Outside of making videos, another hobby of mine would be photography and I like taking screenshots as well. The purpose of this post is to highlight some of my pictures which I may have taken, images I might be in or almost in, pics I edited perhaps, pictures that might relate to my autobiography, images that might relate to some of my other posts, other visual related things too perhaps, excluding things like art, memes, GIFs, etc. This post is an unfinished rough draft outline and I'll try to update this when I can.

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Weekly Photos

I've been uploading weekly photo albums, generally 200 pictures or more each week, to Peter Rasp and I mirror that to Trump Nationalism Over Globalism and/or other places too on Facebook, that is currently. I upload the pictures generally every Monday night or Tuesday morning each week since February or March of 2018 and that includes uploading sometimes to other accounts and pages as well. I have uploaded some of my photos to other social networks, websites, places, etc. I will try to add links to some of those places in this post and in future posts and articles in the future. I'm trying to summarize and highlight some of my photos and possibly other things too and I've uploaded thousands of photos, videos, etc, to the Internet over the years and especially in the 2010's. Long story short, some of these things may change regarding the different places I may upload my photos, etc, to, online, when, where, what, how, why, tai sao, how much, how often, what for, etc, etc, etc, subject to change without notice, the different places, the different Facebook groups, pages, accounts, etc, other websites, as some of these things do change and can change and have changed at times in the past.


I may add more categories, topics, web pages, posts, links, chapters, sub-categories, other ideas, other things, relating to my photos, images, pictures, pics, photographs, etc. I'm trying to say that I'm still working on this post as we speak. I'm still trying to organize this post, this main topic, and also other topics and other things too.

Rough Draft

To be clear, this post is not finished and I wanted to highlight a few of my photos, images, pictures, visuals, pics, photo albums, different websites, other places, other things, related things, etc, etc, etc. I am including some links to some of the places where you may find some of my photos. I may not include things like art, memes, videos, etc, etc. To be continued.

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