The most unexplored place in the world may be China. If we can help the Chinese people free themselves from bad government, then we could all go there and explore this ocean of undiscovered treasures.

The Amazing Panda Adventure


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2020-11-15 - Sunday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-11-15 - Sunday
Published in November of 2020

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Star Wars Theory can be found on YouTube

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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12:13 AM - Hive

What is happening in Belarus? Hopefully something good like Brazil or is it something bad happening there like Venezuela?

People have had protests against tyranny in Brazil. In Venezuela, people are starving to death due to the bad government there. I'm glad people are protesting against that young kid leader dude in Belarus, that's good.

2020 U.S. Election

09:58 AM - Hive

Who told you that? Are you following the fake news who are lying to you about what is really happening?

Trump won 2020.

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Amazing Panda

2020-11-15 - Sunday - 12:36 AM - 02:28 AM - The Amazing Panda Adventure - film from 1995





Saw this in 1995, August 25, Friday

His dad is saving pandas in China

The Amazing Panda Adventure - Click here to see more of my notes on this film

Midnight's Edge

10:16 AM - Star Wars The Mandalorian s02e03 - "Boob Armour Reactions" Roundtable feat. The Critical Drinker

I forgot she is from Battlestar Galactica, I thought she was Hillary Duff.

You don't have to know those characters to enjoy that spacecraft raid.

But they shouldn't gear their episodes to normies any more than Breaking Bad should have.

@MrKezzerdrix, wasn't there a train job in the Han Solo movie? Was there also a Mandalorian train episode? You mean the episode on the sand planet?

If you want equality, then we would all wear the same armor.

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12:21 AM - The Amazing Panda Adventure (1995) Official Trailer - Stephen Lang, Ryan Slater Movie HD

Amazing Panda

2020-11-15 - Sunday - 12:36 AM - 02:28 AM - The Amazing Panda Adventure - film from 1995


09:36 AM - 🔴 Watch LIVE: #WalkAway DC Defend Democracy Rally LIVE Coverage

Star Wars Theory

10:14 AM - Vader and Luke Time Travel to Stop Anakin and Order 66

Midnight's Edge

10:16 AM - Star Wars The Mandalorian s02e03 - "Boob Armour Reactions" Roundtable feat. The Critical Drinker

09:00 AM rise and shine, it can be hard to turn off the alarm clock, oh I think I got it, you got to hold the button for a few seconds to turn the alarm off. It is hard to remember that when you are just getting up and panicking. Shower. Put on my We Are Alex Jones shirt. John Hagee live on YouTube talks about how Thanksgiving should not be just one day but everyday as we look at the Bible and that God does not address the turkey at the table but rather the turkeys sitting around the table.

Apple, coffee


10:00 AM - Corn meal like stuff, brown sugar


11:15 AM - Got over to church. I forget the sermon


01:00 PM - All sorts of things


03:00 PM - 09:40 PM working on 2 sliding doors minus dinner and lunch breaks and stuff.

Story telling game off and on and ongoing towards 10:30 PM, I was Joey Santa Clause, I eat people and mountains and anything I want. If you be gay, I eat you and spit you out and eat you again. Black hole inside me. A tornado and more too. I fatten people up and eat them.

Sleep till like 01:15 AM Apx Monday

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