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2009 Comcast Wanted Adventure Host: on this show, around five hundred people auditioned in front of these judges in Portland, OR, USA. The show was like American Idol or the Voice Got American Got Talent but instead of music, it had hiking. In this video, the Original Green Oatmeal Joey Arnold (me) tried out. They asked me if I had what it took and I said no but that is why they're there as lovely judges, producers. That's me sucking up to them in face of irony because I could have told them I had what it took. I told them I had a mating call and scream yelled ow owww like I did as a Wilderness Counselor at Salvation Army Camp Kuratli 2007-2008 in Boring, OR, USA with Maverick Mike Kurtz, FIona Heidi Dixon, Tree Duck Jeff Walters, Monster Kailtin Woods. That is where I invented the call I think. Or I got it from Mike. Not sure. Told the judges we can make the world greener one oatmeal at a time. One judge was from Jack Ass maybe and he made a violins Titanic film reference. This was filmed end of October 2009. Might have been early November. Around that time, maybe the next week, went to Shelton, WA for the first time with sister Katie and aunt Karen to see my mom marry Bill Cunningham, my mom's 3rd marriage. Bill died 2011 a year after Blake Webb died. This video is embarrassing but it happened and I can smile and say this was me.

Comcast Wanted Adventure Host

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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