Girl Meets World. Be aware but try not to fight some things too hardly. Some things might be beyond your control and I felt like that on this Monday. It is possible that I was trying too hard and going too fast. In life, if you don't slow down, then you might be slowed down. It is generally better to slow down than to be slowed down. However, that does not give you a license to be anti-Michael-Jordan in not giving it your all on the court at times.

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Oatmeal Daily - 2020-06-30 - Tuesday
Published in June of 2020

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Riley from Girl Meets World

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Sleep from like 02:00 AM to 08:00 AM. Granola cereal this morning just like each day since like Saturday minus Sunday or something. Coffee. Went back to sleep for twenty minutes or less till like 08:40 AM. Looking for my phones. Still coughing.

Moved the thing from the fried to this day and we talked about Job and mentioned other cross threads including that of the lion on the sun. Apple pie. Cherry pie. Interesting painting drawn by not an el. Helped with the organizing of the RV. Interesting to see the den help. Little toys for that one. New family. Watermelon. Once lived a boy who poured milk into a glass.

Once upon a time lived a duck who said quack. The bear quacked back, "why you saying quack?" Cuz I'm a duck ahahhaha!

He came over and we looked at it around like 01:00 PM or maybe earlier and we loaded it up to get it fixed and he was reacting as if I couldn't listen and respond to directions but the trailer was too heavy to spin and was going down hill and I was yelled at for being unable to hold it as it was being pulled downhill. It was not my fault and he acted as if it was. That is just one example of a theme that comes back again and again.


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