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In 1996, before filming Power Ranger Kids, we filmed Little Red Riding Hood. This was before my eleventh birthday in Rose Grove. After that, I continued making videos, films, music videos, etc, with family and friends through to 2003 and beyond.

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In 2010, I came up with the name, Arnold Attic Films, to refer to the home videos we were making from 1996 to 2003. I've continued making videos since then as well. However, I wanted to come up with a specific label for those childhood videos that we were making. I decided to end the official canon of the Arnold Attic Films at 2003 because that was the end of an era, meaning I went off to college in 2004. 44 Tapes refers to forty four VHS video tapes that had our home videos on them. I counted 44 tapes around 2009. So, 44 Tapes is a more specific term to describe the foundation to the Arnold Attic Films. I made some Arnold Attic Teaser Trailers in 2011 for example. Since the early 2000's, I would work on transferring the home videos from one VCR to another VCR for example. Specifically, I would even combine audio and video from two VCRs and record and dub those two sources, those two inputs, into a third VCR. Later on, I would transfer video to DVD. After that, I would also copy the videos to hard drives and eventually to the Internet. Long story short, in the 2000's and 2010's, I would work on these type of projects but would sometimes run into technical difficulties. Sometimes, the quality of the copies were not good enough. I would copy the videos and then realize that I made mistakes. It was generally that the quality was not good enough. Long story short, every several years, I would go back to trying to copy the videos in order to preserve them. I may include more details to all of that in future posts.


The purpose of this post is to outline the Arnold Attic Films, that is the videos that I would make with my family and friends. I wanted to draw a line between my old videos and my more recent videos. I could draw many lines and a major line would be set at 2003 which just so happens to be the same year that a childhood friend of mine, Tiffany Cumbo, died. The next year, I graduated from High School and went off to College. So, to recap, we started making videos during my Homeschooling Days. Personally, I may not have been involved in all of Attic Films. I continue to make videos to this day. But those first eight years, 1996-2003, are very sacred and special to me. If I was Disney, then the Arnold Attic Films would be my Lucas Film Ltd or more specifically Star Wars: The Original Trilogy. All of the videos I have ever made in my life might be put under the label of A Just Joey's Film or perhaps I may have other labels in mind as well.

Rough Draft Outline

This post serves as a rough draft outline of some of the Arnold Attic Films, the videos, movies, clips, recordings, etc, that we filmed, that we captured, that we recorded. I'll try to update this post when I can with more details in the future, including links to extended directories, timelines, video playlists, other posts detailing videos, films, characters, projects, people, etc.

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Some of my Arnold Attic Films in Alphabetical Order

Gangster Run
I Want It
Little Red Riding Hood
Power Ranger Kids
To Heaven or Hell
White Jordan


I've included a timeline that extends beyond 2003 in order to map out ongoing projects, news, transactions, work, etc, relating to the Arnold Attic Films which includes edits, copies, teaser trailers, etc, of the original canon videos, that is the Attic Films. The canon is from 1996-2003. I continued to work on copying the videos, editing the videos, etc, beyond 2003. So, I wanted to include some of that in this post and specifically in this timeline. This timeline is incomplete. I'll try to add more to it when I can, to be continued.


Some of my Arnold Attic Films in Chronological Order


Little Red Riding Hood
White Jordan
Power Ranger Kids
To Heaven or Hell


Power Ranger Kids 2


No Videos


No Videos


I Want It


Gangster Run




Year Book Videos


Some DVDs


Some DVDs


No Activity


Some DVDs


No Activity


44 Tapes


Rise of the Arnold Attic - Pre-Attic Parrot Piano
Joey Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World) (Official Music Video)


You Were Born Without
Your Eyes
Preattic - Preprize
McDonald's Beer
Beyonce vs Niggers

billyBREAKER - youWILLsee - ft. powerRANGERS, Aladdin
Bearded Joey
Call Me Crazy Superman Joey Arnold Video










I plan to do some more work on this project.

Arnold Attic Films

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1996-09-01 - Me in the car on our way to the Oregon Coast

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