Vote RED. Remove Every Democrat (RED). Trump will not talk about what George Soros did. Trump will not talk about what Bill Gates did with the Covid Hoax. Trump will not talk about what vaccines did to his son. Trump will not talk about what Rothschild did.

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Oatmeal Daily - 2020-06-20 - Saturday
Published in June of 2020

Lauren Southern Lookalike Screenshot at 2020-06-20 20:28:38.png
Is that Lauren Southern or Taylor Swift in white behind Trump?

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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I love the pyramid

12:43 AM - Hive Blog

People should tweet that photo all over Twitter or make their own meme. People can tweet out hope or try reverse psychology by saying you are so scared.


Not you but the average Joe. Not me or Biden. But there are many ways to try to wake people up. But the psychology, the shock therapy, among other things, is powerful at mentally paralyzing too many people.

Boiling Frogs

So many people and different things are in the game of getting too many people to do too little. AKA apathy, ignorance, etc.

Slow & Steady Turtle Race

The secret to success in life is that even a little is better than nothing. If seven billion people were to simply do something good for one hour each year to help, that would be so powerful.

Snowball Dominoes

Many people don't understand the butterfly effect or the pay it forward effect. And I am probably being too vague when I say that people can do little things to help. But there are many examples of how people can help. One example is this article. This article helps people more than too many people would understand.

Global Weekend at Bernie's

My favorite part of this article is when you wrote, "A massive worldwide version of weekend at Bernie's," because that is how insane Rothschildism is.


That's what I like about this pyramid meme because I've never seen that word before, Rothschildism. But I understand what the Rothschild dynasty has been doing for at least the past three centuries and some might argue that their family can be traced back to the Egyptians, Babylonians, etc.

Bad News vs Good News

It's critical that we always help people see problems and solutions to those problems. I mean, it is important that people are introduced to both the bad news and the good news.

Out of Context

Too often, people isolate the good news. Sadly, too many Q Qanon Trump Supporters say trust the plan. Yes, we should be appreciative of plans.

You Never Know, Good or Bad

But at the same time, better safe than sorry. Trump needs our help and we need Trump's help. We need the help of many patriots and others and they need our help.


On top of that, some people talk too much about the bad news, that we are all doomed. Yeah, if we don't try to do all we can, then globalism will decrease the size of our current prison cells.

Ongoing Prison Planet

We are already living in a one world government to some extent and in some ways. That's the bad news.

Fighting Globalism

The good news is that people are fighting back against the tyranny all around the world, currently.

Alarm Clock Reminder

It's always important to remind people of the perspective between the good news and the bad news.

Finding Balance

Don't get too lost on either side. Keep a balance perspective between the good and the bad.

Trump Rally vs Soros Terrorists

12:57 AM - Hive

I totally agree that it is crazy that some people won't talk about the terrorists who will be trying to break into the Trump rally in Tulsa this Saturday. That is the irony, the hypocrisy. The good news is that patriots can continue to show people the irony via, videos, memes, and articles like this.

Rhyming with History

01:36 AM - Hive

George Lucas could have told you that. When making Star Wars, George would say his movies rhymes. World history repeats and rhymes. There are patterns. Ultimately, the future can repeat if we let it. We want to repeat the good parts and not the bad parts.

Money Debate

02:19 AM - Telegram

JR wrote: "Good idea where u could have localized money systems that could create economy in small areas. with limitations of course. but work as a means of survival." Like a local bank would have localized banks notes, like that you mean or something else?

Rick & Morty

2020-06-20 - Saturday - 02:40 AM - 03:10 AM - Rick & Morty 407

Just like in Star Wars. No guilt. Face suckers. They didn't want to 9/11 the aliens so they Pearl Harbored them but where is Summer? They go back. Mega Man suits. Independence Day. No. The other movie. Mars Attack. Harmonica makes the aliens blow up.



09:05 AM - LIVE: President Donald Trump Rally in Tulsa, OK 6/20/20 🔴

RSBN wearing masks. Don't wear masks.

T Annie Girl

09:42 AM - Trump is here today

Thanks for the live stream, Annie. Love the hat.

Just Another Channel

09:51 AM - 🔴LIVE: Trump Rally Tulsa, OK 6/20/2020 SHARE NOW!

Seattle is a Catch 22.

Stopping Chop Chaz Seattle could be seen as overreaching and not stopping it could let it spread like a real virus. Corona is real in some ways but compared to the tyranny, not so much.


08:16 PM - 🔴 LIVE: President Donald Trump Rally in Tulsa, OK 6/20/20 🔴

Vote RED

Remove Every Democrat (RED).

Zoey is the black reporter and she did pretty good interviewing Diamond & Silk.

Blonds For Trump

08:30 PM - Twitter

Is that Lauren Southern or Taylor Swift in the white behind Trump?

Random Yoko

09:14 PM - [Live] Q&A #Japan #Trump2020 #BLM

Trump Rally

09:19 PM - They tore down a George Washington statue in Portland, Oregon. In New York Italians stopped them from taking down a Christopher Columbus statue.

Lionel Nation

10:45 PM - Live Stream: The #TrumpTulsaRally Triumph!

Facebook Groups

Some admins removed me from some of the groups I created on Facebook. If you're an admin, you could have stopped that but you didn't.

Socialism For Real

11:57 PM - Hive

I love decentralized blockchain and cryptocurrency as a means of keeping money more competitive and accountable, as an option and not as a requirement. Also, blockchain is a good system for voting, for exchanging information, for education, for news. Aspects of governments can be run through blockchain, through technology, as an alternative to being ruled too excessively behind closed doors by a few. In other words, the Internet has been exposing corruption in government these past few decades and that helps people know what they need to do. For example, Brazil.


Rick & Morty

2020-06-20 - Saturday - 02:40 AM - 03:10 AM - Rick & Morty 407


09:05 AM - LIVE: President Donald Trump Rally in Tulsa, OK 6/20/20 🔴

T Annie Girl

09:42 AM - Trump is here today

Just Another Channel

09:51 AM - 🔴LIVE: Trump Rally Tulsa, OK 6/20/2020 SHARE NOW!


08:16 PM - 🔴 LIVE: President Donald Trump Rally in Tulsa, OK 6/20/20 🔴

Random Yoko

09:14 PM - [Live] Q&A #Japan #Trump2020 #BLM

Lionel Nation

10:45 PM - Live Stream: The #TrumpTulsaRally Triumph!

Another blog site similar to Steemit is We You Me and I just found it. I joined it and posted on it. Looks ok to me.

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02:33 AM - Currently cross-posting my daily blog posts to, as of Friday and as of today, Saturday, day 2 of this, twelve different blockchains, social networks, websites, message boards, buletin boards, chats, etc, etc, etc, etc. I'm not including the sub-categories, the apps of the blockchains, of the different websites, etc, because my posts will also cross-post to the apps of Steem (a blockchain for example) and the apps of Hive and so on and so forth. I've been banned on some websites. So, I sometimes make new accounts or try to at least to post to those places. So, I've posted and published and shared posts, videos, memes, photos, tweets, comments, messages, threads, etc, on many dozens to hundreds of different websites, email addresses, forums, blockchains, social networks, message boards, phones, text, etc. Once a month or once a year, I should try to share some of my better posts and articles and other things or at least just the links to them to 50 different sites, etc, but it can be time consuming to do it daily. Well, if I can get programs, apps, bots, etc, to automatically post my daily blog posts to many different places each day, that would help. I also need to do the same with daily videos, memes, etc. And especially video like I said, I should go live sometimes and upload to videos to dozens of different video sites like YouTube, Bitchute, etc. I sometimes do but it is time consuming and I should try using bots, programs, etc, like I said to automatically upload my videos and live streams to many places, the more the better. I encourage you to do the same.
03:10 AM - 09:00 AM - Sleep. Out the door around 10:00 AM or maybe before that. What would sand worms or water worms or beach worms look like? Breakfast included some eggs. These worms would have teeth or edges. Perhaps the same. Clams. Back around 05:30 PM. I was talking about a floppy drive. I like Sony. I would prefer not Apple. Nap for like 2 hours or less. 08:00 PM - pea soup dinner. Fuller House on the TV. The last episode so far. Should you really skip ahead or watch them in order? Restarted my computer around 09:00 PM. Washer. Dryer now. Jackets. Left beanie over where I was earlier. Wearing the red one right now. Roseanne became a new show called the Conners. In The Walking Dead, Sophia became a zombie.

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