2020, June

Bill Till Garden. Facebook Friend Requests Monday the first of June of 2020. Burning Down America Tuesday. Mail Box Ivanka Swamp Wednesday. LBJ Nigger UN Hotep Thursday. Covid Hoax Friday. Learned Helplessness Trash Trailer Saturday.

Evil JFK Tuesday

Let Them Destroy Your Future Sunday the 7th. Scanning. Bird Steals Monday. Good vs JFK Tuesday. Barney Gates Wednesday. Antifastan Seattle Thursday. Bible Study. Mom cane. Killing Trump & You Friday. Ancestry website. Black Lives Matter Michael Jackson Saturday.

Black Babies Matter Wednesday

Chaz Seattle Cop Woman Sunday the 14th. Fuller House Monday. Defining Oatmeal Tuesday. Black Babies Matter Wednesday. Free Donuts Thursday. Snow Piercer Friday. Clams 1. Voting RED RED Saturday.

Confronting Globalism

Clams 2. Crowding Brains on Sunday the 21st. Goodwill Mask Monday. Pressure washing oyster bags. We Cant Breathe Dot News Tuesday. Smokey Bear Fake News Clam Tilling Wednesday. Investment Advice Thursday. Mario Monopoly Friday and day 1 of 16 at that place. Value Liberty Saturday. Zoolander 2 Sunday. Avril Lavigne Monday. Girl Meets World Tuesday.


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June of 2020

Oatmeal Monthly - 2020-06 - June of 2020
Published 06:50 PM, Sunday, the 12th of July of 2020

Screenshot at 2020-06-23 03:42:41.png

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Facebook Friend Requests

2020-06-01 - Monday

HOMELESS MAN Screenshot at 2020-06-01 12:47:03.png

Racist black men beat up white guys. I saw the videos today. Where are the videos of whites killing blacks? I'm married to Oatmeal Jesus. Globalists picked China to be dominant in the future. People are invading America. They are not even AMERICANS. Facebook Friend Requests.

Haircuts Bad Terrorism Good

More cops responded to people getting haircuts than cops responded to terrorists murdering police and burning down buildings in America in 2020.

Burning Down America

2020-06-02 - Tuesday

CRIME STATS Screenshot at 2020-06-02 20:53:32.png

Before July 2020, they're trying to stage mass shootings of blacks by white nut jobs. Are you going to fall for it? Will you just let it happen? That's coming before July of 2020 or as soon as they can make it happen, unless if we do all we can. Acme Bricks, owned by Bill Gates and this other person, was sending bricks to over 20 American cities the past few days. Apple browser remote-controlled. Kill the police playlists. Apple pushing the race wars to burn down America in 2020.

Alex Jones Burning Down Homeless Camps

They ask Alex Jones if he burned down a homeless camp. He did not but Twitter said he did. Twitter put it at the top a trending page that Infowars is burning down camps. Facebook terminates accounts without notice. Facebook did this to me in 2010. It may have nobody that did it apart from the algorithm. This kind of problem happens on Microsoft, Apple, Android, mostly, and that is why I use Ubuntu to minimize my exposure to viruses, hacks, etc.

Mail Box Ivanka Swamp

2020-06-03 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-06-02 20:54:31.png

According to the United Nations and others, over 30 million people WILL WILL WILL die before 2021, globally, because of the shutdown, because of the supply chain breaking, thank you so much Bill Gates for murdering millions of people, thousands each day, right now, each second, thank you so much for killing people, not just George Floyd but others too. We love to murder people.

Blackout Tuesday

Apple participated in Blackout Tuesday. But you can still access your library. But we will take over your device to make you listen to Fuck the Police Playlists without your permission because we want cities to burn, you're welcome. We want to get you used to the tyranny, our ability to remote access or hack into your computers, phones, devices, not just to spy on you but to censor your private messages and control what you can and cannot say and do.

Trump Family Bad

Jared Kutcher is in bed, literally, quite literally, fucking and molesting and having sex with Tim Apple Cook. Jared is a main swamp creature that is stabbing President Donald John Trump in the back. That is why he is so serious and awkward. He is deceptive. Ivanka is a swamp creature. Trump needs to imprison his own daughter for trying to conquer America for the globalists. Mail Box.

LBJ Nigger UN

2020-06-04 - Thursday

LBJ Screenshot at 2020-06-04 14:00:19.png

Two-step program. First, use Covid-19 as an excuse to lockdown the world in order to break supply chains to cause hundreds of millions of people to die in 2020 and, second, to help these millions of people flood into the United States as they are trying to survive certain death in order to control them and get them to vote Democrat so they can vote Trump out and take over America even more.

Retarded Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan says bad things. Joe Rogan says cops are bad but terrorists are killing people. How could Joe Rogan be that dumb or that evil? So-called American soldiers are bowing to communists meaning they are not real patriots of the United States but traders. We should remove fake military who summit to globalism.

United Nations Plan

The plan, headed by Obama and others, is to create chaos so that people beg for help from the United Nations to take over America and the UN has many troops and headquarters already all over the United States of America right now and for years, thousands of UN soldiers, right now and for years, ready to take over the USA.

Covid Hoax

2020-06-05 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-06-05 21:35:54.png

They're bringing back Covid. That is the plan. It's a hoax in many ways. You can expose the fraud or let it murder your children, your choice, good luck. Bill Gates has Watches for tracking but also bandages with little broken glass that embeds into the skin with tracking tech in it and it stays in your body for years. Vaccines are alleged keys to ever-changing virus locks which means the keys become outdated too quickly to even imagine on top of the other things they include in the vaccines that would leave your head spinning.


Learned Helplessness Trash Trailer

2020-06-06 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-06-06 05:32:12.png

Globalists boil us frogs to get us to not fight back even when we can win. You can choose to let their psychotic games paralyze your soul by doing nothing. That means they win. All you have to do is stop reading and do nothing. Don't write about this. Don't talk to people about this. Just let Bill Gates fry you. Pretend that everything is fine. That's learned helplessness. America is a service economy and they are removing the service. Attending funerals was illegal in 2020 because of the Covid Lockdown and yet people went on to attend the George Floyd Funeral, what the fuck? Trash Trailer.

Joey Clones

I dare you to make accounts, pages, groups, etc, whatever you want, using my Oatmeal Joey Arnold photos, etc, and please tag me in them. Please steal my photos, etc. I'm JoeyArnoldVN.

Basketball Politics

1776 American Founding Fathers established the two party system and it is a philosophy, a template, like two teams playing against each other. The point of how having the Red Republicans and the Blue Democrats is to help debate ideas through the template like two teams playing against each other. In some ways, each player could be their own party but instead of playing a game of 21 where everybody plays against everybody as in ten teams versus ten teams or twenty teams or however many political parties or teams there may be at a given time, instead you got parties choosing to play on the red team or the blue team to battle the other side. But it is a template or a way of dealing with different parties in a simple way. That can be better in many ways and a caller from Brazil called in and agreed. Having too many parties or teams can be like anarchy. Attending funerals is illegal to attend, well unless if it's for George.

Liberty Hangout TV

Let Them Destroy Your Future

2020-06-07 - Sunday

SOROS SONIC COVER Screenshot at 2020-06-07 15:27:39.png

Just like they got rid of diving boards off swimming pools in America in the 1980's, all over the United States, they are trying to remove cops, sheriffs, police, via the liability thing.


Leftists, globalists, and others, are using the Covid Lockdown and the race wars to divide and conquer so that they can destroy and then therefore take over the USA as they have been taking over other countries and they have done it before.

Academic Papers

1961, they wrote in academic papers that they would have terminals, like an Internet of things, a way to monitor people and then to control people. That is when they were declassifying those papers, those plans. They also talked about living in water hooked up to machines as seen in the film, The Matrix, and they talked about that decades before the 1990's and Hollywood was simply revealing their plans to us to either wake us up to it or to get us to not care about it.

Sunrise Movement

Bird Steals

2020-06-08 - Monday

BIRD STEALS Screenshot at 2020-06-07 01:14:07.png

Hotep Jesus. Scott Adams. Alex Jones. Mike Cernovich. Big news. I get my politics and news at Banned Dot Video. You can do it too. You can go there and get breaking news decades in advance.

Murdering Africa

Bill Gates is going back to Africa to continue murdering millions and millions of black people via deadly vaccines. Let's not say anything about that because we don't want to stand up to Bully Wild Bill. We are couch potatoes. We never do nothing. You're lazy. Good for you.

Riding to Mars

Good vs JFK

2020-06-09 - Tuesday

YOUTUBE CENSORSHIP Screenshot at 2020-06-10 00:16:08.png
Banning Infowars

Globalists were tricking John F. Kennedy into taking the second amendment, our guns, our firearms, either absolutely or to a degree, and people wanted to stop him. Bad people wanted JFK dead and they got JFK to do some bad in the same ways the elites get Trump to do bad things. Some of the people involved in murdering JFK may have been good people and yet even they were being used by the globalists who wanted JFK gone. Same thing with Trump. Globalists want good people to kill Trump as well. Trump has done some good but it may not be good enough and we should do all we can to help local government and in educating people via articles, memes, videos, comments, emails, word of mouth, phone calls, letters, etc.

Homosexual Obama

Obama has always been homosexual and he is a pure sociopath. Not a psychopath but a sociopath.

Flowers Blooming

Barney Gates

2020-06-10 - Wednesday

Bill Gates Screenshot at 2020-06-10 19:54:18.png
My Father The Purple Dinosaur, Barney Gates

The media tells us what to think instead of telling us to think. 375 million interactions between cops and Americans each year and the majority of the interactions are positive interactions. Bill Gates numbers 23 times higher in 2020 than what really happened for Covid and Lockdown is murdering millions of people right now. In the 1900's, in China, they took down statues of Mary and put up statues of Mao instead. They had Chinese children march around like soldiers murdering millions of other Chinese people all over China for years in China, in that country in Asia.

NWO Plan

Globalists continue to do what they do to take over the world, to rule the world through corporations as the rulers, presented as communism on the outside but being of fascism in actuality.


Sadly, FDA bullies smaller businesses to minimize competition for Big Pharma, corporations, etc, as they take over the world to the extent we let them and they never stop trying to take over more and more from your children for years to come.

Playing Piano

Antifastan Seattle

2020-06-11 - Thursday

SUNRISE GIRL Screenshot at 2020-06-11 17:25:04.png
SUNRISE Sofie Karasek

Hail Raz of ANTIFAstan, Seattle. When saints refuse to rule, devils take over. That's happening in Seattle right now. When you do nothing, monsters replace you. That's right, you're valuable when you're exercising your gifts. Many hospitals in the United States of America in 2020 are following the United Nations (U.N.) as the UN orders them to murder people by doing certain things that is proven to kill people. It's too evil to fail and too horrible to admit they believe. They believe you will do nothing because of how scary it sounds. So terrible that it feels like it is not real and yet it is.

Covid Hospitals

Doctors and nurses are murdering people in hospitals in 2020. There are videos of this. They blame it on the 2019 Novel Corona Virus. Globalists and others have been infiltrating hospitals and other places for decades. They use Covid-19 as an excuse to increase tyranny and everything. A nurse shot video of some of this. You can pretend I didn't say this because YOU love it when people die. Don't tell anybody this secret that we are worse than Hitler's NAZI Germany. Medical technocracy tyranny, the doctors and nurses follow what the computers tell them to do with the machines, the medicine doses, the combinations, and everything, and you would not believe who program those computers, those programs. SUNRISE Sofie Karasek is one of the ANTIFA-like controllers.

Playing Piano
Making a Path
Finding Strength

Killing Trump & You

2020-06-12 - Friday

SJW BREAKING BAD Screenshot at 2020-06-12 13:20:05.png
SJW Breaking Bad Jesse Says Sorry

They will kill Trump and then kill you. Please don't tell anybody the following, it doesn't matter how much time you spend on Facebook because what really matters is knowing just one thing. People will never care how much you know until they know how much you care. Robert E. Lee hated slavery and was fighting for state rights in the United States of America in the 1800's.

Engineered Culture Wars

Globalists have been engineering this for years to get too many people dependent on the state, to activate terrorism, to trigger civil wars, race wars, culture wars. Globalists try to turn America into a fail state like they did to Syria and Ukraine. Cooking globalism instead of cooking us frogs hahahhaa.

Become a Banned Video Content Creator

Black Lives Matter Michael Jackson

2020-06-13 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-06-13 11:22:04.png
Did they murder Black Lives Matter Michael Jackson?

China is a fascist corptocracy. Joe Rogan said he has known Alex Jones since 1998. Joe Rogan said he thinks Alex is wrong about some things but totally right about a bunch of things. This is what Joe Rogan was saying on his show, number 1131, which aired on the 13th of June of 2018. "I'm kind of retarded." Alex Jones.

Equality From Morality

Equality can be recognized from a perspective of objective morality. Outside of that, subjectivity can lead an individual towards adopting the views that Hitler had regarding pruning people via force.

Justin Bieber - This is My Baby
Looking Forward

Chaz Seattle Cop Woman

2020-06-14 - Sunday

CHAZ COP CHICK Screenshot at 2020-06-15 00:18:44.png
Chaz Seattle Cop Woman

The left tear down statues of George Washington but won't even touch statues dedicated to Satan. Why are more people allergic to more things now than ever before in history? You can ask Bill Gates that question. Please don't Google me. Thank you! I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. Don't copy and paste that into a search engine. Don't lookup my name, Joeyarnoldvn. Don't think about it. Don't be a curious cat. Thank you so much for not searching my name on Google, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, Bing, MSN, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or other websites, other places, etc, etc.

Peanut Allergy

People would get allergic to peanuts because some vaccines had peanuts in them. As leftists try to abolish police, what happens next is fascism where military police, run by the United Nations, comes in to take over the United States by force, that is the plan.

Stepping Up

Fuller House

2020-06-15 - Monday

Screenshot at 2020-06-15 04:26:21.png

Was the United Nation a major contributor and a major engineer of the the Covid Hoax? The answer is of course.

American Fascism

As leftists try to abolish police, what happens next is fascism where military police, run by the United Nations, comes in to take over the United States by force, that is the plan. Fuller House has 4th-wall jokes.

Playing With Fate
Fated Success

Defining Oatmeal

2020-06-16 - Tuesday

SAV SAY Screenshot at 2020-06-16 14:24:12.png
Have you been to banned.video?

The United Nations said that over 100 million people are starving to death globally, because people stay at home which means no money. If you don't got money, how do buy food? If you don't have food, can you live or will you die?

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter unless if they're babies, cops, or killing each other on the streets, right?

Who is Oatmeal Joey Arnold?

Black Babies Matter

2020-06-17 - Wednesday

Black Babies Matter Screenshot at 2020-06-17 20:35:09.png

Black baby lives matter. 50 million black babies are killed annually. Black cops are killed. Many black people are killed in Chicago by other black people.

Covid Hoax

Many Americans hate contact tracing and are refusing to download those apps onto their phones. However, at the same time, Apple and others utilizes contact tracing software and other things inside phones, devices, computers, laptops, appliances, cars, smart devices, etc.

Fighting Assumptions

Free Donuts

2020-06-18 - Thursday

Joe Biden Rally Screenshot at 2020-06-18 22:25:13.png

Rebel Church on 47th and Broadway in New York City, at noon on Sunday. Pro Human Future dot com. They're hiring social workers to go door to door in the United States of America and if they don't like you, then they call the police on you. If you don't do something right now, they will get you. You cannot hide. You have been warned. This is also happening in many countries around the world. Get involved or you will continue to lose even more freedoms, rights, etc.

Communism vs Culture

I have some good news. The enemy of communism is community and culture. Communism was struggling to infect Italians who love their churches, history, statues, traditions, and that is the anecdote. Communism encourages people to hate their own country. Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to persuade people to love their country. Love conquers all.

Fighting Assumptions
Big Link Heaven

Snow Piercer

2020-06-19 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-06-19 11:24:14.png
Check out Lauren Southern

Have you seen Snow Piercer? It's a TV show based on some books. Instead of a the world being a desert in the future as seen in Mad Max or controlled by robots as seen in the Matrix, Wall-E, Terminator, etc, and instead of being under water as seen in Water World or on a bunch of planets as seen in The Expanse and Star Trek, Snow Piercer is a series where we have an Ice World instead of a Water World.

Divide & Conquer
A major theme in Snow Piercer is the us vs them mentality. The poor people are in the back of the train. Some of them are black. The rich people are in the front and most of them are white. It appears as if that white lady has too many strawberries. But can't other people make trains too? How long will this ice age last? Why not make big cities under ground? Can people not dig into the earth to survive? Does the train have to never stop moving around the world? They are promoting what Black Lives Matters promotes, that we must take from the rich to give to the poor. They are promoting communism among other things.

I say, "Work hard and play harder."

Voting RED RED

2020-06-20 - Saturday

Lauren Southern Lookalike Screenshot at 2020-06-20 20:28:38.png
Is that Lauren Southern or Taylor Swift in white behind Trump?

Vote RED. Remove Every Democrat (RED). Trump will not talk about what George Soros did. Trump will not talk about what Bill Gates did with the Covid Hoax. Trump will not talk about what vaccines did to his son. Trump will not talk about what Rothschild did. Clam day 1.

Crowding Brains

2020-06-21 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2020-06-21 17:10:50.png
We all bleed red

Since it is getting harder to limit, control, edit, and delete world news, history, information, etc, globalists try their best to throw too much at people and they hope more and more knowledge is thrown at the general public so people forget whatever they heard last to confuse and disable people from the ability of doing what is right.

Destroying Families

They try to get social workers to have sex with children. They try very hard to destroy families in a variety of ways through education, religion, etc.

Goodwill Mask

2020-06-22 - Monday

Goodwill Screenshot at 2020-06-22 20:11:58.png

African Lives Matter. Robots steal your identity to vote on your behalf and against your wishes. Also, they make your family, friends, customers, staff, employers, neighbors, fans, others, etc, think they are you. They are and will be encouraging people to upload their minds into the cloud. But they will die. But people will think they live on the Internet or in machines, etc.


They have different versions they work on but why do I have to die to go into the cloud like the Lawnmower Man who didn't have to die? Trump faked Covid to destroy America. Trump is very bad for creating the Corona Virus Deception to demolish the United States.

We Cant Breathe Dot News

2020-06-23 - Tuesday

LARA KONTAKOS Screenshot at 2020-06-23 21:47:29.png
Project Veritas - LARA KONTAKOS

Trump is trying to destroy America via the Covid Hoax. Orange Man Very Bad for making us wear masks. You have to wear masks. Trump wants you to wear masks. It's Trump's fault for creating the Corona Virus Deception. Trump colluded with Russia and Putin to trick the world with Covid. I'm joking but imagine saying this to an SJW NPC leftist. Say something like this to neo-liberals and let me know how they react. They want to not do what Trump says. They want to wear masks. But they also want to not do what Trump tells them to do. So, if you tell them Trump wants them to wear masks or that Trump invented the Covid Hoax to destroy America, I wonder what they might say as they believe Trump is destroying America. So, tell them what they want to hear, what they already believe, and spin it to break their brains.

We Cant Breathe Dot News

Smokey Bear Fake News

2020-06-24 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-06-24 02:36:07.png

Covid is our 9/11. The lockdown is the biggest global scam that humans have ever seen.

MAGA Hat Masks

Trump created the Scamdemic to destroy America. Trump wants you to wear a mask. Wear a mask for Trump. If you love Trump, you will wear a mask. Thank you for wearing a mask. What is a mask? Thanks for asking. A mask is a MAGA Hat. Trump is burning down our economy via Covid. Trump wants you to wear a mask. Put on your mask. Thank you so much. Print out your state's mask exemptions and carry them with you everywhere you go. Highlight them and be ready to bust out the papers whenever you need to. I was banned from Shelton Talks for talking about Goodwill.

Smokey Bear on Fake News

Investment Advice

2020-06-25 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-06-25 23:52:30.png
1800's Russia

Asset-based income is better than labor-based income. You should invest in crypto, money in general, real estate, gold, diamond, silver, other precious metals, stocks, bonds, options, patents, trademarks, licensing, entrepreneurship, mergers, acquisitions, canned foods, water, seeds, livestock, farming, gardening, wood, rocks, dirt, solar, technology, education, natural remedies, cotton, wool, leather, and especially in people. Invest more so in appreciation assets over depreciation assets, as much as you can.
Trump America Sucks

I died of Covid and I'm not even dead. Thanks Bill Gates. Just kidding, Trump did it. Trump is destroying America and wants us to wear masks for his Covid Hoax.

Mario Monopoly

2020-06-26 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-06-26 02:12:55.png

We can change everything and more importantly ourselves. We played Mario Monopoly. What a cleaver game. Love it. I was tilling the ground for the garden at that place.

Value Liberty

2020-06-27 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-06-27 22:56:35.png
I admire her and I was watching some GOT tribute videos on Saturday

We went to some stores and saw people wearing masks. We did not wear masks. Remember that masks can be good but tyranny can be bad. So, it is important not to argue about masks or other symptoms of bigger issues and problems. We prefer not to let government and others tell us what to do. It goes beyond just technocracy spying on us and into them manipulating how we live. That matters if you value liberty.

Zoolander 2

2020-06-28 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2020-06-28 23:27:57.png
Zoolander 2

Zoolander 2. I aint your momma, Jennifer Lopez. Eating problems for breakfast is the name of a book I am reading. It is a cleaver book that talks about how problems are good in helping us become problem-solvers. As kids, we can learn to lock physical doors. As we get older, we should learn to lock emotional doors, mental doors, social doors, and eventually even spiritual doors.

Avril Lavigne

2020-06-29 - Monday

Screenshot at 2020-06-29 18:06:08.png
Avril Lavigne

Will the world end on the 27th of September of 2020 or can we do things to counter fate? Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe in getting the word out regarding the Bill Gates tyranny that will attempt to stop people from buying and selling if they have not been Kanye West drugged-out of their minds with bad vaccines? Will we get involved politically, educationally, socially, online, offline, as many ways as possible? One of my goals is in trying to share relevant information to as many people as possible and that is what I try to do each day. How am I doing?

Girl Meets World

2020-06-30 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-06-30 01:09:51.png
Riley from Girl Meets World

Be aware but try not to fight some things too hardly. Some things might be beyond your control and I felt like that on this Monday. It is possible that I was trying too hard and going too fast. In life, if you don't slow down, then you might be slowed down. It is generally better to slow down than to be slowed down. However, that does not give you a license to be anti-Michael-Jordan in not giving it your all on the court at times.

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