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Are you a mom?

Do you need a mom? For more info, visit their Intro to infoMOMS. So, what is Info Moms? I'm glad you asked. See, Info Moms is a group of moms dedicated to self-empowerment, individualism, how-to wisdom. If you want to know how to homeschool your kids, ask them. By the way, my mom homeschooled me. Want to know how to plant and grow a garden? Let them know. You can contact them, here. They're a new group and you can join them. They're all for education as that is our future. We have the opportunity to impact future generations for many generations to come. We either tap into that opportunity or we miss out. You can contribute. There should be some Info Dads here as well, because unity is what the world needs more of. It is all about alternatives to what they say may be the only way of thinking, of doing things in life in general.

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Lyrics to the song:

Info Moms, Info Moms
Come Along & Sing Along


Info Moms, Info Moms
How could you ever go wrong?

Info Moms, Info Moms
Better than a ding dong

And you don't wanna be, don't wanna be
A little ding dong

Better come to something better, something better, better than a sweater
Better than a soul at the bottom of an ocean, not sure what to do
Not sure where to go

Better go to, better go to, better go to

Info Moms, Info Moms
Better than a ding dong

Info Moms, Info Moms
Come along and sing along

Info Moms, Info Moms
How could you go wrong?

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