I would like to think that my main community group to be Oatmeal Joey Arnold on Hive Blog.

However, it would not be my only community online and don't get me started on possible and potential communities which you might find offline in real life (IRL). Community in many ways is where the heart is.

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Oatmeal Daily - 2021-08-29 - Sunday | Published in August of 2021

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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In some ways, a community is the same as a group. However, communities can be a way to describe groups relating to people you want to be around, neighborhoods you live in, a tribe that you subscribe to.

In some ways, this post will likely mirror my Group Post because there is a bit of an overlap between groups, communities, tribes, hubs, gatherings, meetups, gangs, cartels, teams, families, friends, unions, herds, flocks, forums, bulletin boards, town halls, committees, clubs, organizations, gatherings, potlucks, parades, dances, parties, chat rooms, town squares, public places, the coming together of like minds, and other synonyms and related words, topics, subjects, themes, categories, types, ideas, relating to cultures, religions, geography, history, people, places, principles, philosophy, programs, parts, phases, pace, purposes, goals, priorities, missions, perspectives, etc.

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