Saigon Cyborgs

Are you scared of technology?

What if I told you that you should & shouldn't be? Yeah, let me tell you some stories about haunting experiences that reawakens the Xena Warrior Princess within your own quacking soul.

My Five Years in Vietnam

YouTube Removed Most of My Vietnamese Videos

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Talking Televisions (TV).

"Amy, please unplug the TV." So, she did. But there was still little people inside. It was like it turned back on. How did that happen? Has that ever happened to you? This has happened to our neighbor in Oregon in like the 1990's, allegedly. How can the TV be on without power? Did things come out of it? Reminds me of the X-File show where they may sometimes see aliens or who knows what.

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Drinking some beer with my English Student in Saigon - 2015-01-25, Monday, the fifth of January, 2015, in Vietnam, where I lived teaching English from 2012-2017.

Robot King

Vietnamese have told me that when Ho Chi Minh (HCM) was in the forest of China like in the early 1960's, that he came back into Vietnam, into the capital, Hanoi, a bit taller, a bit different, his nose, his appearances. He had secret wives, children. He executed people who sought to expose these things. They went from to village to village in recruiting poor Vietnamese farmers & common folks to fight against the Republic of Vietnam. Scary stuff.

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Uncle Ho blackmailed them.

If they refused, he would murder a family member or two. It wasn't a war simply, merely, between Northern Vietnamese & Southern Vietnamese, but rather an empire versus a Republic. Uncle Ho was even in southern regions recruiting soldiers, kids, & people of all ages, to fight Saigon.

They surrounded Saigon City.

They renamed Saigon to be known as Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). They stole Saigon from the Republic. America fought with that Republic until like 1973. The empire continued fighting the Republic for two more years, at least, into 1975 when they conquered Saigon. Maybe the Real Uncle Was Better. Maybe, China replaced him with a Clone, a Twin. Maybe Uncle Ho changed over the years. Maybe, it's been a combination of many things. Uncle Ho may have been trying to help Vietnam in some ways, but that doesn't mean he was always right in how he went about trying to help his people (NGUOI VIET). Maybe, America was wrong in trying to help the Republic. Originally, America like refused to help Uncle Ho & then helped the Republic against Uncle Ho. But then America left right in the middle of the war. So, America abandoned the Republic. I'm against war. But I'm also against abandonment. When I say America, I mean the corrupt American government, AKA The Swamp.

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Living Robots

My mother is concerned about that new Chinese Robot News Anchor in China. Can demons, ghosts, aliens, creatures, hop into androids to possess them in order to get at us, psychologically, to haunt us, hurt us, or what have you? That is the danger. I remember hearing of a haunted tree back when I lived in Hawaii in 2007. Somebody died like on a tree in the Mayor's Wright Neighborhood in Honolulu. So, at around midnight, the ghost lady would come out to get to people. So, they're told to get inside before that. Don't stay outside really late. So, the moral of the story is that the world is a scary place. However, you can find security, peace, that always wins. There is hope. You can find the Buffy Vampire Slayer Spirit within you. But it must be grounded on eternal principles, on something that is better than all the evil in the world. When you find that, Never Let Go (NLG).

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