The left tear down statues of George Washington but won't even touch statues dedicated to Satan. Why are more people allergic to more things now than ever before in history? You can ask Bill Gates that question. Please don't Google me. Thank you! I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. Don't copy and paste that into a search engine. Don't lookup my name, Joeyarnoldvn. Don't think about it. Don't be a curious cat. Thank you so much for not searching my name on Google, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, Bing, MSN, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or other websites, other places, etc, etc.

Peanut Allergy

People would get allergic to peanuts because some vaccines had peanuts in them. As leftists try to abolish police, what happens next is fascism where military police, run by the United Nations, comes in to take over the United States by force, that is the plan.

Stepping Up

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Oatmeal Daily - 2020-06-14 - Sunday
Published in June of 2020

CHAZ COP CHICK Screenshot at 2020-06-15 00:18:44.png
Chaz Seattle Cop Woman

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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VCR Filter

12:16 AM - Hive Blog

Yeah, interesting. To answer your questions, they varied. So, as a family, we have had dozens to hundreds of video tapes, some played a lot, some played a little, in VCRs, some eaten up, some repaired, some destroyed. Excellent video and audio quality for some of the tapes and less so on some of the others, especially ones from the 1980's.

VHS Effect Filter

I understand that acquiring filters is tempting. So, if you got the money, then have at it. That's what I'd say to anybody. But at the same time, I would probably find a free version of the filter or find a way to design my own filter or I would send my video out of my computer and into my VCR and record it on my VCR and then record it back and forth from VCR to VCR to degrade the value until the video starts to look old. So, if I really wanted to do, I would try to experiment using different video editors and I would Google it to see if others have done it. If all of that fails, assuming I don't want to just buy the filter, I would do the VCR option.

If people wanted to learn how to do it for free, I would gladly help them. I probably should post an article about how to connect a computer to a VCR. Probably need an adapter. The laptop would probably need HDMI out. A VCR would probably not have HDMI in but it's possibly to buy an adapter. And you can downgrade the video by recording it from VCR to VCR using a coax cable and make sure the cable wire is very long or have it run through some adapters or cut up the cord a little to add interference to degrade the video faster or perhaps put it in a dirty VCR.

Or burn the video to DVD and then put the DVD into a DVD player or DVD VCR Combo Recorder.

Stepping Up

01:05 AM - Hive Post

1990 - Yellow Belt Rick Moving.png
Yellow Belt Rick Arnold in 1990

The moment arrives when everything stands still. You must stare fate in the eye like as if you're the Karate Kid. No matter how many times you've fallen on the ice, no matter how many times you've failed, you must step up with your Eye of the Tiger. Gotta move forward.

Reflection Deflection

12:55 AM - Facebook

Arabella Hay, You are not mean but people who say you come across as mean are mean because it's called reflection deflection, meaning people tend to look at other people and end up seeing a mirror and that is a big problem. People will accuse you of what they see inside their souls.

Anticipating Rebounds

01:35 AM - Hive Post

2000-07-24 apx - Reunion - Basketball 01.png
Playing Basketball

Dennis Rodman lives inside your soul. Be ready for anything including rebounds. Be ready for not just opportunities but also transitional periods. When you miss a basket in life, anticipate that rebound, that transition towards the next opportunity. You miss every shot you don't take says Michael Jordan. This is the way. So say we all.

I play like Earl Monroe did in the NBA

Risking Seattle

02:00 AM - Hive

I live an hour from Seattle and I love Project Veritas. Should I go to Seattle right now? Part of me wants to.

Reward Hacking

02:07 AM - Hive

My blog is evidence of exactly that. I may not keep everything from my childhood but my rule of thumb is to at least take a photo of it and upload it to Hive if nothing else. I believe that the process of blogging helps me figure things out about myself whether that includes actual nostalgia or not. Beyond that, I feel that what I share with the world may help me and it may help others. I see it as a risk as people can get mad at me for posting things that some can argue I have no right to share. I would disagree but I don't care either way. I value the process. I treasure the process of processing life. You live life and you evaluate life. You live it, you see it, you look at it, you share it, and you get others to do the same in an endless loop.

History of the 1990's Blog


02:26 AM - Hive

You had a life before Nintendo? I was born in 1985 and grew up with it. Thanks for that link to that 90's blog. Oh, another big name would be Weird Al.

NBA is China's Hoe

Regarding Sex & Marriage

02:51 AM - Facebook

Step one, get married before having sex. After that, step two, have sex when your wife wants to have sex. When having sexual intercourse, the man should not stop until the woman is satisfied completely. If she says she's had enough, give it five more minutes just to make sure she had enough. Too many guys just want to go in, like fast food, satisfy themselves, and then they pull out as soon as they're done. But it takes a real man to not stop until she's done. That's the secret. But as a real man, you really got to listen and know your woman very well in order to know what she needs. Otherwise, you're only making things worse in the long-run of things. So, always be patient and think big picture. Be a turtle. My banana is locked and loaded. Are you eating bananas again? I put bananas in my oatmeal. People call me oatmeal. I have a banana. And I love me some monkeys. I got a banana and no monkey to have my banana. It's like Binge-Watching without the watching. Sasha, sometimes, you just got to do what you got to do. The summer is hot.

Chris Kinney, You're the Michael Jordan of the bed.

I love that one song, it's my life, it's now or never, life don't last forever.

Fuller House

2020-06-14 - Sunday - 03:40 AM - 04:13 AM - Fuller House 515

Don't you know how surprises work? Come in through the front door. Jesse appears to solve a crime. Should kids fight back like Michelle did? Pet store thing. Kimmy takes over as secretary. Jesse's adopted daughter was biting herself because she likes bandages, problem solved. Jimmy is allegric to bbets. Why are more people allergic to more things now than ever before in history? You can ask Bill Gates that question. What makes Kimmy bad at normal jobs makes her great as a freelancer, a party planner.


2020-06-14 - Sunday - 04:16 AM - 05:02 AM - Vikings 605

United Norway. Thank the gods you are here. Scorn. Cheers. Moi hai ba yo. Iva sees a woman who looks like his dead wife who he killed himself. The drunk son is taking drugs at a drug cafe.

Sleep. Got some juice around ten.

Liberty Hangout

11:07 AM - Atlanta Goes Crazy for Nothing

Cleaning Ears

Q-twists vs q-tips for ear cleaning. Try hydrogen peroxide for 20 minutes each time.

Lionel Nation

11:19 AM - Live Stream: The Right Has No Coordinated Response

Sandman MGTOW


Many people want things because other people want them.

Diamond & Silk

12:18 PM - Diamond and Silk Chit Chat, discussing the protesters and rioters.

Uprising book

Scanning photos

Why should I join your Facebook group?

02:32 PM - Facebook

The answer to that question is very simple, it's the same reason you write, post, and share on Facebook, that's why, that's the reason, a group is the same as a page or an account and people can go to a group for the same reason they might go to your Facebook page, your Facebook profile account.

Mom Married Bill

2008-11-16 - Sunday - 04:00 PM apx - First Baptist Church, Shelton, WA - The sixteenth of November of 2008


03:15 PM - Live PD Sheriff Responds To Show Being Cancelled & Defunding The Police


Strawberry yogurt thing. Thinking about what mortgages on top of mortgages might mean even with a single house. Also, what it means to friendship evangelism, discipleship. The hook in getting people interested. Talk about what is happening in Seattle. Do people want to defund or abolish police? If we want to reduce taxes, then that is good.

Family History

My mom's mom, Dwana Irene Pickett, was born in Florida in 1927 and they moved to Seattle around 1929 at the earliest or possibly 1930. Dwana was probably born late in January, like the 27th or the 13th and she was probably not three yet when they moved to Seattle. Dwana has a younger sister. They grew up in Seattle and went to school in Seattle.

Christmas of 1953

We have some photos of mom and her younger sister, Karen, who was born 14 months after her. Mom was born on the third of July of 1951 and Karen was probably born in September of 1952. We have these photos of them at their house I think and also at Dwana's mom place, that is Ann Pickell.

1927-01-27 - Dwana was born.
1931 - Jean Pickett was born.
1933 - Charles Pickett Jr. was born.
1934 - John Pickett was born.
1951-07-03 - Marilyn Morehead was born.
1952-09 apx - Karen Morehead was born.
1955-01-10 - Brian Morehead was born.

04:00 PM - 09:08 PM - CHores. Dishes. Scanning photos still as usual each day this past week especially. Washing bed sheets, pillow cases. Took an hour to raise my bed by six to twelve inches. Made 4 bed legs via 8 boards and 8 screws.

My grandma was working for Boeing during World War 2.

Red Guy

11:02 PM - Alex Jones Show - Full Show - Sunday June 14, 2020

The left tear down statues of George Washington but won't even touch statues dedicated to Satan.

Chaz Land

They harass a preacher in Chaz Seattle and force him to kiss a man. That's sexual harassment.

Peanut Vaccine

People would get allergic to peanuts because some vaccines had peanuts in them.

Silly Debt

Jamaica owes billions of dollars for food. Why don't they make their own food?

Chaz Police

Chaz Land has their own police. See picture of a woman cop in Chaz.

Chaz Sports

They played black people versus white peeople, dodge ball, instead of diversifying the teams. Most of the protestors and rioters and terrorists are white people.

As leftists try to abolish police, what happens next is fascism where military police, run by the United Nations, comes in to take over the United States by force, that is the plan.


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