2020, October

BBQ No Face Mommy Thursday, the first day of October of 2020. Front garage. Please Expose Covid Friday. Killing Trump Via Drugs Saturday. Don't Murder Zombies Sunday. Covid is BioWeapon Warfare Monday. Twitter censors Trump Regarding the Flu Tuesday. Burger. Kamala vs Pence Wednesday. Joe Rogan Attacked Project Veritas Thursday. Owen Benjamin Blew My Mind Friday. Lonneke Engel Saturday.

Making Things Happen

Nerf guns. Apples to apples. Polio From DDT Not Viruses on Sunday the 12th. Butterfly Effect Monday. Uno. Terminator: INFOWAR Tuesday. Never Ending Story Wednesday. Town hall. China Will Own America if Biden Wins Thursday. Clue. Rain. Shelf. Couch. Mayra Joli Friday. Hammer Pizza Saturday.

Rising Tides

Hunter Biden fucks little girls. PORN. China blackmails Joe Biden. SNL vs USA Sunday the 18th. Duck duck dance. Satan Savannah Monday. Cooking Children Tuesday. Clam Chowder Wednesday. 2nd Trump Biden debates. Lauren Chen Thursday. Voting all day. Deer. Women dance behind Trump Friday. Trailer set on foundation. Steps set. Kanye West on Joe Rogan Saturday.

Laura Loomer for Congress

Happy first birthday Sunday the 25th. Coop again please. Pizza. No candy. Pudding. Mafia. Not Halloween Monday. Alex Jones on Joe Rogan. Tearing Down to Go Back Up Tuesday. Job in the Bible. Moving rooms over, not me. Hunter Biden Rapes Children Wednesday. Started watching Barbarians. New Green Covid Tumor Thursday. 6 nerf forts. Biden to be elected even as Trump wins 2020 Friday. Made me a computer desk table. Happy Halloween. Trump Over Sliced Bread Saturday.


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October of 2020

Oatmeal Monthly - 2020-10 - October of 2020
Published in October of 2020


I finished watching The 100 in October 2020

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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No Face Mommy

2020-10-01 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-10-01 22:08:27.png

Valuetainment can be found on YouTube

You will never see your mother's face any more than seeing a man's penis or ass or boobs or vagina, that is a major issue, a psychologically to demonize humans at all-time high, in a way to extinct humans. They designed Covid to prepare you for a cashless society that is too extremely and too dangerously centralized via corporatism, monopolism, plutocracy, central bankers, technocracy, leftism, the global warming scam, the Covid fraud, the race bait deception, the divide and conquer manipulation, globalism, fear, lust, the desire for alleged safety over genuine freedom, the desire to be slaves, the desire to be led, and especially Luciferianism.

Election Plan

Globalists will try to make it so no winner is declared on election night under the excuse that not all of the mail-in ballots are counted so they can continue either saying Trump won via voter fraud which the Democrats are guilty of or they will say Trump lost and refuses to leave office. They have said in videos they will contest the 2020 election when Joe Biden loses to Trump on Tuesday, the 3rd of November of 2020, Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday, the 25th of August of 2020, Biden should not concede to Trump under any circumstances. They will try to keep it contested through to the 20th of January of 2021 in order to enact the 20th amendment which involves Pelosi and her gang choosing who will be the next president.

Please Expose Covid

2020-10-02 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-10-03 01:01:21 Sarah.png


I FUCKING HATE DONALD TRUMP FOR LYING ABOUT THE COVID SCAM. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK PENCE DOES NOT HAVE COVID TOO, ALLEGEDLY? LOOK AT THE BILL GATES 2019 PATENT. People have been talking about how Donald and Melania Trump allegedly tested positive for Covid. This is fake news as Covid is a scam. This is designed by globalists to steal the presidency from we the people by the people and for the people. Keep in mind that the test is a scam. Covid is real but it was engineered by globalists. Also, there are natural remedies for curing the virus. Also, they use the virus as an excuse to take more of our freedoms away, bit by bit, day by day, little by little.


TRUMP IS A FUCKING LOSER, TRUMP IS SO STUPID for not exposing the covid scam. Vaccines can only be as good as communism can be good. If a patented vaccine alters your DNA permanently, you Would then become patented and owned and controlled biologically like a mouse in a maze chasing cheese by Bill Gates and others.

Killing Trump Via Drugs

2020-10-03 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-10-03 16:10:34 Killing Trump.png

Killing Trump Via Drugs

Covid is real but a scam. They're murdering Trump via 2 bad drugs, a synthetic nano-tech antibody and Remdesivir. Trump must ask for a second opinion from other doctors before he gives up the ghost. Racism was weaponized, cooped. Speaking of loaded weapons, Katie Hopkins gave an reward to a person with the biggest penis. Chadler Crump and Agenda Free TV banned me. Hillary Clinton told Joe on video in August 2020 not to concede in November when he loses at all no matter what. Vaccines are bad. Take off your mask. The Clinton machine is at the center of this global power struggle. Covid is real but lockdown is the scam.

Murdering Trump

Trump was given a synthetic nano-tech antibody and Desivir, two experimental and deadly drugs which may kill him. They'll then blame it on Covid, a perfect excuse for continual lockdown. If we don't save him, it will be our fault. They gave Trump a synthetic nano-tech antibody and Desivir which may kill Trump and then they will say, "Trump died of Covid-19." That will be a lie. They're framing their murder of Donald on the 2019 Novel Corona Virus. They'll say, "See, we have continue masks and lockdown." Don't conflate Covid with Comorbidity.

Don't Murder Zombies

2020-10-04 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2020-10-04 20:34:12.png

Forbidden News

Walking Dead should go after Bill Gates. Hell is a gentle slope. They're trying to murder Trump via drugs in a hospital. George Washington was murdered by his doctor.

Covid is BioWeapon Warfare

2020-10-05 - Monday

Screenshot at 2020-10-05 13:02:41.png

Covid is BioWeapon Warfare

Michigan is now unlocked. Doctors plan to give Trump Remdesivir and nano tech antibodies 5 more times post-hospital, doctors are murdering Trump worse than Reagan.

Bill Gates is Doctor Evil

Bill Gates gets richer thanks to being invested in the Plandemic.

Twitter censors Trump Regarding the Flu

2020-10-06 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-10-06 16:20:21 Trump Censored.png

Twitter censors Trump's tweet about the Alleged Flu

Centralized Digital Fiat Means Blackmailed. Cash kills artificially intelligent tyranny. Federal Reserve is doing right now what they did in the 1930's when they were banning gold. If you stacked up a trillion one dollar bills, it would take you to the moon, do we even have enough paper for that?

Kamala vs Pence

2020-10-07 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-10-07 23:18:36 Super Trump.png

Super Trump

YouTube age-restrict me. Magic Glass can stop any virus, just look. Doctors gave Trump BAD DRUGS because GLOBALISTS are TRYING TRYING TRYING to MURDER TRUMP VIA DRUGS or ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Trump is in danger. Trump MUST MUST MUST MUST seek second opinions from OTHER DOCTORS who have spoke up already on the dangers of unapproved drugs.

Trump Recovery

Trump: "I feel perfect," after recovering from Covid. Trump said it is a miracle he got Covid so he could learn about it, experience it, and see how he got better via drugs, etc. Harris said if Trump says take the vaccine, she won't but if Fauci says it, she will. But what if they both say it?

Joe Rogan Attacked Project Veritas

2020-10-08 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-10-09 01:05:18 Kamala Harris.png

Kamala Harris

I love Joe Rogan except when he says dumb things about James O'keefe, Alex Jones, Donald Trump, etc. Joe should be debated regarding certain topics. Otherwise, Joe becomes fake news. UN to have "OVERSIGHT" over the election, meaning to GOVERN, to CONTROL, to RULE, to DECIDE, the outcome. UN controls America by stealth, Austin police take orders from the UN, other cities do too, they admit to it. UN vows to REMOVE TRUMP BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

Overthrowing America

United Nations is openly talking about having their troops oversee the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections. Smoke damages grapes, farms, crops, fish, the engineered forest fires is destroying things, starving people to death, globalists must pay for it. UN to have INTERVENTION or OVERSIGHT over the election to get rid of Trump, that is the plan if we do not stop the globalists.

Owen Benjamin Blew My Mind

2020-10-09 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-10-09 19:52:07.png

Check out Owen Benjamin

Owen Benjamin. On CNN, that white guy, Cooper, said people can be arrested for having sex with people if they have HIV (AIDS) and therefore Trump should be arrested for having sex or for being too close to people as he has not HIV but Covid. But people with HIV should not be arrested. Government should mind their own business.

Burn People Up

Doomsday Camps is the new term for FEMA camps or the camps they shipped the Jews to be killed during WWII. When government officials try to stop some of the migrant boats, ships, the Islamic invasion of Europe, then Soros lawyers come in to throw them in jail for alleged crimes against humanity. Rush Limbaugh is great but Trump should also return to the Infowars Alex Jones Show as well.

Lonneke Engel

2020-10-10 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-10-10 13:38:21 Lonneke Engel Dutch USA Politics Talk YouTube.png

Lonneke Engel Dutch USA Politics Talk YouTube

Spread your love. Leave it on the court. Spread your jam thick upon the lawns of destiny. Be patient with the work you go about doing. Be diligent as a perfect storm and stone.

Polio From DDT Not Viruses

2020-10-11 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2020-10-11 14:37:00 Trump Twitter Censor.png

Twitter censored this Trump tweet

Polio comes from NOT viruses but DDT. Germ is word that means spell or trick, just look up the root, the etymology the history of the German word. Masks are killing people, disconnecting humans. I remember seeing this in Vietnam even.

Butterfly Effect

2020-10-12 - Monday

1960's - New Years Eve.jpg

1960's New Years Eve

Chinese Christians can save China.. FBI will get you if you say you need vitamin D, which we all need, and they did in 2020, but then when Dr. Fauci said it, the FBI is ok if he says what we all know, natural remedies cure Covid and many things. Have a beautiful, please wear your smile, I love your face, I love seeing your face. Barbie supports Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorists and encourage children, especially girls, to do the same. In 1959, Barbie was created to be a substitute for baby dolls to push girls away from the desire to become mothers when they grow up.

Killing Us Softly

They're Killing Us Softly, a Pentagon term, slowly meaning you don't even know what killed you, many things happen, slowly, and then you are dead, they're depopulating us, Bill Gates can burn in Hell. Bill Gates is the gate of Satan. UN runs trafficking and also runs going after traffickers in order to pretend to be the good guys even as they do it too. Creation, corruption, catastrophe, and confusion are the first four C's to our history. Why don't they wear masks in The Walking Dead, wouldn't zombie walker disease be airbourne? Certain versions of Covid-19 may have been a live-virus vaccine ingredient which may have been out since as early as 2014, it may have been deadlier than some of the SARS mutations, and the deadlier strands of Covid before the summer of 2020.

Terminator: INFOWAR

2020-10-13 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-10-13 23:42:04 Terminator Info War.png

Terminator: INFOWAR

UN = VOTER INTIMIDATION. United Nations said THEY ARE MEDDLING in the 2020 ELECTION in order to make sure TRUMP LOSES. Amy is talking about how the 4th amendment is a principle that can then be specifically applied. I love the 4th amendment. Billions of people got Covid but only thousands died, globally, in 2020. The numbers people share are highly inflated statistics shaded in fallacy. Lockdown to NEVER END.

Can't Share Election Outcome 2020

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc, will be censoring posts, users, videos, Tweets, etc, which simply say Trump won on Tuesday, the 3rd of November of 2020, many accounts will be terminated for sharing real news. My accounts will be destroyed by the technocrats. They will be deleting posts which will simply state the actual outcome on election night. People will simply share what happened and big tech will say that is fake news. They will say two plus two is NOT four. They have already PROMISED they will. Also, the United Nations have already said they have OVERSIGHT and will make sure Trump loses. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. I can tell you ten other things. You would be surprised. But I will be deleted soon because I speak the truth. If you expose the monsters, they will try to eat you. When Trump wins 2020, when people report on who won on election night, Twitter have ALREADY PROMISED to BAN those people and their tweets. What did the Pentagon called the Internet in the 1970's? They called it SkyNet. Uno.

Never Ending Story

2020-10-14 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-10-14 23:54:17.png

Mark Zuckerberg owns your mind he says. They say things like, don't believe in the conspiracy theory that you'll be forced to take Covid vaccine shots, and you will have to take the shots and don't believe the conspiracy theory that many people who will take vaccine will die, don't worry, you will die and Bill Gates is saying the lockdown will continue through 2030 and beyond, the next ten years at least.

China Will Own America if Biden Wins

2020-10-15 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-10-16 00:00:06 Trump Biden Duel.png

Trump Biden Duel

If Biden wins, China will own America. Osama Bin Laden died, probably before 2004 and was not involved in 9/11, not really. Walking Dead: World Beyond is a terrible show which promotes climate change by mentioning how mother earth is the cause of the zombies but in the real world, it is the fault of Bill Gates, the United Nations, and others. She asked if it bothers him if we were going to die out like the dinosaurs? Bill Gates loves this because he promotes eugenics, as in depopulation and extinction of the human race. Masks for ten years says Bill Gates, are you excited?

What is the Red Mirage?

TRUMP WILL WIN 2020, I said this BEFORE November of 2016, IT WILL BE a LANDSLIDE but FAKE NEWS and SOCIAL MEDIA AND OTHERS WILL CALL THE LANDSLIDE a RED MIRAGE and that is what RED MIRAGE MEANS and they already wrote articles about the 2020 LANDSLIDE on many websites all saying the same things regarding the LANDSLIDE which they term the RED MIRAGE, all you have to do is GOOGLE RED MIRAGE. Why did the fake news write so many articles about the 2020 landslide victory way before November of 2020? The CDC said, as shown on Tucker Carlson, the mask was intended to protect Covid carriers from passing Covid to other people, the mask is said to keep Covid from going out and not from coming in.

Mayra Joli

2020-10-16 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-10-16 22:02:52 Mayra Joli.png

Mayra Joli

200,000 people were hired to read your private messages on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Only thing worse than 8 year old boys having sex in porn videos fucking girls would be to trick the boys into having their balls cut off to become girls, too many of them end up committing suicide. United Nations are overseeing the 2020 elections and said they will make sure Trump loses.

Why should we lower taxes?

After 2016, as taxes went down, companies, factories, corporations, car factories, etc, began returning or coming for the first time to the United States of America from Mexico, China, other countries, and some start up for the first time from the ground up. That has been happening, millions of jobs were created under President Trump's administration.

Hammer Pizza

2020-10-17 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-10-17 10:46:37 RSBN.png

She is Liz of RSBN

Can't touch it says MC Hammer. Imagine singing that with your hammer for all you carpenters building stuff. Speaking of, is Trump building cases in order to lock up globalists, does he have Hunter Biden sex tapes where Hunter rapes and murders children?


2020-10-18 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2020-10-18 10:11:36 SNL.png


By 2019, China was going to beat America economically, that is until Trump won in 2016. October Surprise. Hunter Biden video, he rapes underage girls. China blackmailed them. This was before Biden got millions of dollars from China. This is how they control people. Everyday in October 2020, Twitter promotes Biden while trashing Trump, talk about election meddling.

Satan Savannah

2020-10-19 - Monday

Screenshot at 2020-10-20 02:08:41 We Are Not Satan.png

Satan Savannah

Fuck your mask, you sheep, take them off or fall off a cliff. Boys are little girls with dicks. A boy has to become a man. But until then, he aint. He has to have the dreams and arrive. Eventually, a boy can become a man and begin to understand his role, his place. Take off your masks you fucking sheep. Duck duck dance.

Cooking Children

2020-10-20 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-10-21 01:16:35 Cooking Children in Bowls.png

Cooking Children

Not Covid. Dead in 4 months without Vitamin C. Dead 45 days without food. Dead in 7 days without water. Dead in minutes without oxygen. A major issue is not Covid but in lacking essential vitamins and minerals which includes zinc, Vitamin D, etc. United Nations plays good cop bad cop as a PR stunt.

Clam Chowder

2020-10-21 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-10-21 21:49:42.png

Trump, bring giant cue cards when you debate Biden. When they mute you, pull out your signs, it can say Hunter Laptop. It can have questions on them, keywords, hashtags for Twitter, facts, statistics, numbers, history, etc.

Lauren Chen

2020-10-22 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-10-22 22:52:46 Lauren Chen.png

Lauren Chen

Black Lives Matter murdered over 40 people during peaceful protests in 2020. But don't worry, George Soros funded BLM is just an idea just like Antifa, ISIS, KKK, and other terrorist groups. Joe Biden said he wants to give over 11 million illegal aliens a path to alleged citizenship in America in 2020 or as soon as possible and specifically people who want to destroy the United States. That's on top of the millions of people who Soros floods in via Open Borders, etc.

What is socialism?

In regards to health care, an alleged public option is socialism or communism in a way. Steven Crowder used a good analogy. Imagine 4 gas stations. One independent and three owned by a guy with a lot of money. Now, imagine the three gas stations lowering the price of gas so they lose money. Eventually, the one gas station goes under. After that, the other three, which is owned by the one guy, can then raise the price of gas to as high as they want after eliminating and bankrupting the competition. In conclusion, after that, you get a monopoly or a cartel.

Women dance behind Trump

2020-10-23 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-10-23 21:34:22.png

Women dance behind Trump

Some men may make more than women but many men have been on streets, prisons, poor, in wars, in more dangerous jobs, end up committing suicide, end up poor, end up in bad situations, etc.

Murdering Billions

Ending fossil fuels would murder billions of people as they would be losing their power. Biden is for ending fossil fuels and he said it many times on video. Barry Goldwater. Deer. I voted for Trump today. Spent all day working on that.

Kanye West on Joe Rogan

2020-10-24 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-10-24 21:55:10.png

Epic Rap Battles of History

Kanye West mentioned the drugs we are all on which includes fluoride which blocks certain things inside our body. More black Americans have died as babies since February 2020 than have died of Covid. Trailer. Steps.

Thing About Fear

You can either have the fear of God or the fear of everything else which can lead you to astray. Kanye West prefers the prequels over Disney Star Wars, he said he watched Revenge of the Sith like ten times just during Covid.

Laura Loomer for Congress

2020-10-25 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2020-10-25 19:29:40 Laura Loomer.png

Laura Loomer for Congress

Trump is winning 2020 in a landslide but leftists are stealing it. People freak out when they see on Fox News reports on how they put microphones in televisions, other devices, people cry, Alex Jones, how did you know for so many decades?" Because it was in the freaking telecommunication act of 1996. Learn how to read, even back then it was called spy devices.

Contact Tracing

In Texas even, they get people to do the contact tracing phone app thing at stores, restaurants, etc. They end up saying some people may have Covid and then send police out to people who might have been near the Covid infected people. The cops try to force them to lockdown, to stay at home or pay hundreds of dollars to corrupt judges. They're trying to make your face look like your privates. As you wear a mask, you begin to forget what a face look like. Joe Rogan needs to stop the Covid testing of his guests. Lockdown is killing billions of people globally or worse. Plus, over ten other things are happening simultaneously.

Not Halloween

2020-10-26 - Monday

Screenshot at 2020-10-26 23:07:24.png

Princess Diana is stuck in your face to make you mad jealous because they want you mad depressed out of your minds because happy people are harder to control, joyful humans buy less crap. So, they purposely trap people into failing as mental slaves. Pizza. Mafia. Coop again. Not Halloween.

Tearing Down to Go Back Up

2020-10-27 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-10-27 23:19:32.png

Alex Jones on Joe Rogan

98% of global warming is caused by the sun and not by humans. I go away from the Internet just for one day and I miss out on one of the biggest podcasts of all time, Joe Rogan and Alex Jones. Expanding, not packing the court, meaning adding additional members to the U.S. supreme court is unconstitutional and destructive meant to destroy the United States of America. Tearing Down to Go Back Up.

Hunter Biden Rapes Children

2020-10-28 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-10-28 22:48:10 Biden.png

Hunter Biden Rapes Children

When asked a question, like, did you eat my one cookie, say no, I ate all your cookies, that is what Joe Biden said, it is not just about packing the courts, it goes beyond that, I will eat all your cookies, yeah, I did NOT eat your one cookie, I ate all your cookies.

New Green Covid Tumor

2020-10-29 - Thursday


Reese Witherspoon and her daughter, Ava, but will our children have a future if we don't stand up for what is right while we still can?

Started watching Barbarians. New Green Deal is like a Tumor to the Covid Lockdown Depopulation Vortex to Hell. Trump will win 2020 but they're stealing it. Uber drivers being labeled employees would be like Amazon users being called staff. It would be like calling stores in a mall employees of the mall. It would be like saying the independent stores and food carts in an ancient street market staff of the street or of the market building.

Biden to be elected even as Trump wins 2020

2020-10-30 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-10-30 21:30:32.png

Biden to be elected even as Trump wins 2020

Biden will be elected even as Trump wins 2020. Pelosi said Biden will be elected President on Tuesday even as Trump wins 2020 in a landslide, the voter fraud is already huge. Bad people say women should NOT call the cops when they're being raped. To check your ballot status, go to votewa . gov if you're in WA. Many Americans can vote online, by mail, drop box, or in person.

Walmart vs America

Walmart is removing guns and ammo as they prepare for the 2020 Trump Landslide Victory as Biden is declared the fake winner. Minnesota was trying to ban the Trump rally today but it still ended up happening.

Trump Over Sliced Bread

2020-10-31 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-10-31 01:50:47 Sliced Bread.png

Trump Over Sliced Bread

At the end of a video Trump showed at his rally today, there were kids trick or treating for Halloween. A couple see what looks like Joe Biden. Come on man, candy is for the kids. Zoom in, you see the foot tapping. The person pulls off the Biden mask, oh it is Kamala Harris. Suddenly, she is dumping their entire candy bowl into her candy bag. She left. They were shocked. They were robbed. Caption reads, don't get tricked. Know who you're voting for. Made me a computer desk table. Happy Halloween.

The Amazing Lucas Fake News

The Amazing Lucas is spreading fake news regarding Jesse Lee Peterson. He seems not to understand what is happening. A caller asked Jesse if slavery and the civil war was a good thing. Jesse said yes and I agree. Lucas disagrees. It is good and bad. It is good in that it educates people. The civil war meant trying to get rid of slavery, racism, etc. Too bad Lucas has to mislead his audience. Jesse is being taken out of context. Lucas is not looking at the content. Because life is not binary like gender is. It is complex and I can write books regarding the different subjects here. Lucas is being so simple and is not really doing due diligence. Lucas is being way too blind. That is too bad. I thought Lucas was smart. But he is missing the boat, long story believe me.

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