Racist black men beat up white guys. I saw the videos today. Where are the videos of whites killing blacks? I'm married to Oatmeal Jesus. Globalists picked China to be dominant in the future. People are invading America. They are not even AMERICANS. Facebook Friend Requests.

Haircuts Bad Terrorism Good

More cops responded to people getting haircuts than cops responded to terrorists murdering police and burning down buildings in America in 2020.

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Oatmeal Daily - 2020-06-01 - Monday
Published in June of 2020

HOMELESS MAN Screenshot at 2020-06-01 12:47:03.png

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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2020-06-01 - Sunday - 04:30 AM - 05:13 AM - Vikings 513

Crazy woman. Can Iva have children? Baptized.


Joy Villa

11:32 AM - Cleaning out my closet! 😳😭😩

Red Guy

11:34 AM - Alex Jones Show - First Hour - Monday June 1, 2020

Capitalism vs Communism

11:44 AM - Hive Blog

Should I let a centralized government control what I can buy and sell?

Stopping Spam

11:50 AM - Hive

Long story short, I've seen bots go after other bots on Steem. So, it has happened but it seems that it doesn't always happen. I guess it depends on the coding which will tell the bots what to do. Some people have said they have reduced some spam thanks to bots and that may be true to an extent. So, I'm not totally against having bots to the extent bots can discourage spam perhaps, well, until you're accused of being spam yourself kind of thing.

Talking Bots & Spam

12:06 PM - Hive

In 2020, these past months, I have said hi around twenty times or just a few times a few different days this year. I reduced how often I wrote repeated comments in 2019 to escape bot detection. I sort of did this hi rampage recently in 2020, the past several weeks or so, to see if Hive had any bots yet like Steem did and I guess we do have @hivewatchers which might be a Hive version of Steem Cleaners or Cheetah or some of the others. I try to appear helpful too but good idea, pretend to be a welcome bot, I may try that and have done that at times. I vary in the different things I might say to people. Well, I'm not totally sure what triggered Hive Watchers to detect my messages, I don't totally know if it detects identical comments that are consecutive, that is duplicates, copies, one after the next, the same, or if this particular bot actually compares what you write with everything you have ever written in your life to look for patterns and go after you if you said thanks.

Saying Thanks

I sometimes reply with saying thanks. Just thanks. Well, I believe that some bots are not programmed to look at comment replies and the replies to the replies, and so on and so forth as it is nested in a thread like a forum. So, it might be that some of the bots are only looking at the comments that are replying directly to posts as opposed to scanning comments that are replying to other comments and comments of comments, etc.


I will probably be ok but I just wanted to let some people know the dangers of some bots, not all bots perhaps, but some bots can be dangerous sometimes.

Red Guy

12:17 PM - Alex Jones Show - First Hour - Monday June 1, 2020

Porn Star George Floyd was hiding powder.

The city trained cops to do MMA tactics which police stopped doing years ago.

The city should be held liable for the death of George Floyd.

Globalists picked China to be dominant in the future.

Red Guy

12:22 PM - Alex Jones Show - Second Hour - Monday June 1, 2020


12:40 PM - 05:54 PM - Dishes for like an hour or less. No mail. Sprinkler, backyard woods. Bill Till 3. Meaning the third time. Fork garden ground shovel a square area of what was tilled the previous 2 times. 90's. I know the year 91 I was six. Weed wacker machine. Sounds like a disconnect between the starter string and the machine or the machine itself. There for two hours or so. After that, moved a wheel barrow full of fire wood logs to the pile in back and both sides of already established pile collapsed and I created a smaller one in front and rebuild the larger pile of logs. Mowed the lawn. Weed wack. 2 batteries used, one in pocket on standby. String got stuck on something and came out. Swept. Encourage woods and grass and jungle to grass. Think of plans to make things faster but don't go too fast as too fast is really slower. I was thinking about while doing all of these things. Try to find ways to multitask and to reduce lag time. Cutting grass can be done faster if you do it all in a certain order to minimize spaces or empty time, I mean minimize transitional periods because that is what steals most of our time in life. I was thinking about the differences between what might be mechanical and electronic. I went on to ponder what a human might be and that is, perhaps, bio-electro-chemical-engines, those four main components and that last one being mechanical or machine and the first being life or that of biology. Well, biology includes all of the other things meaning you don't have to include the other words when you say bio and yet these other words help describe the overarching theme of biology in specific parts. I like how we see grass and trees on the side of roads. I thought about that. Be there for people, even birthday parties perhaps. Demon come out of the machine. Yes sirey Bob. Surely Bob.

Being Manly

07:54 PM - Hive

I miss John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Robin Hood, David Crocket, King Arthur, Batman, Dexter Morgan, and real American fathers.

General Shepherd

08:12 PM - The Alex Jones Show Mon 06/01/20 Full Show 720p

Bots War

09:02 PM - Steemit

I would probably not do that but I can see that is tempting and I do it get it. I'm not going to stop the bots but I may want to use too many bots or any bots possibly.

America on Fire

09:05 PM - Hive

How do we stop George Soros?

Hive vs Steem

09:19 PM - Minds

What was a decentralized Steem became centralized Overlord Justin Sun Tron Steem Facebook Tyranny where they stole a bunch of money about a week ago and they do a bunch of censoring and that is why we made Hive and we left the sinking ship that Ned Scott may be responsible in part for.


Past few days, my Real Oatmeal Joey Scott Rasp account got over 200 friend requests mostly from fake accounts from Africa.

I'm married to Oatmeal Jesus.

General Shepherd

10:27 PM - The War Room With Owen Shroyer Mon 06/01/20 Full Show 720p

Racist black men beat up white guys. I saw the videos today. Where are the videos of whites killing blacks?

Compare a person's name with the URL.

More cops responded to people getting haircuts than cops responded to terrorists murdering police and burning down buildings in America in 2020.

Cop murders a white man.

Cop yells at the man or boy.

Racist Black People

Lamin Jammeh Skoach is promoting George Floyd and is trying to take down America. He started yelling at me on my Facebook calling me a racist.

People are invading America. They are not even AMERICANS.

George was a porn star.

George Floyd was resisting arrest and was attacking police. The city murdered George. Funded by George Soros.

Vietnamese Seller

Can you see my posts? I'm not seeing them. I post them and they disappear.

I wrote that on Facebook. I asked what are you doing.

I could not see it.

Where did my post go?

Is Facebook putting my posts in a black-hole?


My posts on Facebook are invisible. I post and then look and cannot find what I posted and it's not even listed in the Activity Log.

Why are my public posts invisible to me and not in my activity log or timeline. Where did you put my posts?

Oh, are you trying to find me, do I need to lock the doors, baby?

It looks like you have a cute son.

Will I see you if I walk over to the Space Needle?

You know you can have any man you want. I can be your friend but I'm not a rich guy. And I'm busy helping out my parents. If I saw you, I would say, "Wanna go to McDonald's?" I'd buy you some ice-cream.

So, I'm not going to see you tomorrow. Someday, I would love to see you and say hello to you.

I'm a Christian. I'm a conservative.

Day-trading is dangerous.

Only trade with what you are willing to lose and think long-term.

Bitcoin is still relying too much on the dollar right now.

Just blogging and watching Joe Rogan.

You can trade via websites directly. There are many websites out there including Bittrex.

It's important to invest long-term as opposed to short-term.

I love basketball but tennis is ok too.

I've not been to Las Vegas yet, I'm near Seattle.

Julie, do you workout?

I got over 200 friend requests the past few days mostly from fake accounts from Africa ahahaha. You see girl avatar but then see pics of men on their Facebook lol. Easy to spot. I guess they forgot to delete ahaha.

There are people who know me and perhaps some people only know me from the toilet.

a girl just said she was in seattle and she named a street.... cuz i said i was in seattle... but then they ask for a phone card or something... so, still a scam probably

All of the fake people become boys who cry wolf, which is sad as there are real wolves out there.

Here's a secret, you can click on Ignore to hide a conversation.

If a white girl's friends are black, probably fake lol.

And you can see black people write on their walls, and these people have no friends and the accounts are brand new.

What do you do for a living?

Writer for Hive

Can you tell me more about yourself?

For more info, visit my blog @joeyarnoldvn

Are you married?

Yes to Jesus.

They ask me, are you married, yes to Jesus.

Talk about not fully committed to the scam.

Like a cardboard set of a house.

You should marry and then have sex.

I was in Vietnam for 5 years and then returned to America in 2017 to help my parents.

Hannah said she was 42 but her Facebook said she was born in 1972. 2020-1972=48. Bad math. Fake.

May have visited Spokane a few times.

What brought you here?

I am a writer on Hive.

Please read my biography at @joeyarnoldvn

What's your Hangout? My Hangout is on my blog. Oh, do you have Whats App? Wait, don't you want my Hangout? And then I IGNORE.

Whatever you do, make sure you have the last word, say it and run.

Have a plan, be ready, anticipate what they might say, use it to your advantage to sell something to them, pitch it, sell it, say it, and then run like Hell ahahahahaaa all the way to the bank ahahahaa.

Love your style, Cass. Are you full of cash, Cass?

You can find it on my blog.

cuz these cop problems only in blue cities

On this Facebook I had like 50 friends on Sunday and now like 400. My other Facebook doesn't get all of these friend requests. I don't understand.

What the cop did to George, cops are not taught and are not authorized to do that in most cities in America.

But in Minneapolis, the city trains the cops to force a person unconscious if need be or whatever.

Yeah, but some cops are saying they will not follow unconstitutional and alleged laws and orders from governors, etc. Will not enforce the silly stuff.

Antifa is taking advantage of how girly most American cops became.

Police in the USA was really tough in the 1990's but not now except for a few.

Hi, my name is MIKE. totally a female name.

Many of these fake girls have male names.

I'm getting ten new friend requests every 60 seconds right now the past 4 hours or so. My other Facebook is not doing that but has 25K contacts or more. Weird.

I am from New York but am in Nigeria right now ahahahha.

Can I know more about you?

Yes, read my blog, the link is on my Facebook.

see my blog?

you can find out if u visit my blog

have you seen my blog?

Victoria, I love Harry Potter and Genesis is a great book.

i will tell you on my blog

Visit the link. You can join. Anybody can join. But what you earn could be very small or very big.

Like gambling.

I earn cryptocurrency that I could exchange for dollars, sometimes a few dollars a month. Some people have made hundreds of dollars a month. Random.

You post and comment and people vote for it.

More votes means more money.

So, if you are lucky, you might make a few cents or a few dollars or even more sometimes.

It is risky and you can try it.

You are cuter than me. I am happy to help.

I am sorry I can't help more.

I like helping people and I like you.

I will always be your friend. I can try to give you advice sometimes, different things you can try. Someday, I may give you 50 or more but not right now.

see my blog to find out

see my blog to find out more


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