2020, April

COVID19 Test Gives Ya COVID19 Wednesday, the 1st of April of 2020. My first day of April was a beautiful day. Reunited with an old friend. Watched beautiful people talk about critical things. I made some memes. I was reviewing 2010. I shared videos and vital info to the world. Oatmeal Joey Arnold Thursday. Blades. Facebook groups prep. Dee Plans Friday. Covid Divoc Saturday. Lockdown is killing more people than Corona is. We've been building a wood shed this month. Some people we knew died.

Rise of the Garden

Covid is a Symptom Sunday the 5th. Gardening. Facebook Groups, Pages. Dinosaur Philosophy. Debates. Fauci Surprise Pandemic Monday. All three of us gardening. Picnic table. Mow. Bush rake. Hydra Head Mods Tuesday. Blackhole Facebook. Evil Communist Chinese Wednesday. Joe castrated Michael Jackson. Fence. Gardening. Facebook. 666 next year announced. The Oatmeal Challenge Thursday. Reviewing 2011 Friday. Curse of Immortality Saturday.

Happy Easter

Facebook Oatmeal English Mod Adding Sunday the 12th. Music Store Organizing Monday. Music trailer unloaded. Music day 2. Decoding Guests Tuesday. Freewill Gravity Wednesday. Got House Get New House Thursday. Bricks. Wood shed work. Hose problem. Stay Home UNSAVES Lives Friday. Food pantry. Bricks. Truck. George Monsters Saturday.

American Rallies

Bricks arranged around Book shed. Perfectionist Inside Sunday the 19th. Music Books. Desiring Trinity Monday. Plow the ground. You killed Kenny on South Park. Younger sister. Lockdown Blockade Tuesday. Back to that house. 2nd time there. Camp Grace. SJW Factory Supply. Aliens Saying Humans Not Essential Wednesday. Lockdown Blood Thursday. Covid Clone Wars Friday. Foundation stones for the wood shed. Answers in Genesis videos on world genealogy going back to Adam. Water Alex Jones Saturday. Lymph Painting Sunday. Painting the Wood Shed Monday. Tim Pool Paint Tuesday. Paint Rain Bleach Wednesday. Plato Globalism Thursday.

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April of 2020

Oatmeal Monthly - April of 2020

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Savior Bill Gates

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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COVID19 Test Gives Ya COVID19

2020-04-01 - Wednesday

Get COVID19 Test to get COVID19. If you think you got COVID-19, get a test. The test might be contaminated with COVID-19. Dear criminals, please stop doing crime until the Corona Virus is gone. Thank you so much. Yours truly, the police. PS. Please don't hurt us. They want to make people into Westworld Robot.

Boob Dick Virus

If you have no zinc in your body, you die after a few months or less. Boob Dick Virus. The virus is as fake and as deadly as a girl with big boobs and scar tissue. Stopping the virus is like holding out your hands to catch the rain in an attempt to keep your clothes dry and the ground dry. My first day of April was a beautiful day. Reunited with an old friend. Watched beautiful people talk about critical things. I made some memes. I was reviewing 2010. I shared videos and vital info to the world.

Which is worse?
Turtles or Rangers?
Naming Arnold Attic

Oatmeal Joey Arnold

2020-04-02 - Thursday

Vaccines are keys. By the time you get a key. Hot damn, there's a new lock. Can you help me? Please! I'm trying to catch the wind. Reach out your hands. Together, we can totally capture the wind. Oh, did I say wind? I mean virus hahahahaaaa. The Walking Dead brain washes people into killing walkers (zombies), I mean sick people.

Dinosaur Philosophy

Hashtag unplug grandma. Oops, I mean hashtag save grandma. COVID19 will kill you. What can you do? Stay at home and kill yourself.

Oatmeal Joey Arnold - New Facebook Group
Oatmeal Joey Arnold - New Facebook Page

Dee Plans

2020-04-03 - Friday

In Denmark, they passed a law that allows them to break into homes and forcefully vaccinate people. Globalists are trying to keep the stay-at-home mandate for at least the next several years into 2025 or forever if they can. They have their plans. They are rolling out their plans.

Spread the Love

The good news is some people know this and are trying to tell people about that so we can do things to stop and reverse these things that Control Freaks do. We face many problems that the rulers throw at us, and that includes 5G, geoengineering, Big Pharma, engineered viruses, propaganda, etc.

I am an English Teacher Add Me
Real Dinosaur Philosophy
Stay Home or Die
Bill Gates COVID Patent
Value in History
The 1980's
The 1990's
Banning Seeds

Covid Divoc

2020-04-04 - Saturday

Covid spelled backwards is Divoc and what the Divoc is going on? While washing dishes, saw a motorcyle man driving by and that encourages me to be bold in life to stand up for freedoms as opposed to only hiding while hoping government will save us babies. No. We are not babies.

Ignition Impression
Mutations Are New Locks
Lock Up Not Labs
44 Tapes

Covid is a Symptom

2020-04-05 - Sunday

Covid is a symptom. Covid spelled backwards is Divoc and what the Divoc is going on? A vaccine can be bad if it not custom-designed specifically like a key to fit a specific lock, and that becomes difficult as the locks (viruses, germs, bacteria, etc) mutate. So, one year is a long time to wait for a vaccine. Our body should be able to make antibodies within hours in some cases. A vaccine can be bad if it contains too much Mercury which is like a toxin. It is like poison. Vaccines could be compared to Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in that they can be incomplete and therefore can put the body off balance... No Church today.

COVID is a Symptom
1995 - Hackers - Featuring Blue Lips Angelina Jolie

Fauci Surprise Pandemic

2020-04-06 - Monday

Fauci said, as seen in a video, before Trump became President in 2017, that there would be a surprise outbreak during the Trump administration. Fauci talked about the 2019 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic years ago and said it would be a surprise. But how can it be a surprise if you knew about it? How do we show people this?

Secret Books

I said I was reading a secret book by George Orwell. Some people asked me to share it with the class. But why do I have to show you the book when we are walking through the book right now? I'm talking about 1984. Good book about big government which we are seeing with Corona Virus in 2020. I was gardening today. Got some sunshine.

Non-GMO Seeds Banned to Save You From COVID19
Weekly Photos - 235pics | Mirror1 | Mirror2

Hydra Head Mods

2020-04-07 - Tuesday

I've added different admins and mods for some of my main Facebook groups and pages as my way of forming a Lernaean Hydra Head, If you don't know, in Greek mythology, Hercules was sent to slay that water dragon serpent creature.

We Are Heads

But when you cut off one head, then the monster grows two new heads and so on and so forth. That is the idea I'm aiming at with my groups and pages. It's the idea of decentralization. This is Sparta. V for Vendetta. I'm Spartacus Trump Alex Jones. 1776 Liberty is contagious. Pass it on. Admins and mods should add members, mods, admins. Invite people. Share all of this stuff. Make your own groups, pages, videos, articles, etc. Have fun. Entertain people. Educate people. Never stop doing what you can. Thank you.

Evil Communist Chinese

2020-04-08 - Wednesday

Chinese communists are thousands of times worse than Nazi Germany and USSR Russia. In the 2020's, even more people will be confronting China. Join in the fun.

Black Hole Facebook

Facebook is a black hole. It can suck you in from the orbits of other websites. Austin Powers. Foo Mee. Fooo Yuuu. Two girls.

The Oatmeal Challenge

2020-04-09 - Thursday

Joe Jackson castrated Michael Jackson at a very early age to preserve his voice to keep MJ's voice and body like a girl. His brothers are strong men and and MJ was skinny like a female chick. High notes. His doctor probably killed him. Well, I don't know if he had help or not. MJ is probably dead. I doubt MJ escaped or faked his death or whatever the case might have been. They broke him like they broke Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. That is Hollywood generally speaking with perhaps a few exceptions. Child sex trafficking and murder is huge in Hollywood. That is why we call it Pedowood.

Mark of the Beast

Bill Gates and others are announcing the launch of the Mark of the Beast as a digital tattoo with nano bots set to be required for all humans globally in 2021 where stores will require you to have it or you cannot buy and sell.

The Oatmeal Challenge

Reviewing 2011

2020-04-10 - Friday

Happy Good Friday! The problem we got as a global culture is when we remove morals from fiction, then we are left with just fiction. We try to emulate the fiction as opposed to applying the morals, the principles, the lessons. When we conflate reality with immoral fiction, we end up living immoral lives. Listen to Dr. Shiva who invented email.

Victory in Opposition

When evil comes at you, do the opposite of the temptation. That is victory.

Big Red Light

We are all siting in a big global red light. Corona is not crossing this intersection. Death is behind us, literally. We are sitting at this intersection. What if the light never turns green? Will we never ever go?

The Oatmeal Challenge
Fat Bearded Joey - 2011 - Year in Review
Acceptable Cannibalism September
Born 4K Years Ago Serious Slogan
Bearded Joey
Bell Ringer Fired

Curse of Immortality

2020-04-11 - Saturday

Ford says immortality is a curse. But it is not a curse. Easy to say it is bad when it is good. And you don't have it. You are jealous of it. You want to live forever. Globalists want to live forever. You want love. You want immortality. You want meaning. You want these good things. Not a curse. These are good things.

Control Humans

What would a mad scientist do if he wanted to mind control people? He would find a way to get people to hold a device that they love and that device would send psycho-electric frequencies to alter the water vibration to disrupt how cells communicate with other cells. Our bodies are over 75% water. A mad scientist would get you addicted to a device that would interfere with your internal biosphere in order to manipulate and control it. Since our bodies are made up of mostly water, in order to control humans, you just have to alter the water frequency via the 2.4 GHZ frequency band.

Bell Ringer Fired

Facebook Oatmeal English Mod Adding

2020-04-12 - Sunday

Bible Free is Wisdom Free. You can either say life sucks or life is difficult. Which do you say? James Watson said there is no god and I am god and James has been the mentor of Bill Gates.

Vikings vs Samurai

If the Vikings fought the Samurai, who would win? If the Japanese were more ninja, more healthy, athletic, faster, more skillful with a sword, then they would probably win. Vikings may have been stronger but the Japanese may have been quicker, smaller, more flexible. So, if they were fighting in a jungle, the Japanese would probably win.

Samurai vs Gladiators

Well, I might compare the Samurai with Roman Gladiators who were possibly more deadlier than the Samurai on average.

Music Store Organizing

2020-04-13 - Monday

Staying at home is murdering millions of people in 2020. This is the 149th time we brought you back, Jim. This time, you're on day 45 before you start to crack down. It is like your mind rejects reality. In the real world, this is something they're selling to people.


They try to make people upload their consciousness to the cloud and promise people immortality which is good and yet Lawnmower Man is suicide. Shut Down is murdering millions of people in 2020.

[Weekly Photos -]179pics(https://www.facebook.com/RamReflection/media_set?set=a.3160750640603760&type=3&uploaded=87) 2 | 3

Decoding Guests

2020-04-14 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-04-14 19:17:15 Can you be my friend and write on my wall, please?.png

We were not here to code the hosts, the robots, but to decode the guests, the humans in the Westworld Matrix. Congratulation! You've won a free donut. However, by the time you get out of your house due to social distancing, I'm afraid somebody else will be eating it. Thank you so much. You're welcome.

Write on My Wall

Did you know that you can write anything you want on my Facebook. I double-dog dare you to put whatever you want on my wall. I promise I will not remove it. I will not delete it. Do you accept my challenge or are you chicken? You can post on my wall any time you want. Anything you want. Feel free to put ads and spam in my tea. That's my plea.

Freewill Gravity

2020-04-15 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-04-15 21:54:01 Jo Jo Rabbit.png

18 million versions of what became a virtual father of Delores and who was possibly also the father of Clint Eastwood Clay Aiken in that television show, West World. He had a son who was drinking. So, he didn't want to help. Then the son overdosed after the dad said no. 18 million simulations of the life of the dad and all of them ended that way. So, do we still have freewill or are we bound to our code? The answer is yes.


They are blaming suicide on COVID-19. Bill Gates helped in the creation and weaponization of the virus. They're trying to use it to kill people. Closing the economy kills people. On top of that, people lose hope and kill themselves. And if that isn't enough, vaccines will be killing even more people on top of that. The rest of the people are doomed to be Wall-E fat people.

Got House Get New House

2020-04-16 - Thursday

Can Covid19 travel 27 feet through the air? Millions of people are dying of starvation right now in 2020 cuz we stay at home. Millions of more people (than normal) because of lockdown. This is worse than the 1930's Great Economic Depression. Supply Chains are breaking. Staying at home is in fact murdering millions of people. So, we are all killing millions of people. We are murderers for not fighting against this. Do NOT stay at home as that kills millions of people in 2020 as it kills supply chains, economically, which means millions starve to death as they have no food. We are complicit when we do nothing. BBQ Day. Music Day 4.


They are blaming suicide on COVID-19. Bill Gates helped in the creation and weaponization of the virus. They're trying to use it to kill people. Closing the economy kills people. On top of that, people lose hope and kill themselves. And if that isn't enough, vaccines will be killing even more people on top of that. The rest of the people are doomed to be Wall-E fat people. I'm an American English Teacher. Please add me and check out my blog.

Got House Get New House

Stay Home UNSAVES Lives

2020-04-17 - Friday

Do NOT stay at home as that kills millions of people in 2020 as it kills supply chains, economically, which means millions starve to death as they have no food. I'm an American English Teacher. Please add me and check out my blog.

Marxist Microsoft

Did you know that Bill Gates is trying to depopulate the planet? Did you know that Bill's mentor was Watson of IBM? Did you know that IBM goes back to Hitler? Did you know what Watson did to help find and murder Jews during World War II? Do you know about the Bill Gates vaccines that murdered people in India? Do you know about how Microsoft spies on people's private messages in real time and much more?

Saturday in Texas. Be there or be in your prison lol.

George Monsters

2020-04-18 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-04-18 01:31:00.png
Social Distancing Created Darth Vader.

Anakin Skywalker came in to save the day. He dodges bullets or blaster lazers. Ahsoka contacts them concerning Maul. Anakin wonders why Kenobi isn't very excited? Well, he is a little bit. Ahsoka is social distancing herself from Vader. Episode ends with Maul saying to Ahsoka, "I wanted Kenobi. Why are you here?" So, social distancing turned Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader in Star Wars? Is George Lucas social distancing? Are we creating new monsters because of Stay at Home?

George & the Dragon

Around 300 A.D., Saint George, a devout Christian and Roman soldier, was going to meet up with other soldiers and came across a princess who was being sacrificed to a dragon outside of a city in Libya. He battled the dragon, stabbed the creature in a vulnerable place in the left wing. The princess led the dragon into the walled city where George killed it in front of people. And then the king asked what George wanted. I guess he didn't ask for the girl but instead wished that they believed in God and then they all got baptized and then he went on his merry way.

What country are you from?
Not Matt Drudge

Perfectionist Inside

2020-04-19 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2020-04-19 14:31:06.png
Are we in the last dance as humans or can we beat the Global Jazz?

I have a perfectionist mindset inside my skull as well, like a mental jail that I am stuck in, and I force myself to at least put out a daily journal post each day and I copy and paste the daily posts to as many websites, blog sites, blockchains, etc, as possible. Wordpress banned me already. As of right now, I post to around 12 different sites. That includes Hive, Steemit, Bear Shares, Blogspot, Live Journal, Read Cash, Uptrennd, Cent, Weku, etc. Why? Because the more the better. If one website blows up, I at least got backups on other sites, AKA decentralization.

Father & Son

The main story plot of Star Wars is concerning a father and his son. That is something boys and men can relate with.

Romeo & Juliet

The secondary story-line is a Romeo & Juliet story arch between a young woman and a young man. Many people relate to that.

Desiring Trinity

2020-04-20 - Monday

Screenshot at 2020-04-14 03:41:18.png

When Delores made copies of her mind and placed them in different bodies, she was becoming omnipresent to an extent like a trinity. But then Charly was feeling she was becoming like the black lady she was inside and being led by emotions. They blow up a Delores copy inside the body of Charlotte and her family in a car as she tried to run away. Like a rocket launcher came to her car. Her son and husband burnt. But she came out like Anakin Skywalker at the end of Revenge of the Sith when he fell into hot lava. She crawled out refusing to die.

Mind Control

Maeve gets reunited with her lover and the doctor man. Maeve tells a copy of Delores that she has too much power as she has knowledge of the robot's memories and some info or memories of humans. Maeve responds, "Says the woman who can control people with her mind." Delores kills Maeve's lover's balls or I mean mind ball. Crushes it with her hands.

Weekly photos - 277 pics | 2 | 3

Lockdown Blockade

2020-04-21 - Tuesday

Independence Day Cancel COVID Dumb & Dumber.jpg

Lockdown is Global Economic Blockade. Stay at Home is Human Prohibition. I was plowing at a house all day. Alex Jones is talking about running off into the mountains. Are too many humans zombies? What can we do? How do we wake people up?

Project Room Key

Hotels are locking people inside hotel rooms like they are prisons, jails, dungeons, in America. Just homeless people right now in the United States. But it is a slippery slope. Today, homeless people. Tomorrow, you may be homeless and then what?

Aliens Saying Humans Not Essential

2020-04-22 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-04-22 17:40:06.png
Half in the Bag - Red Letter Media

Aliens or government? I wonder if some of the people who say they were abducted by aliens were in fact abducted by mad scientists, put on drugs, given false memories via MK Ultra, and left in fields. Imagine aliens saying, "You're not essential."

Infiltrating Hippies

Did they use Charles Mason and others to infiltrate the peace movement, the hippies, in the 1960's and 1970's, as they were against war, to make them look bad? Was the infiltrated government trying to keep America in wars oversea back then? Stay at Home is murdering OVER THIRTY MILLION PEOPLE in 2020, RIGHT NOW. You are KILLING PEOPLE. Because when people stay at home, they do not work. When they do not work, they HAVE NO FOOD. When people have no food, THEN THEY DIE. You are VERY BAD for HELPING GLOBALISTS!!!!!! They tell you to STAY AT HOME AND YOU OBEY LIKE NPC ROBOTS. You are just a ZOMBIE.

Sex Hospitals

Too many hospitals are too empty in 2020, right now, and too many doctors are banging nurses, both male and female, either way you slice it, orgies are happening. They're watching NetFlix, porno, and having sex with each other as they are not getting patients. The hospitals are not being overwhelmed.

2013 - Year in Review

Lockdown Blood

2020-04-23 - Thursday

Bike Prohibition 94218279_222976982315823_7387902803538083840_n.jpg

Lockdown is over if you want it to be. Stand up and take action or do nothing and lose everything. Socialist Distancing.

Drinking Children's Blood

Kids hold the fountain of youth in the chemicals they produce. So, if you can continue to produce them, you may live longer. Celebrities drink the blood of children. They make the kids scared, torture them, rape them, murder them, and then Hollywood actors drink their blood to revive their health. Life is in the blood. So, instead of doing that, you should reboot your blood instead. Blackout. No Power.


COVID19 Is short for Certificate of Vaccination ID 2019

Moving to Saigon
28th Amendment

Covid Clone Wars

2020-04-24 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-04-24 23:33:43.png

The good old days were better as it had less pollution and other things in the air. We know it but blame it on our brain, on nostalgia. Escape the kill grid. Clone Wars 710 was good. Wood shed frame construction. Facebook skit on Infowars War Room.

Corona in USA in 2019?

Was the Corona Virus in America in November of 2019 or was it not here until February of 2020? Why were people getting really sick in 2019? Has COVID-19 been in the United States longer than that, possibly? If COVID has been here longer than we thought, then how could Stay at Home Lockdown isolate and stop a virus that is already running around in circulation among billions of people? Was COVID weaponized? Is the virus a GMP chimera beast? Can we take zinc and other vitamins to fight it? Should we stop Bill Gates and others who have been behind the creation of these types of bio-weapon diseases?

Hitler IBM

There are books about it. In 2020, this year, because of Bill Gates, because of lockdown, globally, not 10 million as generally do but over 30 million people are starving towards death.

Vietnam Arrested

Water Alex Jones

2020-04-25 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-04-25 20:55:07.png

I am not a fan of water but I have to have water and I have to have Alex Jones and I am Alex Jones and you are Alex Jones. Answers in Genesis videos. Foundation setting for the wood shed.

Answers in Genesis

How connected were our ancestors? Are some white people actually black people and do not know it? Who did your ancestors marry? Did they not marry other people of different races? Is the world smaller than we think?

The Adventures of Old Ink Boy
Just Another Channel
2016 - Year in Review
Anna Hostel

Lymph Painting

2020-04-26 - Sunday

Covid Biden.jpg

You got hundreds of lymph nodes that act like filter systems that suck up blood from the blood stream all over the body to filter, to clean, and to then put it back into the blood. It is part of the immune system. Rocks for wood shed base. Painting.

Super Clean Super Bad

When you play in the dirt as a kid, your immune system is exposed to germs and begins to build immunity. When you keep counters and everything too clean, then your immune system declines like bones decline in space. Astronauts come back to earth a bit sick as they were lacking the pressure of gravity. Likewise, our immune system needs the pressure of bacteria, viruses, germs, etc, in order to thrive.

Murdering Millions of People

Lockdown Stay at Home is murdering over 30 million people in 2020 in several different ways. If everybody is in their house, then how do you eat? If you are in your house, where do you get your money? Will government ever let you out of your house? Do you trust the government? When you do escape your house prison, will the germs from your friends kill you as your immune system will be too weak at that time? Will the vaccines weaken your immune system? Will you still have enough food or will you starve to death?

Painting the Wood Shed

2020-04-27 - Monday

Who wants to get vaccinated the most? Immigrants. Americans do not want to submit to tyranny. Painting the wood shed.

Fake News

How many articles begin with talking about a lie for the first three pages only to reveal the truth on page four? Many people only read the headlines. So, they hide the truth at the end to pretend to be honest.

Weekly Photos - 300pics | 2

Tim Pool Paint

2020-04-28 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-04-28 17:50:58.png

Tim Pool drove around America with a solar powered vehicle. What would be key would be to have backup batteries that you charge with the sun so that you can still drive when there is no sun like a normal car. Instead of gasoline, water.

Farm Wars

Are they forcing farms into killing cows? Why is government forcing farmers to throw away food? Why are we importing food that is less safe from other countries while dumping our own harvest in America? Also, why are we also exporting food to China at the same time?

Trojan Corona

Corona is the Trojan Horse delivering the virus of communism and globalism to the world.

Paint Rain Bleach

2020-04-29 - Wednesday

BAD COP Screenshot at 2020-04-29 21:42:02.png
Bad Cop

Now This News is fake news. They made a hit piece video on Alex Jones today. Painting.

Move On

Alex Jones is talking about how we must move on from people who are still sleeping. Spread the word to new people and move on. Focus on the people who do get it. Focus on family first. Focus on small communities and friends. Be ready for the worse as bad things are happening. Be aware as many people are marrying globalism. Watch out as economic depressions accelerates in 2020, this current year. Oatmeal Joey Arnold (that's me) and other people have been warning people globally about this for years. I've been writing about this and making videos about these types of things in the 2010's. We should focus more on buying land, building walls. We must have castles. We must have bunkers. We must try to protect our people groups as much as possible. Zombies are coming. Bad things are accelerating. Get ready now before it is too late.

Plato Globalism

2020-04-30 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-04-29 22:00:21.png
War Room Show

Bill Clinton and Bill Gates are behind the Army of Tracers. Bill Gates has the vaccine ready right now and will probably release it by the fall of 2020. It is the Bill Gates Corona Virus and Vaccine. Bill Gates had a dad who ran Planned Parenthood? Did Bill Gates get a bunch of money from his dad? Did Bill steal the Microsoft operating system from other people? Is Bill trying to depopulate the planet?

Mass Suicide

Will many people be committing suicide as the globalists accelerate in taking over the world a thousands times worse than what the Nazi did? To be honest, many are killing themselves because of the 2020 shutdown globally. So, to be frank, people are losing hope. Why not give people hope before they die? Why not do what you can to reach out to people while you can and while they are still breathing?


A decision was made like 2,300 years ago in Greece to keep knowledge away from the general public in order to control them and everything. Christians began to break that and get the printing press to go wild and many things. After that, the control freaks came back to counter-strike that in the centuries to follow that.

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