centralized into the essence of Sky Net which is what the Pentagon used to call the Internet back in the 1970's. But a real weapon is more subliminal than what you see in the movies. If Alex Jones was Tommy Oliver, the original green and white Power Rangers, Lee Ann McAdoo would be the original pink ranger, Kimberly.

Biden Did Not Win

Are you ready for fake news to lie and say Biden won tonight? Facebook said I cannot share a photo of Hunter Biden because it exploits children and they're right, Hunter did, Hunter raped underage Chinese girls, not adult women. I would not be surprised if I was banned off Facebook today and you will never know. Trump 320.

States Being Stolen

2020-11-04 - Wednesday

USA Flag upside down means nation in distress El_qAygWoAAHHS9.jpeg

USA Flag upside down means nation in distress

Millions of legal votes were lost while millions of illegal ballots were counted. Election fraud is huge, much bigger in 2020 than it was in 2016. Stolen ballots. Dead people voted. Millions of Trump votes were lost. Children got ballots. United Nations murdered many people in Africa for years, different countries, machine guns, slaughtered men, women, and children. The UN is invading America. Millie Weaver looks at the counties of North Carolina on the interactive electoral college USA map and the counties say 100% of the votes counted but overall, it says NC is 94% reported. Why is it saying 94% instead of 100% when all the counties of NC say 100%?


Muslims push hot women off onto the tracks in Europe right into trains, to their death. How did Minnesota have 5,149,039 votes when they only have 3,588,563 registered voters? Who do you think won, Trump or Biden? The least popular candidate ever, Biden, has the most amount of votes ever, allegedly. DARPA called Facebook the Life Log originally, a governmental tracking program to get around the 4th amendment with. Alex Jones: We're Not Approaching Tyranny, We Are In It. Fox News plans on announcing Biden as the winner as soon as they steal Nevada. People must do everything they can to spread the word of the voter fraud. Trump won in reality bigger than he did in 2016. Go out and celebrate Trump's victory. Let people know Trump won while you still can. You can do it.

Stop The Steal

2020-11-05 - Thursday

Alex Jones as the gay frog EmCeRgpXIAUmF5F.jpeg

Gay Frog Alex Jones

They're STILL VOTING, NOT COUNTING BUT CREATING NEW BALLOTS. Once they take over America, then they take over the world. Trump won Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia. Twitter censored Trump's tweet, "STOP THE FRAUD!" Stop the steal in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan. You can show up in person in these states. Plot Against the President Movie.

Stop The Steal

Democrats are still voting right now. It takes a long time to vote a million more times. Wrote an article about how to stop the steal. Voter fraud evidence is growing in the thousands. Even Satan thought he won until 3 days later, Jesus arose from the dead. They're not counting. They're still voting. They're creating new ballots. Biden got more votes than Obama?

Music Grass Votes

2020-11-06 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-11-06 02:42:25.png

Uphill Battle we all got

Will you save the world or let it burn? They're STILL VOTING, NOT COUNTING BUT CREATING NEW BALLOTS. Biden got more votes than Obama? Joe Biden's lead in Arizona has dropped to less than 39,000 votes but the state still has another 270,000 ballots to count and say they may not finish tallying them up until Sunday.

What will life be like in the 2030's?

We can do a lot to stop the bad things from happening in the future, but ultimately it is up to the will of the people to the extent republics corrode excessively. A republic is a key factor which can allow generally for some private property as opposed to excessive mob-ruling anarchy democracy which is generally controlled through excessive centralized cartel monopolism and more importantly manipulated and co-opt secretly by authoritarian monarch tyranny.

Joe Biden Wins 2020

2020-11-07 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-11-07 19:09:42 These Kids Love Biden and think he won.png

The Gen-Z For Change Podcast - Joe Biden Wins 2020 - These kids love it - 11+hr live stream

Fuck Chinese Biden. They WILL declare Biden the winner. I told you this months ago. But how you do segregate late ballots when the USPS has been caught backdating to make it look like the votes were received before 8 PM election day? Please bow to your new leader, Lord Biden. Count every vote, they're still counting hundreds of thousands of ballots, December 2020 is a deadline many states have for certifying election results. After that, it goes to the electoral college. After that, it goes to another step in January. I encourage the Chinese people to overthrow their evil government and especially Winnie the Pooh! President Harris. Yeah!!!! I'M SO EXCITED. MY FAVORITE MOMMY KING EVER!!!! She is a woman and she is black and she is not orange. Perfect. Those are the three qualities I look in a great leader.

Will We Let Them?

The world is watching. Will we stop the steal or let them destroy America and the world? Each one of us can do something. Stop The Steal. Make some signs. I cannot wait for Overlord Harris to lock us up after Biden dies in December 2020. Naval Commander John Paul Jones, born 1747, during the American Revolutionary War, they asked if he was ready to give up, John replied, "Surrender? I have only begun to fight." His descendant is none other than Legendary Alex Jones, a Internet Commander in this Revolutionary Information War 200 years later. John Paul Jones was fighting a ship three times the size of his ship.

Siri Says Kamala is President

2020-11-08 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2020-11-07 18:49:12.png

79 Days News @ 79Days.News

Russia colluded in 2016. But in 2020, nobody did. Joy Villa asked, "Hey Siri, how young is the President?" Siri: "Kamala Harris was born 56 years ago on Tuesday...." Millions of terrorists are coming to storm the White House. If you want to legalize drugs and have healthcare for all, then you end up paying for drug addicts who end up in the hospital. The best health care plan is water and exercise. Like Britney Spears likes to say in her one song, get to work, you bunny. America will become worse than Venezuela. President Biden is a puppet. He does what he is told by our overlords. Bill Gates says lockdown will continue globally for the next ten years into 2030. Many terrorists went to the White House. But like Occupy Wall Street, more and more of them will continue to come and come and come some more and will not stop coming if they're not stopped. They are storming the White House, that's the plan. Millions of them is the plan.

Why is economics so complicated?

You know what makes economics so complicated? Socialism. Take that one factor out and it becomes a Kindergarten Course. Avril Lavigne just called, she wants her song back. America Died yesterday with Biden winning. Will you come to the funeral? The Chinese people were conditioned for 5,000 years. Britains were conditioned as well. Fox News suspended Jeanine Pirro for speaking truth. They counted 94 percent and then like an hour later after counting so many, it was up or actually down to 90 percent. People from the Civil War voted Biden, that's how popular he is. More 90 years old registered to vote in PA in 2020 than are alive, just to vote for Biden, that's how hot our next President is. We don't want a recount, we want a revote.

Moving Back Branches From The Beach

2020-11-09 - Monday

Screenshot at 2020-11-03 09:01:58 Kaitlin Bennett.png

Check out Liberty Hangout

Too many globalist don't think enough steps ahead, maybe three steps at the most in too many cases regarding the power they want as opposed to the larger picture of what ends up happening, that's the good news for people who do think ahead and you can join us and think ahead and act now while you still can and be part of history if you want. "Dad, you're almost right," she remarked to Alex Jones as a tear dropped from her eye. Trump Accountability Project is seeking after arresting Trump Supporters, etc, all of them, for spreading fake news, etc. First, they'll imprison Trump and then everybody else. If you're not wearing a mask, you're going to a dungeon, buddy. Please celebrate Biden's victory, no need for social distancing any longer, Covid is a Biden Supporter. Why do I listen to Infowars & Alex Jones? Because they're the tip of the spear, tomorrow's news today.

Google Trends

According to Google Analytics, there have been record-breaking thousands per state of never before seen searches such as what are the penalties, consequences, and what are the prison/jail time, for voter fraud, 3 search terms for example, in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, etc. President Biden, according to his commission, will never ever open back up the economy, will take your guns, lockdown forever, taxes going up, regulations going up, land grabs, no borders, sex taught to children by force, Christianity banned forever, privacy ended, private property banned, etc, etc, etc, etc, for the United States and the world after that, are you excited? Trump is going to prison for releasing Covid to the world, Trump is a murderer, I love Biden, I am his slave, I wear a mask for Biden, my Lord & Savior, if he says jump, I say how high. Come join me and do nothing. Stop reading and do nothing. In one minute, you will forget about this post here. Thank you so much for NOT reading this post right here. Please do NOT read what you are reading. Thank you so much for not thinking. I am happy you have no brain. I love you so much, I cannot wait to take your children from you. Your kids do NOT belong to you. We will take all your money and all your things. Have a nice day.

Cold vs Covid

2020-11-10 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-11-10 11:33:01 More Voters Than Eligible.png

More Voters Than Eligible

Even the common cold is deadlier than Covid-19. Trump won and is winning. Many ways to win 2020. Roger Stone talked about that during the second hour of the Alex Jones Show Tuesday.

Biden Wasn't Eligible to Run

Trump must declare victory, Biden forfeited from being qualified from running for U.S. President in 2020 in the first place, Biden must go to prison for too many crimes, treason, espionage, collusion, etc. Trump won already by default, the Biden votes don't count, must be thrown out, Biden was not allowed to run according to the law, Trump and others must talk about this. Trump mentioned it a few times but must talk about it more.

YouTube Was Down

2020-11-11 - Wednesday

1775-04-18 - British Are Coming - EmlNA94XcAAIg-X.png

18th Century Censorship

305 to 315 is what Trump may get. Trump won. Biden lost. You can ignore the link below this post by Facebook which is fake news, Facebook is not your mommy, go get your own brain. I told you this before. Saturday morning, be at the park near the White House. No matter what country you're in right now, you must come. There was no voter fraud. The Times called officials in very state. "Was there any voter fraud in your state?" "Nope." "Oh ok, thank you." Hey, it's not like calling up bank robbers, "Were there any bank robberies around here?" "Nope." "Oh ok, thank you." OAN says Trump 311.

Stop The Steal

Patriots must go to DC ASAP. Ignore the illegal suggestions which they're not enforcing. Remember, the left are already there doing God knows what and they're not required to do those same suggestions. Biden, I mean Harris, I mean Pelosi, I mean Hillary, is Not My President. "Always remember they're coming after me because I'm fighting for you." Trump. 46th U.S. President Alex Jones. See the first hour of his show today for more info. America is not a democracy nor should it be. Major internet providers have been out today, AT&T, Comcast, Spectrum, Verizon. Ticket Master to require you to get a Covid test before you can see a concert, etc. Trump Jr 2024 after 8 years of Trump Sr.

Alex Jones on Tim Cast

2020-11-12 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-11-12 11:43:42 Election Results.png

Facebook does this

OAN says Trump 311. You'll watch billions of people die before your very eyes, because you chose not to fight evil, it is your fault, there are consequences for your choices. Never return to normal is the plan. is that what you want, folks?

Covid Again & Again

Covid comes back again and again. You get it. You get better. You get it again. You get better. Meanwhile, contract tracing is going after you. In regards to Covid Lockdown, to allegedly keeping the world safe, they say they have a dial they can turn up and down in order to control and manage humanity. This includes global depopulation in the name of stopping climate change. You must die so we can a tree. Hug the trees. Save the whales. Only you can prevent forest fires says Smokey The Bear.

Alex Jones Sex with Bill Gates

2020-11-13 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-11-13 23:58:45 Alex Jones Banned off Tim Pool But Agreed With Bill Gates.png

Alex Jones Banned off Tim Pool But Agreed With Bill Gates

Trump won legally speaking which means we don't need to count the votes again or have another election or any other number of things. Can elections be held again? Maybe. But that is not the only question to be asked. Trump wins by default because Biden belongs in prison. Biden is not qualified legally to run meaning Trump ran against nobody which means Trump wins because you cannot lose to nobody. But Biden also got many fake votes. Also, millions of real Trump votes were lost. So, many different things happened good and bad. Alex Jones DELETED for agreeing with Bill Gates, there should be firing squads, AKA vaccines, depopulation to lower our carbon footprint to stop climate change.

Thou Shalt Not Say The Name

Rand Paul said a name and YouTube banned any CSPAN, Fox, etc, video mentioning that name. Vote dilution means rights violated. Alex Jones did NOT say he wanted to kill Bill Gates, he made an analogy which flew over your head. Alex compared how vaccines kill children to how a firing squad kills people. It was a comparison, a contrast, Tim Pool, why is that so hard to understand? Bill Gates wants to kill you, it's called global depopulation, agenda 2030.

Million MAGA March

2020-11-14 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-11-14 02:00:39 God Tweet Satan Fact Check.png

Fact Check: Did God Really Say That?

Over 80 million Americans voted Trump 2020, under 70M for that other guy, Biden. Eric Ciaramella can get you banned if you say it. Imagine a world where government reads your private mail. Imagine no longer. They're censoring election fraud links sent in private messages on Facebook, on phones, etc. This is worse than dead fish in Vietnam several years ago. November 14th, 2020 will be celebrated as the second American Revolution, the second 1776, for centuries to come.

March For Trump

Local media said some roads will be closed in DC due to traffic issues. What they didn't tell you was why. It's because of the million march for Trump today. Live coverage is all over YouTube right now. Over a million real Americans were in DC today. We made history today. The pictures and videos of DC today reminds me of Newsies.

Joey Santa Clause

2020-11-15 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2020-11-15 10:09:31.png

Star Wars Theory can be found on YouTube

The most unexplored place in the world may be China. If we can help the Chinese people free themselves from bad government, then we could all go there and explore this ocean of undiscovered treasures.

Four People Got Covid Again

2020-11-16 - Monday

Screenshot at 2020-11-16 22:28:05 Sarah Palin.png

Sarah Palin is still a hottie 12 years later

Out of the over 53 million people who got Covid-19, four people got it again. Not 4 million. Just one, two, three, four. Way over a million people at DC around the White House on Saturday, the 14th of November of 2020. In real life, humans would neutralize the zombie threat within days. The Walking Dead promotes a myth of human failure. In reality, people overcome obstacles. In makes for great television but tricks us into feeling like people suck. People do not suck. Innovation comes during the darkest storms of humanity. Killing to stop the spread of Covid, I mean zombies.

Trump Won 2020

Trump got way over 80 million votes, Biden got way less than 70 million votes. Ten years worth of Agenda 2030 is being accelerated ten times towards being complete in 2021 and that is the good news in that patriots globally are the ones panicking the globalists into pushing the red button which exposes them even more and more as time goes on and on, things are moving at a faster pace each day towards the new world order (NWO), a one world government which is all about control, depopulation, etc. The Soros connected voting machines used in 2020 were used in Venezuela in 2004.

Bad Thought Apples

2020-11-17 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-11-17 10:54:44 Agenda 2030 in 2015.png

Agenda 2030 in 2015

The 17 goals of Sustainable Development Agenda was adopted into Agenda 2030 by all UN Member States in 2015 including the U.S. via Obama without the consent of Congress and is all about global tyranny in order keep all humans safe and everything. It includes carbon taxes and depopulation. Are you excited for this? They say Covid is an opportunity to accelerate this agenda for humanity.

Bad Thought Apples

Bad thoughts are like apples falling in your head daily, you can't stop them or erase them. Don't get mad when the thoughts hit your head. Instead, hold up your hands to block them and get out of the way and focus on the path ahead.

Special Session Now Georgia

2020-11-18 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-11-18 21:02:53 Enemies.png

Our Enemies

Special Session Now Georgia. Globalism is about turning over national sovereignty to multinational corporations and especially to the United Nations. Joe Biden is listed as a Class A Felon in Ukraine. Some ballots were run through the voting machines 4 times at least in Michigan, that means a single vote counted multiple times. In other words, that's like I get to vote many times in the election for example. This happened thousands of times at least in 2020 alone. There's a difference between voter fraud and election fraud. The United Nations failed at taking over the United States in the 1960's. If you study history, you can see the things they were trying to sneak in. Patriots rose up and fought back and won.

CNN Counting Votes

They were counting the votes in a CNN building in Georgia, is CNN allowed to do that? Democratic leader Vernon Jones spoke at Stop The Steal in Georgia and promotes the right we have to fight for our rights, for transparent elections, for law and order, for free markets, freedoms, private property rights, and I agree with him. If lockdowns worked, why would we need to lockdown again? If lockdowns didn’t work, why should we lockdown again? Put up the roof today to the chicken house.

Car Blinking

2020-11-19 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-11-19 21:16:11.png

Stop the steal or no time to heal

A car is ahead in a race by an entire mile, the lights blink out for a second, suddenly the other cars are a mile ahead of that car and they win. Sounds pretty legit to me. Why isn't anybody in the new 34+35 Ariana Grande music video wearing masks and yet all the people behind the scenes, as shown at the end of the video, are wearing masks? Are you excited about the Great Recess? Time Magazine said the Economic Forum article here does not exist.


You can also upload videos to rumble . com which is competing with YouTube. Will you celebrate Thanksgiving or will you choose to follow the law instead? Trump has 232, Biden 227, currently, in reality, at a minimum. A robot guards the governor mansion in Georgia. If they're able to steal it. But it will be a thing that will hurt the world like nothing else. The whole world should come to DC and stop it because it will cause billions of people to die.

Good Music Kills Cancer

2020-11-20 - Friday

2020-11-21 - Saturday - 12:00 PM - Stop The Steal USA - EnUF9wuXMAACBsG.jpeg

Check out Stop The Steal . US

Good music kills cancer. Fact. Georgia guide stones. Plato said thousands of years ago, there are too many people, we have to kill most of them. If some of the leftist foot soldiers literally think Trump is Hitler, then of course they would do anything to stop that Nazi including engage in mass election fraud. A man took the public voting information off the Pennsylvania government website and onto an Excel spreadsheet. He published what he found in a video on Tik Tok. Double-blinded studies have proven masks only make things much worse.

Living Life With No Arms

Most people cannot imagine what life would be like without two arms and the same can be said about living life without freedom. Imagine Joe Biden knocking on your door, knock knock. Who's there? Joe. What? Joe who? Joe your hoe from the government and I'm here to help. We'll just cut off your arms. Don't worry, you won't feel a thing. The bad news, you won't have arms any longer. The good news, you won't be able to shoot your brains out any longer. You'll be safe. You'll thank us later. Trump should grant immunity for election fraud witnesses. Come forward and you will not be prosecuted. Trump must come out and let the world know yesterday all of this. Trump should encourage people to come forward.

Garden Closing

2020-11-21 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-11-21 20:40:37 Gina Shakespeare.png

Gina Shakespeare is beautiful and smart

Did you know when you try to cite things, Facebook tries to stop you? Did nationalism cause the first world war? The answer is no but globalists want you to think that so you'll be happy when they get rid of it. Legally, Twitter is a digital service. More on that later.

Last Election Ever?

If BOB is able to BEAL 2020, then that will likely be the last BELECTION ever for the BAWORLD as millions of illegal aliens are then flooded in and as BATYRANNY accelerates. They're now openly bragging that the Covid Lockdown Scam was a pretext to crush the global economy.

North Korea Chick

2020-11-22 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2020-11-22 23:38:29.png

Watching The Boys

People conflate comparison with similarity. Can we please NOT talk about what happened twenty years ago between Gore and Bush? Over 90% of communication is on big tech, that is Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, talk about a monopoly, cell phones and landlines only account for less than 10% just a year ago.

Buggy Man Covid

The buggy man is less than ten percent of one percent and yet we hide under the bed. Life expectancy was not 30 years thousands of years ago.

Plan of Globalism

2020-11-23 - Monday

Screenshot at 2020-11-23 23:39:28 Klaus Schwab.png

Plan of Globalism

Some of the vaccines are weaponized cancer viruses. Almost 100K more votes than ballots were cast in Nevada alone in 2020. Liberty Ladies of Texas. 59 people died from the vaccine already in Singapore. The vaccine goes into the nucleus to reprogram your DNA.

Among Us is Teletubies Playing Clue

2020-11-24 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-11-25 01:22:04.png

A second wave is a based on a false positive explains Dr. Michael Yeadon in the banned dot video

Among Us is Teletubies Playing Clue. That's the game. Many people will be having many people over for Thanksgiving against alleged laws. Forced vaccination upon babies, children, adults, and the elderly, if Biden sneaks in. Big gun taxes if Biden gets in. They're trying to steal PA for Biden in 2020. If there are more than six people at your house, Kate Brown will crawl up from under your bed and skin you alive just in time for Turkey Day.

Thanksgiving in Prison

You may be in jail for 30 days for celebrating Thanksgiving 2020 in the United States. Fun version of house rules Skip-Bo. We both takes turns at the same time. I made a video talking about how Among Us is Teletubbies playing Clue and Mafia. I also made a video talking about the history of prohibition which includes the overlords trying to ban alcohol, drugs, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, books, people, good ideas, and now as of 2020 our faces even.

NY Patriots vs Health Nazis Video

2020-11-25 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-11-25 16:59:17 NY Patriots vs Health Nazis Video.png

NY Patriots vs Health Nazis Video

The United Nations (U.N.) estimated, 230+ million (M) people are on the verge of starvation globally due to Covid. Actually thanks to lockdown because Covid doesn't stop you from eating but no work means no money which means no food which means you die. Also, the UN estimated, 100M over the 15M average will starve to death in 2021. These are the new numbers the UN just released. The previous numbers they put out was 36M. If Biden wins in 2021, the world will die. The whole entire world. Even more people will commit suicide. Plus many other things. It will be very bad. I'm warning you now in 2020. Watch out. If you care about the future, it is your choice. But you will regret not trying your best. You'll have to live with that regret. Chinese woman is saying America is becoming China. If you say the wrong word, you can be fired for example, Lisa Haven talked about this. Nerdrotic said, "I think the 99% is better than the 95%." That is the recovery rate versus an alleged remedy to the zombie virus. I'm not very good at math but I think the bigger number is better than the smaller number. Bill Gates said something bigger than Covid is coming soon.

Rocks & Judges

Judges are pitted between a rock and a hard place as they decide how they can make sure Trump loses 2020 but without making the bias look too obvious. Judges are pressured, death threats, etc, to make sure Biden is seated in 2021. Rock & roll. They're counting cold viruses as Covid. When doctors expose this, big tech ban them and their videos. Over 200,000 calls in MA of people snitching on their neighbors, turning in their neighbors over a patented disease which was created as an excuse for a great reset. The FBI, CIA, etc, tried setting up Trump supporters in 2020 to take a Russian bate so they can lock them up for collusion, they would offer the patriots thousands of dollars, they asked thousands of people and nobody took the bate because patriots don't cheat like leftists do. Ted Turner used to say he wanted to depopulate the humans by 80% but now says 95%. They pay for textbooks which teaches children to hate themselves.

I watched the Fresh Prince of Bel Air 30th Anniversary Reunion

2020-11-26 - Thursday

Home Alone 2 - Mal, Trump.jpeg

Home Alone 2 was trending on Twitter on the evening of Thanksgiving 2020

Happy Thanksgiving. Biden got more votes than Obama, that's kind of racist. They counted more votes during the spikes than were manually possible meaning it was digitally inserted and not added individually. Know Your Customer (KYC) is a bad thing which can damage humans in Venezuela. Why didn't glitches take any of the BUHBIDEN BUHVOTES and turn them into BUHTRUMP BUHVOTES? Why was it only the other way around?

The Boys

Homelander gives his 8 year old son a phone and says it is crazy he doesn't have one already. The boy said he has nobody to call. Kids don't really need phones. Who was the greatest superhero of all time? Who was Pippi Longstocking?

People Used to Live Longer

2020-11-27 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-11-27 16:56:38.png

United Nations are monsters

Why is cancer and autism on the rise? In short, it is due to exposure to GMO, geoengineering, vaccines, bad medicine, drugs, radiation, technology, junk food, fluoride in water, microwaves, music sound waves, etc, etc. They've been working on the Covid vaccine since at least 2010. It was even listed under the World Bank as the Covid-19 Vaccine back in 2018. Before that, patents regarding using it on pigs. When you read these patents, it says it can also be used on humans as well. Bill Gates was already run out of 22 countries for vaccine-related murder which includes that of Polio especially which is ironically mentioned in a new inverted Dexter Morgan style super heroes TV show called The Boys. If you didn't have Thanksgiving with many people, you suck.

Thanksgiving is a Crime

They will interrogate their own elementary students regarding how many people they had over for Thanksgiving. Why were they making Covid-19 vaccines before 2010, that is ten years ago? Why doesn't Bill Gates take 100+ vaccines which he tries to force you to take? Why don't they take the same vaccines they finance? He said you can drink Round-Up. The other guy said, Go ahead." Then he said, "Oh no, that would kill me." The new Covid vaccines which are being tested in Texas and 4 other states in November 2020 were already developed by January 2020 before Covid was on the radar. Anyone who did Thanksgiving over Zoom is a loser. People you think died of Covid did NOT die of Covid. 99% people recover from Covid and we all have Covid.

Thanksgiving Dinner Today

2020-11-28 - Saturday

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Season 3 of the Boys will probably have Victoria as the main Super Villain

Fun fact, Biden only beat 2016 Hillary Clinton's records in a total of four cities in all of America, only 4 of them and yet more votes than Obama or any President ever. I finished watching through to the end of season two of The Boys.

Georgia Gone Crazy

2020-11-29 - Sunday

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Judge orders election officials in Georgia to destroy thumb drives before Monday the 30th of November of 2020

Political commentator Candace Owens sues fact checkers | tired of being censored Twitter, Facebook. The Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe, didn't implement Marxism overnight but rather over the course of 20 years. He was the president there from 1987 to 2017. He used to identify himself as a nationalist in the 1980's but as a Marxist and a socialist in the 1990's. At one point, their money inflated by 250 million percent. That was the inflation rate. 2020 Election Theft is the biggest theft since 1824 said Gingrich. George Washington lost in the first five of the six year war.

Georgia Gone Crazy

Georgia Judge made a ruling and then reversed it a few hours later. Their plan is to erase the Trump votes on the thumb drives in the election office which is inside a CNN building in Atlanta, Georgia, on Monday, the 30th of November, 2020. The judge just ruled saying they must do this. Dominion counted votes in foreign countries. Early in 2020, they said millions of people would die of Covid but that did NOT happen. Stupid people forget this. They cannot remember what they were told.


2020-11-30 - Monday

Screenshot at 2020-11-30 11:02:17 New York Post headline: WHO warns against COVID-19 lockdowns due to economic damage.png

New York Post headline: WHO warns against COVID-19 lockdowns due to economic damage

China is saying America will be over by 2023 A.D. Covid Lockdown means thousands die due to cancer care being delayed. What will you in February of 2021 when Trump is still your President? Why are there more ballots than there are envelopes? Because of election fraud 2020. What is Brian Kemp doing to Georgia? Military ballots come in a different format which voting machines can't read. They have to be converted. Is Dominion saying computers cannot be hacked online? ABC News headline: Covid could push 265 million people to starvation if action not taken: UN. New York Post headline: WHO warns against COVID-19 lockdowns due to economic damage. UN official: COVID-19 lockdowns see rise in domestic violence. Why did they deny observers? What are they hiding?


36,000 people in Arizona were on a federal list, people who couldn't really prove they were eligible to vote. How many of them voted in 2020? Why is Fox News not covering the hearing live in Arizona right now? Why are there decimal points added to vote tallies? 150K+ people are watching Arizona live on the Internet right now. Why? Biden lost 212 more counties than Obama did in 2012 (Biden won 477 counties vs Obama who won 689). Headline reads: Disney World Economics: How Coronavirus Could Be Used to Justify a Global Financial Reset. PROOF: Democrat Operatives Paid Native Americans to Vote in Nevada with Gift Cards. Confirmed: The Number of 'Indefinitely Confined' Wisconsin Voters Who Can Vote without IDs Increased from 60,000 in 2016 to over 200,000 in 2020. Blockchain technology can prevent voter fraud and election fraud.

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