Justin Bieber - This is My Baby

Kind of like I Need a Doctor by Eminem regarding Dr. Dre.

Imagine driving through the mountains, through the forest on a road. You're fighting with your father over the phone and end up crashing.

You wake up in the hospital and your girlfriend is there helping you through physical therapy. She is there with you every step of the way.

Imagine that was a music video starring Justin Bieber.

That was my dream.


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This is my baby.

But this is just bullshit.

I feel like I'm just gonna die.

Justin Bieber.jpg

Justin Bieber is driving in his car.

He wrecks his car like the star of Scorpion did.

The music video reminds me of If I were Your Boyfriend. The melody of the song was kind of like Baby in some ways. The way Justin sung was a combination of the different eras of his singing career going back to like 2009 and through to 2020, to the present. So, he sings about his girlfriend in this song but also about the terrible situation he found himself in. He is split between blaming himself or blaming his dad. He feels like because he was talking to his dad, he ended up crashing his car or jeep or whatever he was driving.

Justin Bieber sings like he did in Baby but then starts to sing a bit better in other parts of the chorus and other parts of the song. So, it sounded like a different style for him. Maybe it was really me singing inside his body. He had mixed feelings about how his girl was with him during his physical therapy. It's beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time. So, the song goes between a nightmare and a bit of a love song. Inside, he feels all of these different emotions all of the time. The chorus goes, "This is my baby, but this is just bullshit, I feel like I'm just gonna die." So, he is mostly singing about the situation. Maybe he is in a coma part of the time.

I woke up around 09:40 AM with that dream.


2020-06-13 - Saturday - 03:08 AM - 09:40 AM - Sleep - The 13th of June of 2020

Dream of a new Justin Bieber song where he sings a little better than usual and his singing style was a hybrid of a few of the different singing eras of his life plus added soul and pronunciation in parts of the song which was similar to a few of his different songs plus a few other things that might have been part me or part other people but put all in one song. The melody and the lyrics were sort of like baby baby baby oh. That was one of his first songs from like 2009. But that is mixed with some of other songs as he was going from his teens in the 2010's and into his twenties as we go towards the 2020's. So, the main chorus and theme of the song was like this, "Here is my baby, but I have to deal with this bullshit, I feel like I'm going to die." In the music video, Justin Bieber is driving his car through the mountains, through some forests. He is talking to his like dad on the phone and must have ran into a car, a tree, or I'm not sure what. But he gets in a car accident and ends up in the hospital. So, in my dream, in this music video, he is laying down on his hospital bed, he is angry about his father while looking at his girlfriend who is there helping him get though physical therapy as he tries to recover from his injuries. He is sad and angry that he has to put his GF through all of this. He wants to blame some of it or all of it on his dad. When he sings "But this is bullshit, I'm going to die," he was singing even better than he does in real life. Maybe it was partly me or a white version of Chris Brown and others in how he fully pronounced words. Unique hybrid song. I forget any of the other dreams I might have had last night and I am focused on this dream, possibly the only music video dream I've ever had.

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