2020, July

LEGO Batman Wednesday the first of July of 2020. BAT = Best At Teamwork Thursday. Taylor Swift Friday. Treasure Saturday.

Riding Waves of Progress

George Lucas Robot Sunday the 5th. MAGA Rooms Monday. Virtual Hell Tuesday. Halloween Fuller House Wednesday. Doctor They Thursday. Front Yard Garden Gate Friday. Chicken Coup Gate Saturday.

Daring Light

Conflating Deception Sunday the 12th. Drinking Children Monday. Voting Cats Tuesday. Pressure washing oyster bags on a sunny day. Masks Discriminates Wednesday. Bought headphones on Amazon. Vacuum. Police or Law Reform Thursday. We bought a 2.5" floppy drive and HDD reader. Researching Routers Friday. Hanna is a female version of the Jungle Book. New Headphones Saturday.

Being There

Lake Swimming on Sunday the 19th. Facebook bans images of Millie Weaver. Double Water Fights Monday. Apples Snake Tuesday. Pony Life Wednesday. Killing Millie Weaver Thursday. Copy Pasta Friday. Memes in Memes Saturday.

Garage Organizing

Robbing Banks Sunday the 26th. Criminal Minds Monday. Rock Memory Tuesday. Globalists Backfire Wednesday. Jordan No Mask Thursday. Covid Hoax Friday.

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July of 2020

Oatmeal Monthly - 2020-07 - July of 2020
Published in July of 2020

Screenshot at 2020-07-27 23:52:05.png

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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LEGO Batman

2020-07-01 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-07-01 22:27:52.png

LEGO Batman is pretty cool. I love that joke regarding Batman and Joker, as if they were in a relationship. It sure does put things in a new perspective to say the least.

BAT = Best At Teamwork

2020-07-02 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-07-02 18:12:00.png

BAT = Best At Teamwork. Oh, so I continued watching LEGO Batman on this day. I love that BAT means best at teamwork. But he always works alone he says and some should actually. So, go freelance. What are you waiting for?

Taylor Swift

2020-07-03 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-07-03 21:53:44.png

Taylor Swift wants to know if you want to get out of the woods or not. I was watching this music video Friday. I was working all day as usual at that one place.


2020-07-04 - Saturday

IMG_20200704_180712 Road.jpg

Treasure what is in your heart and if you don't, then what in the Hell is it doing in your heart? What you treasure, there your heart be also.

George Lucas Robot

2020-07-05 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2020-07-05 00:17:31.png

Woke up from this dream where I was writing about and watching a robot of like George Lucas who was like found guilty of like murder or whatever and was going to be executed. Maybe my robot or maybe a person. Maybe somebody else's employee or robot. we told him to leave before he is arrested and executed. After that, I broadcasted or somehow expressed a similar message to the world about surviving and living. It might have been similar to the motto of a girl on The Walking Dead regarding just stay alive somehow or something of that affec. I was like on the bus near the end. I have no idea where I was going as I was trying to broadcast my message to humans everywhere regarding life.

MAGA Rooms

2020-07-06 - Monday

Screenshot at 2020-07-05 23:55:55.png

Woke up from a dream of 2 meetings, the first where like a dozen average workers or everyday Americans wore masks as they were talking in front of a crowd of like 300 people in a convention room of MAGA people and the second of another room where the people on stage were not wearing masks. Trump appears in the back door opposite of the stage and salutes the crowd and then leaves the room. He was just visiting for a second as he was busy. They turn around to say hello to President Trump. Ivanka is in the back of the group of people who are with Trump and follow Trump and keep Trump safe and everything. Ivanka is wearing a Japanese robe that women do wear and she also is wearing a nervous smile as seems to be plotting to take down her own father as she pretends to love Donald.

Virtual Hell

2020-07-07 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-07-07 00:32:21.png

"Am I dead?" He asked Moulder this over the phone as it appears as if he faked his death. Well, on this episode of X-Files, that guy with the glasses was copied and put onto a virtual simulation of our world. So, this virtual copy asked Fox Moulder to murder them as they were living in Heaven or actually Hell.

Halloween Fuller House

2020-07-08 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-07-08 21:03:41.png

Feeling tired. Where is the honey, honey? Where's the sugar, sugar? Where are the cows, you cow or coward? Hey dog, who let the dogs out, dog or dawg? Hey pumpkin, where is the pumpkin? Clam Front Yard Garden Fence Post finished 3 rock buckets later.

Doctor They

2020-07-09 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-07-09 00:51:07.png

Doctor They is an interesting character who may be fictional or so they want you to think. X-Files 1104 is a crazy episode where you go down this rabbit trail of hey, did they have a third team member or is Reggie crazy? Does Doctor They and others erase things from the history and the memories of humans everywhere? Does he have that Men in Black (MIB) pen that gets people to forget stuff? The Mandela Effect is real?

Front Yard Garden Gate

2020-07-10 - Friday

IMG_20200712_090824 - Front Yard Garden Gate.jpg
I made this Front Yard Garden Gate on Friday

Front yard fence gate, I made and put up at that place. Also helped put up shelves in the basement. I am not sure if I would want to be like Ray Donovan or not. Tough job to have. But I guess somebody has to do it.

Chicken Coup Gate

2020-07-11 - Saturday

IMG_20200712_090737 - Chicken Coup Gate.jpg
I made this Chicken Coup Gate on Saturday

Made this chicken coup gate. Stop drinking chocolate milk. Each time you drink that mud water, you regret it. Be flexible in what you do and leave room for error. Let the gates and doors you create in life swing both ways.

Conflating Deception

2020-07-12 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2020-07-12 00:41:10.png
Fuller House Max and his GF

They conflate different corona viruses together as the tests can't tell them apart and it is much worse than just that. Tests are contaminated with Covid-19. They inflate the deaths and add as many deaths and pretend they are Novel Corona 2019 deaths, even if you die of a heart attack or a bullet. I was on a farm with no Internet for 2 weeks. Contact Tracing is designed to control your life.

Drinking Children

2020-07-13 - Monday

Screenshot at 2020-07-13 16:02:58 MASKS.png
Masks spread the virus

Covid-19 was patented in 2019 by the way. Al Gore and others drink the blood of children. They get the blood donated to them. They have fridges that follow them so they can drink the blood any time they want, ready to go. Scientists say there are at least 12 dimensions to our reality and it appears as if gravity bleeds into our world from other places beyond our understanding. Gravity may be that of black lives matter or I mean dark energy or dark matter. Are we in a simulation? N95 masks are designed to breathe out everything meaning if you got Covid and you are wearing a mask, you therefore spread Covid out of your mask and towards other people.

Voting Cats

2020-07-14 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-07-14 11:47:57 SAV SAYS on Fox.png
Sav_Says on Laura

Cats get voting registration applications. Even dead cats like Cody who have been dead for 12 years get voter registrations. Hey kids. Be there for people while you still can. Listen to them. Pray for wisdom, for relevance. Collect things that can be useful for other people in the future.

Masks Discriminates

2020-07-15 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-07-15 23:12:17.png
A Brave New World

Millions have died in 2020 because of the lockdown. You are a murderer for helping with the lockdown murder millions of people. Good job. If a store makes you wear a mask, don't shop there, period! As Satanists take over the world more and more, then the prison guards, the pawns, the cops, others, who work for the globalists, begin to rebel against them more and more. This happens in world history for thousands of years globally in some ways and it continues to happen. That is why they try their best to replace their soldiers with robots who will not question orders. They try to dumb now the SJW NPC bots too at the same time.

Invisible George Soros

One time when Roger Stone was about to go on a Fox show, a producer whispered into his ear, the ear bud, that Roger must not mention George Soros. Roger said he was not going to as it was not related to the topic he was going on television for, but why would they go out of their way to mention their policy or is there more to it than just that? Did Soros tell them to say that? Is Soros paying Fox to stay quiet regarding how Soros funds Black Lives Matter and other things? Black Rock: making a killing on killing.

Masks Discriminates

Requiring masks discriminates against people with disabilities. There are discrimination laws and some people cannot wear masks and mask mandates therefore violates discrimination laws among other things. It is a very complex thing and too many people are unaware of how complex all of this is. If you refuse a person from entering a store or if you refuse to bake a cake for somebody, that is discrimination.

Police or Law Reform

2020-07-16 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-07-16 22:05:54 Hollywood.png
Hollywood is full of demons

We don't want police reform but law reform. Infowars reported decades ago, as early as the late 1990's, that the emergency broadcast systems seen on television and radio would someday be on smart phones. Well, the United Nations is bypassing the U.S. government in doing just that. 5G lowers your immune system.

Meaning to Life

When you force people towards safety, you begin violating their freewill which is a fabric to the meaning to life itself.


2020-07-17 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-07-17 10:52:32 Millie.png
Millie Weaver

It is not necessarily that Bitcoin goes up in value, and Bitcoin does go up in value at times, but more importantly, as noted in this video as well, the dollar and other centralized fiat currency money goes down in value through inflation, thanks to world banks, thanks to the Federal Reserve, thanks to a series of factors, fiat has been dying and governments are trying to ban cash at the same time which diminishes fiat value. Therefore, in contrast, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rises in value as fiat continues to crash. People should try to use cryptocurrencies in transactions to the extent they can afford it but it is also critical to save money as fiat dips. We are in a huge transitional period in world history as we go through a global depression, a giant recession. Hold onto to cryptocurrencies, land, gold, gardens, farms, solar panels, etc. Hold on tight as we go through tough times in the 2020's. You have the opportunity to help other people during these crazy times that we live in.

Tower of America

When too many people try to move to the United States of America, then the USA becomes the tower of Babel. Over time, other countries become empty of the better leaders and people who should be in those countries. We should be spreading around the world. But when we all try to live in one place, that destroys other places like Africa especially which accelerates globalists who try to depopulate the world.

War on Cash

Something like 80% or 60% of all paper bills, dollars, that is U.S. money, is outside of America and 60% or 80% of all the U.S. coins are outside of the United States as well and they try to say you cannot use the bills and the coins because of Covid because the money is dirty.

New Headphones

2020-07-18 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-07-18 01:44:45.png
Hanna is a female version of the Jungle Book

The only way to stop the eternal plague of the lockdown is to expose the Covid Scam. Bill Gates is going to eat your brain. I'm a doctor but not that kind of doctor.


Satan wants you to beg for the zombies to be murdered by the millions, that is the trap, that is the plan, to get you to want people to die. The future depends on you. The choices you are making each day is pivotal for this current century.

Lake Swimming

2020-07-19 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2020-07-20 00:02:43.png
Watching Fuller House, season 3, this week

Stick together with your tribe at Walmart with no mask on. Wear your face instead of a mask and smile. Put your love glasses on in life. Be ready for anything. Have an open mind always. Drink more tea. Swim around with friends and have good conversations. Take a nap under a tree if you want.

Double Water Fights

2020-07-20 - Monday

Screenshot at 2020-07-20 00:38:23 DJ Fixing Steph.png

Be ready to get wet and I was ready and I was singing in the water fight. You are not going to stop me. Stand up for what you believe in, even as fire, floods, and ice comes your way. When I uploaded a photo of Millie Weaver, Facebook said that was illegal and then disabled my ability to upload for the next 24 hours from that point.

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Apples Snake

2020-07-21 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-07-21 03:46:15.png

Let intuition be your guide to the extent it is on the right track when everything is said and done.

Pony Life

2020-07-22 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-07-22 01:00:26.png

Be a booster to those around you when the going gets tough, the song gets sungier.

Killing Millie Weaver

2020-07-23 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-07-24 20:21:40.png
Facebook Bans Millie Weaver Photos on Friday

Dreaming of going back could be a hint of unresolved emotion, issues, or maybe not. I dream about going back to college, high school, Hawaii, my childhood, my twenties, my teen years, etc. I most think about my early twenties more than anything before that. Being 35 years old, I feel young and old at the same time.

Copy Pasta

2020-07-24 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-07-24 02:17:25.png

You can copy and paste content from CD to HDD. It is easy to do. Just drag and drop or copy and paste which is the same thing. Life is a lot like that. Some people will say that some things are not possible to do, including the CD thing I'm mentioning here, but it is possible. I put in a post for a new garden.

Memes in Memes

2020-07-25 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-07-24 23:24:07.png

A meme in a meme, like the Inception movie, is like a super meme and a meme in a meme in a meme is like a mega meme. We kept on talking about that. Imagine Russian dolls where dolls are inside dolls inside dolls inside even smaller dolls and so on and so forth but with memes. Like 6 or 7 levels down, just make up a word like not an ultra mega meme but like a vitra mega meme. Create or discover stories to write and draw about.

Robbing Banks

2020-07-26 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2020-07-26 22:18:29.png
LAs Finest

We were bank robbing a house. I left the house and then went into the wrong house. I got out of house number 833 and got into 823. We went out the back. I'm sort of joking about this dream that I had last night and the details may be off. I'm not sure if these random guys were stealing but I don't think I was. More details of my dream below.

Criminal Minds

2020-07-27 - Monday

Screenshot at 2020-07-27 23:45:39.png

Criminal Minds is a great show you can learn a lot from. The show deals with the psychology of those who break laws. Don't we all break laws? Better question, are we animals? No. We can see the traps the globalists put us in. The more we wear masks, the more they win. The more you bow to them, the more they violate your soul and the future of our children. The choice is your alone. Either tell somebody about this right now or be compliant to your destruction. The choice is yours. If you don't tell anybody about this right now, then you are in fact destroying the planet by not taking a stand. It's now or never. We are in an epic battle between good versus evil, globally.

Rock Memory

2020-07-28 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-07-28 23:38:50.png

Rock memory would be great. Never mind a rock gun. It would be great to be able to store data into rocks. When I say rocks, I mean literal rocks. There has to be a way to do it.

Globalists Backfire

2020-07-29 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-07-29 01:09:29.png

Globalists are trying to get police shoot unmasked Americans as they exit their homes and that would backfire as patriots are not going to roll over.

Jordan No Mask

2020-07-30 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-07-30 15:08:11.png

"Put your mask on, Mr. Jordan." I was making and drinking coffee, tea, apple juice. The sun is out. I took some photos and was thinking of some creative ideas for videos, articles. So many ideas that I can't type faster. Ideas to write about numbers. I had some dreams last night that I want to talk about but I guess I kind of forgot now. I have ideas about building ideas and ideas relating to education. There are so many articles and videos I want to do and make. I feel like I am stuck in a limited body. I am a genie in a bottle, baby, you got to rub me the right way.

Covid Hoax

2020-07-31 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-07-31 01:43:33.png

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