Metal Gear Oatmeal Joey Arnold

This is not a game. This is real life.

Some people die. Some people drool for war.

Here is a parody video we made all about it.

Life is full of horror but also full of fluffy kittens.

Spoiler alert for those who may forget or may not know, this video starred Matt Kurtz as the ninja spy soldier warrior agent Solid Snake, who is the star of the video game Metal Gear Solid franchise, and the other main character was named JOEY, maybe, in a Gnome Cloning Facility.

JOEY is the main villain. This 07:21 minutes long video was filmed by us, me, Matt, a few others, at Matt's house in Vancouver, WA, USA, maybe around February 2011, edited by Matt, & then later reedited & extended with an alternative ending by Matt to 08:27 minutes long the next year around February of 2012. Matt also made another video about Real Life where Sometimes, People Die, with his dog.

Snake tries to kill JOEY.

Spoiler alert, Snake knocks over the first guard, steals the keys.

Snake kills the first JOEY who was that first guard.

Snake sneaks into the facility, snaps the neck of Joey II.

Snake steals the gun, turns the corner, snipes 3 more Joeys.

Then Snake turns around & sees Tall Joey who gets Snake.

Up against the wall.

Snake pokes Tall Joey's eyes out, down to the ground.

Again, Snake gets the upper hand.

Snake turns into a box while another Joey hops into the bathroom.

Then the box slides into the kitchen.

See Fat Joey eating ice-cream with a smile.

Snake sneaks up, kicks him in the Alex Jones Pot Goblin Belly.

The Santa Clause Who's Your Daddy Tummy.

Snake rolls, crawls, & came right at the Final Boss Joey.

Snake tries to strangle Joey, but Joey snaps back.

What are you doing? This is not a game.

This is real life. Do your homework.

You are always going around doing whatever you want to do.

You never do what you are supposed to do.

Do your homework.

Snake sits down to do his homework.

Then you see no input on the screen. Is this the end?

No, the video continues, somebody calls you, I mean the Snake.

He tells Snake, "You are not even in this room right now."

You are still out there. Joey Mantis is brain washing you.

Kind of like the Spoon Bending Universe Matrix Boy did, right?

Can you bend the spoon or can you bend space around the spoon?

Can you bend the spoon or is the spoon bending you, haha?

There is a new film with Oprah in it that talks about this, right?

This reminds me of string theory and other theories.

Reverse Psychology Time?

But any how, back to the video, it was pretty crazy at the end.

The guy tells Snake that it was all messed up.

Then you hear the screams, the blood, the end.

Invest in your family and be yourself.

Life is a fun ride.

Go along with it.

Parody Video on Metal Gear Solid

2018-04-14 Saturday 10:32 PM LMS: Metal Gear Oatmeal
Published at 11:11 PM

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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