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Created on 2020-05-15 - Friday - 11:00 PM
Published on 2020-05-16 - Saturday - 12:01 AM
Published in May of 2020

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Washington Post

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Bitcoin SV: 15ScWCU8WSh7vwk66GBAF3vDcDUGUgG27X

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Bitcoin (BTC): 19HDvy8xm6iJCRbRZdekNUa5xRyThTUWDz

Ethereum: 0xC80EcB667dcCF064ab4fd7b4a6dC9FD441E5125e

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Dogecoin: DFMF1pgt4sbcX1rXX4BAQZ98sAavX8qfs3

Monero: 47XEjDY9Mtg8AGc8PksfJAPULuqZoUSUBMcoybfFSCRRZoRt7YbLzF1PmrXFEnUkQNHhVoG1drDmoYEbA2qAayTA1vxy5aF

Ripple (XRPL): rPgxFnKAKrgE17LcZNJ85d2EE3cxJSz3SV

Steemit or Steem Wallet


Here is a list of how you can financially Support Me on this page. I do accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, etc. You can find a list of some of my crypto addresses on Coin Tree and that includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, etc.


Anything very important regarding me and PayPal may be found on this page and/or in the comments of this page. I'll try to keep this updated at least every ten years or as often as I can.


United States Dollars (USD) can be sent to my Banks and to PayPal and there may be other options. For information, visit my Support Me Page.


Vietnamese Dong and other fiat currencies would probably have to be exchanged for USD before they can be sent to me. But I guess it depends. There may be some options out there, perhaps some websites or other things that can help with wiring money, money exchanging, transactions, etc. I guess you can ask me or ask other people for more information if you want.


You can find a list of some my Cryptocurrencies on Coin Tree such as, for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hive, Steemit or Steem, etc, etc, etc.


In the future, links can change and how you might be able to support may as well. Therefore, my goal is to always keep links and information and everything updated as often as I can. I'll try to keep everything as accurate as possible: however, if you're having issues, try to contact me and Google me as well for information on how to contact me in the future. Use Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duck Duck Go, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MSN, AOL, other search engines, websites, apps, software, programs, add-ons, etc.

How do I support you?

Click on the links here on this page or Google me if this page ever becomes too outdated or too inaccurate.

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