2020, March

Dick Virus Baby. The virus is squeezing our balls. Potluck. Hey AOC Greta, this is our world war four. Covidding Trump to the ground, is the plan of the globalists, as they try to bring the world under centralized government. Pentagon Coverup. Be smart. Don't be scared. Start gardens. Make memes. I've been doing both.


Worked on computers. Redesigned my room. Potluck. Square One Television Sunday, the first day of March 2020. Bought electronics. Pizza. Pray. Rocks. Game room. Pentagon Coverup Monday. Computer work. Virus in Shelton. Tron Overlord Justin Sun Tuesday. Burger King. Air Borne Moments Wednesday. Picard. Spent most of Thursday on Discord discussing the three hour Steem Tron video interview. Rothschild Justin Sun. Covid April Explosion Potential Friday. Daylight losing one hour. Tim Taylor of Home Improvement. Tom Sawyer the farmer. Cleaning. Chinese Invasion Plan Saturday.

Chimera Hiv Corona Virus

9/11 Corona Virus Sunday the 8th. Haiti. Tag outside. Walmart. HIV Magic Not Dead Monday. He got a new car. Engineered Chimera Corona Virus Tuesday. Car wash. Vacuum. Beta Zombie Virus Wednesday. Chloroquine Thursday. Trump declared a national emergency. HIV-Delivery-System Enabled Terminator Zombie Chimera-Virus Friday. Michael Jackson Man in the Mirror Saturday.

Storage Unit

Open Border Prison Planet Sunday the 15th. Storage unit. Brought back a dresser and 2 night stands. Corona Virus is The New Nine Eleven Monday. Proto Molecule COVID Tuesday. Transformer Nano Bot Virus Wednesday. Drones Bossing People Thursday. Joining Hive Friday. Feeling Sick Saturday.

We Are The World

Gotta Get Through This Somehow Sunday the 22nd. Never have I ever. Smart writer on COVID. Capture the flag. We Are The COVID World Monday. Easter or Bust Tuesday. Your Squirrel Nuts Wednesday. Losing Intuition Thursday. Not Pastor Joey Friday. Open Letter to the World. Garlic Trump Saturday. Eating Testicles, Sunday the 29th. Dick Virus Monday. Penis Virus Tuesday.

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2020-03 - Monthly

Oatmeal Monthly - April of 2020

2020-02-24 - Monday - 05:04 PM

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Square One Television

2020-03-01 - Sunday

World War Four. A global problem means a global solution. Corona Virus, Brought to You by Open Borders Hahahaaaa. We were warning you back in January 2020 and in some cases, before that as well. What we said would happen is happening and will continue to happen. What are you going to do about it? Will you tell other people about it? Will you spread the word before it is too late?

The 2019 Novel Corona Virus is a complex situation. It was man-made to an extent. It is deadly and contagious. But you can fight it without the help of globalists who create problems in order to then come in to save us. All it costs us for their remedy is our freedom. Just give it up and go back into your prison as slaves, if you want. They want you to feel hopeless so that you will bow to tyranny. They want you to give up.

If Palpatine was a clone, then does that mean clones can handle the force? If so, then why were the clone troopers not force sensitive? With COVID, there are many different levels to it, different types, very deep. They don't want you to plan ahead, to have a food pantry, to save water just in case you are stuck in your house for a month. It is an economic war. It is a panic. People are getting sick. They try to get Trump to say it is a hoax so that they can they say it is real. The list goes on and on and on. it is many different things at the same time.

Born Angels or Demons?
Square One Television Taught Me Math

Pentagon Coverup

2020-03-02 - Monday

The Pentagon estimates that at least 3 million Americans may die because of the virus in 2020. They're trying to cover this up. They don't want you to know this because they want more control over your life. The virus may peak in July of 2020. That is when the real fun begins. Will you be ready? Will you get ready?

Orka hates Infowars and called Alex a snake oil salesman. That is bad. Orka the gay whale is insane. Republican = Fake. Do you have a water well? Can you buy seeds and plant gardens? Can you buy canned foods? Can you stock up on water? What can you do to help others prepare? Can you make some videos and spread the word? The tyrants win as we zip our lips. We win as we spread the word.

The choice is up to you.

Our Souls Forever
Angelina Jolie Joined Steemit
Weekly Photos - 518pics | Mirror
Are you prepared for the virus that millions of people are dying from in 2020?
Why Crypto Should Care About Justin Sun’s Steem Drama

Tron Overlord Justin Sun

2020-03-03 - Tuesday

Over 10,000 Chinese people were protesting the pollution, etc, in Wuhan. Police were physically assaulting them. Then, after that, this virus thing came out. Coincidence? Just a happy accident as Bob Ross would call it? Nothing to see here, right? Doctors have been begging for tests for a long time. They refuse to give it to them. Globalists are trying to take over the world via this pandemic.

Air Borne Moments

2020-03-04 - Wednesday

The virus is airborne. You got it or will get it. Period. The pandemic has been doubling weekly. That means the total number multiplied by two, each week. Also, watch out for secondary infection. Eat more garlic. Drink more water. Google natural remedies. Spread the word.

Take the time to do what you do and do them well. You may not always find what you do to be valuable. However, that doesn't mean you're not making a difference in the lives of people around you. Yeah, you may be wasting your life to an extent. So, make some time each day to evaluate your life. But if you're committing to taking care of those you care about, your family, your friends, people you work with, people around you, people you run into, then have pride in that. Treasure those moments. Write about those experiences. Make videos about it. Focus on those moments. Live in the moment. Be in the moment. You can build on top of that. What you're doing can be added to your resume. So, in other words, all things work together for those who are aligned with eternal principles, Romans 8:28.

Rothschild Justin Sun

2020-03-05 - Thursday

Is Justin Sun the technocratic version of Rothschild? Why did Wuhan have so much Five Geeee? Truth be told, 5G helps the Corona Virus spread. Also, this COVID19 is a good cover for 5G which causes people to die. So, it's a bit of both. Plus, they try to force vaccines on people because of COVID. Plus, this pandemic causes panic which persuades too many people towards slavery under the tyranny of too much government. All of this is a long story and there is more to it than just that. It's complex. So complex and yet simple. COVID is another thing that globalists use to try to bring us down. But are you going to let them bring us down? The choice is still up to you. You can spread the word and help other people prepare.

Prayer boosts your immune system and helps you live longer. They say you are so bad because you are bias and yet they are being bias when they say that. When a husband and his wife both own the same car, which person makes a final decision on whatever they want to do with the car? What if they both disagree on who gets to drive the car on a given day, then what? If they both own it, then who decides what is done? Who is the tie breaker? Did Tron get crypto exchanges to use Steem that they did not own to vote for witnesses?

5G and the Corona "Virus"

Covid April Explosion

2020-03-06 - Friday

Was Justin Sun arrested yet for stealing money from strangers in order to vote for witnesses without their permission or knowledge? Millions of Americans may die in America before July of 2020. But we can do things to reduce the deaths. You can help if you want. You can save lives if you want to be a hero. You can spread the word before people you know die. You won't be allowed to travel.

COVID may explode in April of 2020. All humans should isolate themselves for the next several months. We must build up our immune system or else. We must stock up on months worth of food and water. You have been warned. Good luck.

Passion to Learn
COVID Explosion - April of 2020 - Potential Projection
Pandemic News
Did you say Sun was arrested for stealing money?

Chinese Invasion Plan

2020-03-07 - Saturday

Chinese soldiers are becoming immune to COVID. China is trying to invade the West Coast of the United States in 2020 or as soon as possible while people are busy with COVID, with Marshall Law, etc. If Trump does not...... Trump will be resigning before November of 2020. Are there underground cities? Why is government buying up everything? Why are they hoarding up many years worth of food? Why are they doing all of these things? HIV-Like Mutation in the COVID Corona Virus.

Banning Alex Jones
Stop Playing Around! Vote for REAL Steem Witnesses!

9/11 Corona Virus

2020-03-08 - Sunday

Corona Virus is the new nine eleven for the world. It was engineered to bring people closer to elevated tyranny. Will you let them do that? "Before there was Internet, there was Talk Radio." Alex Jones. White children are a minority. Tron Overlord continues to take over Steem. So, we will probably fork. See, Justin bought Steemit and not Steem. But Justin says that Steemit is Steem and that Steem is Steemit. But that is incorrect. But that is minor news when compared to how only one percent of people or much less die from the flu. Right now, early in 2020, way more than 3% are dying from COVID even as it still spreads and everything. COVID is engineered. Too many people say it is just the flu but it is worse than that. It is very bad and we can fight it. But supply chains are breaking which means you will not have food very soon. I'm on record warning you. I'm telling you to wake up. Otherwise, you will suffer more than you could ever imagine. Communion. SS.

Remembering Tom Wade
Get Your Vote On Peeps

HIV Magic Not Dead?

2020-03-09 - Monday

Over 2% of the people go six feet under. It is worse than the flu. By May of 2020, there will be no hospital beds. Make hospital beds at your house. Some people do recover. But they will try to stop you from travel. You may run out of food. Some of the people that get COVID recover and that is the good news but the bad news is that some people may need hospital beds which we may not have any very soon most likely before May of 2020 which means we should have our own hospital beds at home. Should Trump give us comfort or is that the job of local fathers? I don't mean priests, necessarily, but simply male paternal parents.

HIV Magic Johnson Aint Dead?

Why is Magic Johnson, who was tested positive for HIV in the 1990's, still alive 20 years later? Do you want me to tell you a secret? The treatment tends to be worse than the actual HIV itself. There are times the original HIV strand reemerges out of nowhere. Because they inject them back into people without their consent to reinfect them with HIV as a way to keep them dependent on centralized medicine. But they do not want you to know that. We can fight off diseases without the centralization of medicine, excessively and obsessively that is.

Weekly Photos - 201pics - Mirror

Engineered Chimera Corona Virus

2020-03-10 - Tuesday

Are your socks made out of wool? Islam cartels took over Minnesota like Tron Overlord Justin Sun took over Steemit and Steem. Did Leo say 100 daily deaths in Italy? The Corona Virus is the globalists way of banning Trump Rallies offline. Have you been infected by trained coalition? Could COVID be coming from geoengineering or 5G?

Mistaken Destiny
Internally Online
Imaginary Invasion
Forest Grove High School, Class of 2004
Christopher Wright NYC

Beta Zombie Virus

2020-03-11 - Wednesday

Beta Zombie Virus Test. Globalists are testing us. They will be trying to release an even bigger one before November of 2020.

Darth Vader America. On the 25th of July of 2001, Alex Jones dared his audience to call the White House concerning how we know about the plan for what became 9/11 on the eleventh of September of that same year. Some people knew and tried to spread the word about what was happening similar to the medical 9/11 of 2020. This is your warning. If you got this message, you could be part of the resistance against tyranny and you can help spread the word and fight back against authoritarianism.

Moved to Shelton


2020-03-12 - Thursday

A zombie is a person who is walking around while infected with the Corona Virus. It is air-born. You cannot stop it from spreading. We are all being exposed to it. Vince Carter played what might be his final game Wednesday. He made that three at the end of that game.

Curing Corona Virus

Chloroquine is a proven antiviral treatment for malaria. It works by transporting ionic zinc across the cell membrane, which in turn shuts down the replicase enzyme needed for viral replication.

Independence vs Dependence

Do you want to remain dependent on the government for your welfare, for your health and well-being? I encourage people to help each other out voluntarily. Would you rather tyranny stick a gun in your face and force you to give them too much of your money (taxes)? Do you trust them? So, authoritarian governments can have all the guns and you cannot even have a knife?

Freedom vs Protection

Which do you prefer, alleged protection from federal government or the freedom to live, the freedom to try, the freedom to worship, the freedom to compete, the freedom to buy and sell, the freedom of private property, the freedom of privacy, the freedom to bear arms, and the freedom of free speech?

HIV-Delivery-System Enabled Terminator Zombie Chimera-Virus

2020-03-13 - Friday

They're boiling frogs. Microscopic HIV-Delivery-System Enabled Terminator Zombie Chimera-Virus has the purpose of weakening immune systems, a John the Baptist preparing the way for a Depopulation Disease X Jesus that they will be trying to release after this. But we can stop it.

How do we protect cells from viruses? Eat some oranges.

Michael Jackson Man in the Mirror

2020-03-14 - Saturday

It's critical not to panic too much around children. Fear Porn is better than being too unprepared for disasters. When you are afraid, then you can be careful and brave. Try your best to do what you can to take care of yourself and those around you, especially in the mist of the Corona Virus (COVID) pandemic of 2020. I've been talking about this SARS 2 disease thing since at least January because I want you to know how bad it can be.

Defining Tactics

But at the same time, I'm not running up to children screaming, "We're all going to die." I'm not saying we should lie to kids. They can magnify the panic within our souls. Instead, give them hope. Encourage teens to eat more raw garlic and oranges for example. Dare them to Google Natural Remedies on the Internet. Turn it into a game.

Michael Jackson Man in the Mirror Back After a Decade - YouTube
Rock Well - Somebody is Watching Me

Open Border Prison Planet

2020-03-15 - Sunday

Government is the Real Virus. Leftists want Open Borders and a Prison Planet where you cannot leave your house. What is HIV and how is the Corona Virus connected to HIV? The virus hides in your body. So, you may not be sick and yet you may still have the virus and not know it as the virus does not always show symptoms until like a month or more later inside your body. So, you may have the virus and not know it. People are passing the virus around. The virus is mutating. Some people get the virus many times, again and again. The virus is a chimera. The virus uses HIV. You probably have the 2019 novel COVID SARS 2 HIV-related chimera Corona Virus and do not even know it. The bad news is how this pandemic is breaking supply chains. The good news is that we can do things to cure this disease without vaccines. Google Natural Remedies and visit my blog for more information.

Tower of Babel

One of the problems with the Tower of Babel is that when too many people are together, then too many germs, viruses, bacteria, etc, are together, and that leads towards elevated and accelerated evolution, mutation, and multiplication of diseases.

Corona Virus is The New Nine Eleven

2020-03-16 - Monday

Corona Virus is the New Nine Eleven. Invisible War. The irony is to the extent we have Open Borders and a Prison Planet at the same time. If police are enforcing global prison planet lock-downs in many countries around the world, then wouldn't those cops be spreading COVID? So, they can be outside and we cannot be outside? What, so, they're immune to COVID and we are not?

Meaning to Life

Take the time to ask key questions in life. If you are wondering about the meaning to life, then you should seek after that. These type of questions is what we call philosophy and theology. Why do some people go to Heaven sooner and some later? Well, it all comes down to freewill, which is a result of love. See, the meaning of life is love and the meaning of love is life. God gives us the freedom to make choices. Well, what we do, our decisions, affects other people and that can lead to some people dying earlier and for others later on. To be healthy, crush raw garlic and wait ten minutes for the chemical reaction. And then consume.

COVID From H1N1 2009?
Weekly Photos - 393pics | Mirror
Lab-Made Coronavirus Triggers Debate
Exclusive: Controversial US scientist creates deadly new flu strain for pandemic research
How much role does 5G play in Coronavirus?

Proto Molecule COVID

2020-03-17 - Tuesday

Leftists and conservatives around the world have a common enemy, globalists who are trying to lock us down and control us as much as possible. Patriots can unite with less political people as we oppose the tyranny that is accelerating towards us like never ever before in history. The Protomolecule of the Expanse is kind of like the Beer Bug hehe haha. Covid via geoengineering and vaccines?

COVID Inside Me

You have COVID. You do. But you can flush it out. You can. I can help you flush it out. COVID is dormant in some people. Google Natural Remedies. You can pray. You can study. You can save lives. You have the choice right now. Do you want to save people from dying? All you have to do is take the time to help people. There are so many little small things we can do to help each other out during this pandemic. We can beat this. Do you agree with me?

Corona Challenge on Twitter is Funny Stuff

Transformer Nano Bot Virus

2020-03-18 - Wednesday

Nano Bot Virus. You have COVID. You do. But you can flush it out. You can. I can help you flush it out. COVID is dormant in some people. Google Natural Remedies. You can pray. You can study. You can save lives. You have the choice right now. Do you want to save people from dying? All you have to do is take the time to help people. There are so many little small things we can do to help each other out during this pandemic. We can beat this. Do you agree with me? Nano Bots are real.

18 months Left or More

The beer bug will be infecting everybody before the year 2022. One of the biggest problems is that too many people are unhealthy and that includes people of all ages. Over half of Americans, including younger people, are way too unhealthy. We can save lives. We can do many things without the help of government. Please do not ask government for help. Government is the enemy in most cases. We can help people become healthier. Do not be afraid. Do not have fear. Do not get scared. Simply take action, each day. You can make a difference. You can do things to help other people. I've written articles about some of the things we can do. I'll continue writing more on Hive, the son of Steem.

Announcing the Launch of Hive Blockchain

Drones Bossing People

2020-03-19 - Thursday

All around the world, drones are ordering people to stay off the streets. In other words, humans are being taught to submit to robots, like Terminators, Wall-E, Matrix, etc. Crazy people are using this Corona Virus as a cover, an excuse, to bring forth a world depression and then world government. They are trying to persuade you to give up on life. Will you let them win? If you do nothing, they may win. But you can stand up. You can do something or die trying. Problem is Globalists using this to enslave us. Yes, the beer bug is real but so is tyranny that takes advantage of man-made pandemics. Oh, thank you Bill Gates, etc, for creating problems. Oh, does Bill already have a vaccine for the Novel Corona Virus?

Lockdown Until 2022?

They're trying to keep humans in lock-down until 2022 or until they can force a global economic depression. First, they say it will only be two weeks or two months. But they keep on trying to take more and more and more over time all in the name of allegedly trying to keep mankind safe, secure, protected, but at the cost of our freedoms, rights, liberties, choices, humanity, lives, health, etc. But let's talk about fighting back. Whitey Ford Wash.


Joining Hive

2020-03-20 - Friday

COVID-19 = 1984. Global 9/11. We are in world war four not just with a virus but more so with government. FEMA may be going door to door to steal excessive foods from house to house. Therefore, grow potatoes. Hide your food in the ground. Hide your food. Join Hive.blog or PeakD.com. I prefer the Hive.blog user interface (UI) but the PeakD UI does have many interesting options.

Feeling Sick

2020-03-21 - Saturday

Two dogs fighting. A cat in the middle biting back as all three were tied to each other in my evening nap dream today. Not sure what that was all about. Been sick the past two days and have been sleeping a lot as I try to recover. I have been recovering pretty quickly. I drink a lot of water and try to eat less while having a headache, an upset stomach, a cough, a stuffy nose, a bit of a sore throat, things like that. I take extra Vitamin C in general. I also take Magnesium for my headaches.

Gotta Get Through This Somehow

2020-03-22 - Sunday

Gotta Get Through This Somehow Song. You need zinc before you get the virus. Millie Weaver published an amazing video today. It really surprised me. She talked to what I thought was like a robot but it turned out to be another woman instead. But the whole skit was illustrating something rather sinister, which gets me back to the song I wrote today. Gotta get, gotta get, gotta get through this somehow.

Contact Me - Version 0001
Gotta Get Through This Somehow

We Are The COVID World

2020-03-23 - Monday

We are the world by Michael Jackson. We should be making videos singing this song and put it together. That would be the ultimate challenge, just in time for the tenth anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti.

Counting Sheep

Counting how many people died from COVID is the same as counting how many people died in 9/11. In other words, it doesn't get to the root of the problem of how it all started and who started it.

Weekly Photos - 211pics 2 3
Contact Me - Version 0001
January of 2010

Easter or Bust

2020-03-24 - Tuesday

Easter or Bust. Are you on lock-down? They plan to release a new virus every year. Is the cure worse than the problem itself? America was founded in the 1700's and the founding fathers were familiar with plagues, diseases, but they didn't try to write in exception clauses to violating private property rights. The New 2020 Easter Challenge. Will you celebrate Easter Sunday with other people? Will you resurrect on that day?

Lockdown Pandemic

How many millions of Americans died in the 1930's in the United States of America (USA) not because of World War II but because of the Great Depression?

January of 2010
April of 2010 - Month in Review - Hive.blog

Your Squirrel Nuts

2020-03-25 - Wednesday

Squirrels have nuts and humans have guns. The dollar must go down as gold, crypto, and other monetary currencies rises to compete against each other in a healthy competition for the first time in world history or at least for the first time in this particular way if we include Bitcoin and other alt coins. I've been talking about this since 2017. Max Keiser has been talking about this for many years.

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Losing Intuition

2020-03-26 - Thursday

They want you to lose touch with your intuition. Globalists plan to control you with apps and lights via the fear of annual viruses. Are essential services immune to the virus or can essential services spread the virus as well? If so, shouldn't we shut down essential services as well? Why would we keep essential services open? Isn't everything essential? Are our lives essential? Is anything that helps us stay alive essential?

June of 2010 - Month in Review - 2010-06
Charlotte Battle - July of 2010 - Month in Review - 2010-07
2010 Western Youth Institute (WYI)
The DCeric Show
Facebook Banned Me
Bell Ringer - November of 2010
Blake Webb Died. Redwood Glen
Vitamin D Receptor Activation in Liver Macrophages

Not Pastor Joey

2020-03-27 - Friday

One of my goals is to encourage people to think for themselves. Joey should be the new youth pastor. What? But Joey can't drive. I wasn't giving people a good first impression or second impression or any impression except for maybe my Yoda impression haha. Well, I've been a partial slob to an extent.

Hidden Intention

Of course, my intentions were to simply save money, time, resources, as many things can be time-consuming. Of course, I would try to look good and act professional at times. But I sometimes wanted to act crazy and many different things. I believe in what I do and in what I've done. I may do things a bit different now in 2020 as I look back at things. Well, it's a long story. It's a paradox and I can talk all day about it. So, I say all of this to say that I can understand when people think that I shouldn't be a youth pastor or this thing or that thing. Again, long story and I don't have time to talk about all of that right now. To be continued.

Jurassic Park Theology
Metal Gear Joey
Battlestar Galactica Jesus

Garlic Trump

2020-03-28 - Saturday

Garlic Trump. Why not send us healthy foods, natural remedies, for building up our immune system? Help us start gardens, farms, crops. Send us seeds in the mail. That is what we need. Drain the swamp. Get government out of our lives to the extent that they violate our private property, our rights, our freedoms. They are supposed to work for us and not vice versa.

1913, The Federal Reserve Act was signed into law with the goal of centralizing money, the banks, the flow of money internationally, as a way of monopolizing, on gaining more power and control over what people can and cannot do via taking more and more control over money which has aided in the fuel that drives humanity.

My Open Letter to the World
Civil Disobedience is an Excuse For More Tyranny

Eating Testicles

2020-03-29 - Sunday

The virus eats your testicles to stop men from spreading their seed to repopulate the earth with more babies via women. Zinc blocks viruses.

Game of Thrones. PASS Basketball
Put Your Love Glasses On. Moving Back to Forest Grove
Arnold Attic Trailers

Dick Virus

2020-03-30 - Monday

The virus is castrating your balls. So, how do we become Star Fish and grow new ones? Government is trying to swallow us whole. So, are we going to let them? I probably had the virus and probably got better from it. This virus is being used as an excuse to take over the world. In other words, globalism. It is kind of like the fat people in Wall-E. How can we save millions of people? One word: ZINC. On TV, they're trying to scare you. But don't be scared. Be safe. Google Natural Remedies. Share what you know with other people. Take care of each other. Don't be scared. Be safe. Be smart. Take action. Good luck. Take care.

Somebody That I Used To Know
Rise of the Planet of Red Dog
Young Adult Retreat
American Countdown

Penis Virus

2020-03-31 - Tuesday

Penis Virus. Hide your kids. Hide your wife. Hide your hot dog. Your immune system is your body insurance, your health insurance. This virus was created. It is deadly. But why ask the virus creators to save you? We can save ourselves by being healthy. And life is risky. We used to talk about regret.

Die Freely

I would rather live life as a free man than to regret not living life. I would rather be free to get the virus and be free than to be a slave forever and regret NOT living. I hope you remember when we used to talk about regret vs failure. That is what this is all about. Freedom vs fake safety. If I own land, I should have the right to have ten people on my land.

Screenshot at 2020-03-23 13:57:55.png

Random Notes

Garden prep. Planting. Cleaned out a storage unit of ours. Mom continues to get better at canning which she has been doing for years on and off but especially more so the past several months. That is good news. Governments continue to try to take away freedoms from people, globally. The good news is some people are waking up to the cancer of globalism.

2020-03-25 - Wednesday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-03-25 - Wednesday

Chandler Crump

Gen Z Panel Reacts to Democrat Debate (Don't Ban Us) | His Twitter

Did you ban me from your Discord because I hate globalism so much? Chandler Crump banned me.

Chandler Crump banned me off his Discord because I hate globalism so much. Maybe also because I talked too much about what happened in 1913 and 1933. I probably talked too much about that book, The Killing of Uncle Sam, which deals with how globalists have been trying to infiltrate governments for centuries and more so this past century alone.

Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Corona Virus is The New Nine Eleven

Proto Molecule COVID

Transformer Nano Bot Virus

Drones Bossing People

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Feeling Sick

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We Are The COVID World

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