Here is an outline to some of my videos going back at least to my eleventh birthday in 1996 in Oregon to the origin of the Arnold Attic Films which included our first full-length feature, Power Ranger Kids.

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Timeline of My Videos in Chronological Order


Favorite Videos

Some of My Favorite Videos

Power Ranger Kids
Metal Gear Joey
Forty Four Tapes

My Videos

For over twenty years now, I've been directing, producing, writing, acting, editing, creating, filming, developing, creating, recording, guiding, assisting, etc, videos, movies, live streams, etc. I've made videos. I've acted in some videos. I've helped out in the construction of some videos. I wanted to highlight some of those videos here in this post. Videography is a major hobby of mine dating back to my Homeschooling Days and it stems from my love of telling stories.


The goal of this post is to highlight some of my favorite videos of mine and to give you a brief preview, an incomplete outline of some of my videos. I'm going to try to include some directories and some timeline log archives as maps to help you see the history of my videos, the chronology, the catalog, as in my film portfolio. But this post is not finished yet. I still have more to add to it.


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Video Art

As a filmmaker, I love making videos and it's a form of art and you can see my art here as I'm also an artist. I also do music as a musician. I also have other hobbies as well.

Rough Draft Outline

This is a quick rough draft outline and summary of some of my videos which goes back at least to 1996. I'll be updating this post when I can. I've uploaded thousands of videos to YouTube over the years. But Google terminated some of my channels which means I've lost too many videos to even count.


Too many of my videos have been unfinished or not well done and yet I would still upload too many of them partly as a way to backup the data. I decided not to keep my videos private. I'm not necessarily proud of many of my videos as a perfectionist artist. But I also wanted to force myself to publish my work. The good news is that some of my videos might be worth watching. I don't really recommend that you watch all of my videos but would encourage people to watch some of my more favorite videos at least.

My Home Videos

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My Home Videos

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Some of my Videos in Alphabetical Order

Arnold Attic Films

Power Ranger Kids

Metal Gear Joey

Timeline Rough Draft

I'll be adding more to this timeline in the future. This timeline is currently incomplete. I've included videos I've been involved with either directly or indirectly via several different levels. For example, I mirrored and helped share Make America Grinch Again which was made in 2018. This post is to highlight some of my videos. This Grinch video would be an exception to that rule as it's not directly a video of mine.

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