They will kill Trump and then kill you. Please don't tell anybody the following, it doesn't matter how much time you spend on Facebook because what really matters is knowing just one thing. People will never care how much you know until they know how much you care. Robert E. Lee hated slavery and was fighting for state rights in the United States of America in the 1800's.

Engineered Culture Wars

Globalists have been engineering this for years to get too many people dependent on the state, to activate terrorism, to trigger civil wars, race wars, culture wars. Globalists try to turn America into a fail state like they did to Syria and Ukraine. Cooking globalism instead of cooking us frogs hahahhaa.

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Oatmeal Daily - 2020-06-12 - Friday
Published in June of 2020

SJW BREAKING BAD Screenshot at 2020-06-12 13:20:05.png
SJW Breaking Bad Jesse Says Sorry

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Elevation Church

12:00 AM - Become The Bridge | A Conversation With Pastor Steven Furtick & Pastor John Gray | Elevation Church

“We have to speak. We aren’t going to say everything perfectly, but in a season like this, silence is agreement.” Pastor Steven Furtick and Pastor John Gray sit down to have a conversation about race, privilege, apathy, and what it will take to become the bridge to a better future.

We hope this message inspires you to have your own conversations in your home and community. We each have a responsibility to stand up in the face of injustice –– and equality will never be attained through silence.

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Come Out of Your Corner: A Candid Conversation with Pastor Steven Furtick and Charlamagne tha God. http://www.becomethebridge.com

Now, some of what they say might be too leftist in that they reference the desire to get free money or loans which come from a broken system that was hijacked by Rothschild and others. Money has been pretty fake for most of the 1900's and we should be promoting gold, cryptocurrencies, other currencies that could be decentralized, competititve, etc. Racism is not as bad as you may think and yet some people might be emphasizing too much on how bad racism might be. We all got problems, sure, but we should NOT focus too much on pointing fingers without talking about loving people. This video is pretty good at talking about seeking justice but many people hijack the term justice to justify burning cities.

General Shepherd

12:24 AM - AMERICAN COUNTDOWN (Full Show) Thursday - 6/11/20

Rise of ANTIFAstan Seattle.

Hive 61

Around 11:00 PM Thursday PST or PDT or absolutely before 12:00 AM Friday, I notice my Hive REP was up from 60 to 61. Thank you everybody.

First East

01:08 AM - Facebook

Marilyn Mitchell, I googled what day Easter landed on in 1952 to get the Sunday the 13th of April date as the photo just says "Marilyn's first Easter," assuming it was taken on Easter day.

Facebook Caring

01:18 AM - Facebook

How much time do you spend on Facebook? Let me tell you a secret. Please don't tell anybody that it doesn't matter how much time you spend on Facebook because what really matters is knowing just one thing. People will never care how much you know until they know how much you care. Therefore, know this, I care about you guys so much. So much. Thank you, thank you, good night everybody.

How do you say adventure in your country?

Man of Steel means Stalin in Russian?

Fuller House

2020-06-12 - Friday - 01:33 AM - 02:01 AM - Fuller House 513

Jackson fixed Ramona's laptop problem. Jokes. Guilty pleasure. College talk. College trip to get Jackson interested in more than just pizza. Stephanie wants to relax and gets the guys to go tuxedo shopping. Funny episode, I'm laughing out loud. DJ tries to kidnap a trophy thing from a college party group thing. James Bond lazers. Escape. Berta hasn't hugged since the Berlin Wall. The door is always open but don't leave it open cuz that aint safe said Kimmy. Jackson to do a computer program in San Francisco as graduated has gone to work for Google, the FBI, and NetFlix.


2020-06-12 - Friday - 02:01 AM - 02:46 AM - Vikings 603

King kidnapped by the other king. Chicken. Drinking. Talking. Well, maybe not kidnapped as he recued him as he was on the battlefield. Perhaps laying on the ground. Scarlett digs up her sword to defend her town from bad men. Iva is in what looks like Moscow, Russia.

02:50 AM - 10:05 AM - Sleep. Left hand still sore since August 2019 or so. In a dream, I was at the Joe Rogan Show in the audience. Wanted to like be on his show or go to his house and had my bags, blankets, pillows, everything I needed to stay the night. He kind of said hello to me as everybody was leaving at the end of his show and he was locking up and I went outside and went with Joe Rogan to his house and yet it was not Joe Rogan but it was like a different person in my mind and yet possibly the same person and yet not the same person. I may have forgotten which person was which but retrospectively looking back I kind of feel I went into Joe's car. In real life, Joe doesn't have a studio audience. In my dream, he did. In another dream, Will Smith, not to be confused with Fulton Hawk, was like trying to get me to cheer up and smile and stuff and I wasn't and we were in a big cafeteria or something. Later on it, I was like a little more positive and he might have saw that and I was going off somewhere from the group of people but am not sure where but kind of saw Will again as we were both going our separate ways and I may have went off with other people but I don't remember who or what.

General Shepherd

10:26 AM - AMERICAN COUNTDOWN (Full Show) Thursday - 6/11/20

Continued watching this which I started watching ar 12:26 AM.

It included a documentary about Hitler.

Brain Washing

Four stages:

  1. Demoralization takes 15-20 years to trick children in schools into not caring about morality.
  2. Destabalization: takes 2 to 5 years.
  3. Crisis may take just 6 weeks.
  4. Normalization may last indefinitively.

Teachers help teach the kids and college students the communism and everything. The teachers feel they should lead in power and they end up getting lined up too and shot. In some cases, in some countries in history, teachers would try to rise up against the totalitarianism or authoritarianism.

Defund Antifa

Project Veritas

Jordan Peterson

Don't lie

Sins of ommission

Don't self-censor

Don't zip your lips

Be honest

Pass it on

Or suffer the consequences which affects your country

Truth is an andecdote to suffering

Telling the truth is a gamble on the benevolence of being.

George Orwell begin writing against totalitarianism after 1936 after seeing what was happening in a Spanish thing.


In San Antonio, Texas, in 1975, mom made the blue and green quilt or blanket that is currently on the top of the other couch here. Well, technically, not a quilt but something like it.


Mom was making the green, blue, black, red, orange blanket thing in Oregon in 1979 around the time she met my dad.


Around the time my brother was born, in Oregon, around 1982, my mom taught her grandma, Ann Pickell, her mom's mom, how to quilt, and Ann made the black and white like pillow.

Red Guy

11:49 AM - Alex Jones Show - First Hour - Friday June 12, 2020


Murdering Trump

Globalists are still trying to murder Trump. I've been writing about this since at least 2018. Joe Biden just said to Trevor Noah on TV that military would remove Trump in the case Trump refused to leave office, assuming Biden allegedly wins. Biden was saying that we don't want a military state and therefore will utilize the military state to not have military state. That is doublespeak and a lie. They have been introducing the idea of removing Trump for years in an attempt to lure too many citizens towards apathy, normalization. It's still ongoing right now. Globalists are taking over the world to the extent you do nothing. So, don't tell anybody this. Stop reading and go back to sleep. I know you don't care about what I'm writing. So, just let them dominate your soul.

The minute they murder Trump, they'll try to JFK you as well, if you're not already dead.

Are you a night owl?

I am a knight. That's true. My eyes are big like owls. That's true too.

Killing Trump

They will kill Trump and then kill you.

Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee hated slavery and was fighting for state rights in the United States of America in the 1800's. For many years, Robert E. Lee tried stopping the American Civil War from happening in the 1800's in the first place.


Rothschild is like a short man tricking a tall man into cutting off his legs has he wants to be taller than the giant, so he brain washes the basketball dude into sawing his legs off. Hey man, it's not fair that you're taller than me. We need equality and diversity. So, cut off your legs. Well, ok. Oh, your eyes are too good, stab your eyes out.

Robin Hood Chaz?

Seattle has borders.

They shout no borders, no walls, unless if it is Chaz Country.

But no borders, no walls, no USA at all, because America can't have walls.

But we can.

You can't.

But we can.

We live in Wall-E World.

Too many people are fat couch potato spectators who choose to ride this straight to Hell.

Suspending logic

Engineered Culture Wars

Globalists have been engineering this for years to get too many people dependent on the state, to activate terrorism, to trigger civil wars, race wars, culture wars.

Red Guy

01:18 PM - Alex Jones Show - Third Hour - Friday June 12, 2020

Hollywood Celebrity Cringe

They say they take responsibility. Breaking Bad Aaron Paul who played Jesse is in the commercial. Oh, being a white guy is so bad.


Globalists try to turn America into a fail state like they did to Syria and Ukraine.

Black Lives Matter

"It is our duty to win." That is part of their closing chants they whisper and then scream. Three female BLM leaders help lead the chant at a blogger conference.


01:47 PM - Hive Post

1999-06 - Restaurant or Fast Food Joint - Alan's High School Graduation.jpg
1999-06 - Restaurant or Fast Food Joint - Alan's High School Graduation.

When you strive, you reach out to the moon like angels in the sky. You gotta do what you got to do when the going gets tough. It can get tough. But when you strive, you find joy. You find meaning. You're willing to die to stand up for the rights of others to be independent. Here are some family photos from the 1900's.

Cooking globalism instead of cooking us frogs hahahhaa.

Become a Banned Video Content Creator

02:36 PM - Hive Post

Become an uploader.

Simply go to https://banned.video/upload and fill out the application which only takes a second to do. Simply provide two of your best videos to them.

Or pass this onto people you think should be content creators. If YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others, are censoring your videos or videos you try to watch, then why not give Banned Video a try?

Could you at least share this with a friend?


Screenshot at 2020-06-12 14:13:02.png
BANNED UPLOADER 2 Screenshot at 2020-06-12 14:20:33.png


Soup lunch. Dishes. Compost. Recycling. Trash. Shower.

Hotep Jesus

04:08 PM - Rollo Tomassi - Women

Connect Dots

04:30 PM - 09:00 PM - Come along. Good idea. She-Ra reboot. Lesbianism. Gay. Woman kisses a woman. Why do they show children this? They try to destroy families. They don't want men and women to have babies. They try to destroy civilization by corrupting kids. Abraham should have been more honest in Genesis by saying Sarah was his wife but said she was his sister. Trust God and go places you can never dream of. I wonder why Moses would live longer than Abraham. Was destruction of the two cities that also got the wife of Lot a volcano or something else? When was the book of Job written? Dream Works who made She-Ra is owned by Disney and Disney is demonic. Talk about clams, oysters, mushrooms, distinquishing between different things. Mar. Roller coaster. Lene. Back. Pray. So they did for her. Lion Den he was next to me during worship. M&M cam today. Three to four hours as usual towards about nine. Left around 04:30 PM. Melody should be louder than the bass.

Stefan Molyneux

09:09 PM - "WAS THE FALL OF THE SOVIET UNION A GOOD THING?" Stefan Molyneux vs Caleb Maupin

What a weirdo! He says, "Stop interrupting me." Yeah, let me keep on lying about what didn't say but I'll pretend you said it. What a weirdo.

What a cry baby. He doesn't know what free markets is.

Who is Adam Smith?

Caleb Maupin believes that we must have "CENTRAL PLANNERS" or else. That is his religion.

Caleb Maupin is conflating free markets with a series of corruption such as corporatism, cronyism, fascism, aspects of communism within the United States and other countries, authoritarianism, totalitarianism, socialism, tyranny, control, and again, especially corporate collusion between corporation and governments, again emphasis on the collusion part, not to be confused with Russian Collusion. It is true that the governments have always limited aspects of free markets. But free markets has always been on the planet for thousands of years. But Caleb is criticizing some of the things that Amazon might be doing. Big corporations are doing things. You can look at Karl Marx who may have been the first to coin capitalism to criticize free markets. That's a bending of reality. It's true that monopolies are dangerous. But free markets is not an endorsement of monopolies. A free market may be a form of democracy as it utilizes balance between supply and demand. A nation can function better with a republic style government. I would encourage people to always try to limit government towards anarchy. But anarchy does not happen. But when we don't strive towards anarchy, then we end up striving towards globalism. When we strive towards limiting government, then we are therefore striving for a balance as there will always be people trying to enlarge governments like cancer, fire, a viral disease.

Wearing Wigs

10:16 PM - Hive Post

2004-12 - Marilyn in a black wig at our reunion in Portland, OR.jpg
2004-12 - Marilyn in a black wig at our reunion

You got different hats you gotta wear sometimes. You also got different wigs you have. So, when the going gets tough, put on a different hat and get to work. Sometimes, you gotta put on a different hat and put yourself into the shoes of others to see things from different perspectives. Here are some photos of my family and things related to that from the 2000's.


The American slave trade was only five percent when compared to the Muslim slave trade market. Blacks would sell other blacks to many countries around the world for thousands of years.

Joe Rogan

10:52 PM - Joe Rogan Experience #1491 - Bill Burr

Helping Hands

11:03 PM - Hive Post

2006 maybe Marilyn tutor boy at a school.png
mom tutoring a boy at a school

Deep inside your soul is that desire to reach out and help. That is an aspect of finding joy. it's fundamental and it's eternal in so many ways. That's what helping hands is all about. Here are a few photos of the family reunion we had in August of 2006 plus a few other family photos mostly relating to my mother who was helping kids learn how to read in a school program. Before that, mom was homeschooling me and siblings.


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