You can find some of my audio podcasts, clips, bits, etc, excluding music related things in this post. The purpose of this post is to outline and summarize some my audio related stuff here. This post is an unfinished rough draft outline and I'll try to update this when I can.


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I've uploaded audio, music, video, podcasts, sound bites, files, clips, bits, other things, etc, since maybe 2004 or so to places, to websites, like Xanga, Facebook, YouTube, Sound Cloud, Reverbnation, Apple Podcast, Steem related apps, Discord, other apps, other websites, other places, etc, and I'm trying to include as many links to as many of those websites as I can in this post right here. Well, I'm trying to focus on just audio related things here, excluding music, video, or other related things, etc, to be continued, thanks for watching, I mean, hey, thanks for listening, beep beep bop bop.

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