2020, September

I'm Watching the 100, an engaging live-action version of Wall-E but with some twists. No fat people. No robots. There are other humans on the planet, surprise, spoiler alert. Mirage November 2020 mention on Tuesday, the 1st of September of 2020. Miley Cyrus on Joe Rogan. Mote. Red Mirage Scam Wednesday. Returned. Lawn cut. Zoom Gone Wild Thursday. Fixing Ethernet Friday. Vacuum Cherry Tomatoes Saturday.

Back the Blue

Potluck. Football throwing. Basketball horse. Pizza. Black Lives Matter in Shelton on Sunday the 6th. Balls. Blowing Up Tires Monday. Boy Man Photos New Perspective Comic. Joy Villa Tuesday. Pizza. Dog. Facebook Red Mirage Plan. Army For Trump Wednesday. Killing Kaitlin Bennett Thursday. Vampires & Zombies Have No Babies Friday. Motion Detecting Garage Lights Saturday.

Got PayPal.

Hello Crystal, Sunday the 13th. 4 eggs. L4OJ YouTube Time Capsule Monday. Bye guys. Corn bread. Trump townhall. Amazing Lucas. Biden fun. Funny tweets. Snowden Joe Rogan. Vote Anna Luna Tuesday. Chinese Food Wednesday. Dancing With Boobs Thursday. Ruth Died Friday. Risin to Murder Trump Saturday.

Understanding Rocks

Nerf gun tournament over on back alongside a cake, Biden Cuties, Sunday the 20th. Pizza breakfast with oatmeal. Zap zap. Nigger vs BLM in PDX Monday. Excuse For Tyranny Coming in the Winter Tuesday. Pallettes. Rain. Gate back up. Breaking Cells Wednesday. Boundary. Rain. Gutters. Tree pruning. Costco delivery. Losing Ballots Thursday. Shelf fell. Abuse. Falling Over Friday. Shredding Off Tomorrow Saturday.

Changing Tides

Coming Over Sunday the 27th. David Icke. Hugs. Alicia, yellow power ranger. New Green Deal = Thrive Monday. Trump Biden Debate 1 Tuesday. South Park Covid Wednesday.


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2020-09 - September of 2020

Oatmeal Monthly - September of 2020
Published in of 2020

Screenshot at 2020-09-17 02:13:03.png
She can dance with her boobs. Meanwhile, Australians chants, "We want freedom."

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Mirage November 2020

2020-09-01 - Tuesday
Screenshot at 2020-09-01 23:31:29 Deanna.png
Deanna on Banned Video

They're even censoring the CDC who were saying Covid is not killing a lot of people. I don't wear masks. I go into stores with no mask on, even if they require masks. People are playing in closed parks. George Lucas described the differences between joy and pleasure.

Paradox Plan

They're saying that when Trump loses in 2020, that if Trump contests, they must forcefully remove him. They're also saying at the same time, when Trump wins, then Biden must contest. That's a paradox. Plus, they're also saying, simultaneously, they will create a new country when Trump wins within the United States, that the leftist states will leave the union and form a new nation. You can read the articles, watch the videos, and look around at Obama, Hillary Clinton, and many others, who are talking about many of these plans and many different things which they're doing and other things they're planning on doing in November of this year.

Red Mirage Scam

2020-09-02 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-09-02 10:46:46.png
Miley Cyrus on Joe Rogan

The red mirage scam. Realistic children books is a great idea to help introduce them to real challenges that kids run into as they move towards adulthood. They need to understand the challenges of drugs, alcohol, sex, work, life, marriage, careers, choices, addictions, how-to do things, how to grow up, how to figure things out, how to problem solve. Technochemical addiction.

Election 2020

Dems are trying to steal over 100 million votes in 2020 and we have to do all we can to try to stop some of that and also overcome all the fake votes and all the deleted votes too. Miley Cyrus on Joe Rogan. Stayed till next day. Mote.

Zoom Gone Wild

2020-09-03 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-09-03 19:50:07 Liz Wheeler.png
Liz Wheeler - OANN

Naked Pedophiles are hacking into Zoom school conferences showing their dicks to children. Teachers are teaching using Zoom shirtless. CPS is stealing children in Massachusetts. Racist Uber driver kicked Joy Villa out of the car. Thousands of dumb scientists and doctors signed a petition or said all together that violent rioting with Black Lives Matter (BLM) is healthy and peacefully protesting against the lockdown is very unhealthy just like the Covid scam is so unhealthy. Did Antifa or similar terrorism groups start back in the 1940's around the second world war or was it actually before that? Send in your early mail-in ballot and follow it. If it is not counted, go vote in person after that. If it turns out that the ballot does go through, it will not be counted if you already voted in person. But in 2016, millions of mail-in ballots were lost in the mail. Check out Crazy Uncle Mike's.

Tariffs vs Free Markets

Tariffs is unrelated to the free market. Tariffs is a governmental thing allegedly there to help the economy. Not to say tariffs cannot help at all depending on the situation and the variables at hand. But hypothetical free markets, which does not exist 100%, does not or should not ideally or theoretically include centralized and national or global tariffs and other things. Take OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF mask.

Fixing Ethernet

2020-09-04 - Friday
Screenshot at 2020-09-04 12:37:00 Bad UK Cop.png
Bad Cop in UK

Control freaks don't even want humans to have the ability to join Satan or even the ability to think at all when everything is said and done. Satan wants to kill all humans on the planet and everywhere.

Some Choices vs No Choices

Having some choices is better than having no choices or too many choices. Patrick Bet-David likes having 3 choices. Three is like the magic number.

Cherry Tomatoes

2020-09-05 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-09-05 20:49:16.png
Banned Video

San Diego banned plastic straws, moved the homeless to under overpass bridges, and then they weren't able to discard waste into plastic bags which meant the spread of diseases in 2020 from their drug use, their going to the bathroom on the streets. Vacuum. Cherry tomatoes.

Origin of Computers

1912, Thomas Watson of the Nazis and the Rockefeller, had these computers or whatever running or developed or a plan at least, something to do with Jamaica. Watson received a reward higher than Margaret Sanger who was second place and in third place was Hitler.

Black Lives Matter in Shelton

2020-09-06 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2020-09-06 15:39:41.png
Activism in Shelton, WA

The new chancellor talks about starting a new independent country like the USA and all of that is good but they way it is presented is propaganda to say it is bad when it is actually goo. What he is doing is pretty bad but his words are disguised as nationalism as of Trump and patriotism in this The 100 show. Activism in Shelton, WA.

Are you wearing a mask?

The same as South Korea, like you said, if you do not wear a mask, bad things happen. I do not wear a mask. So many people are not wearing masks in the red cities and some even in the blue cities and countryside and other places. The problems are the same as it has been for many years, actually many decades in a variety of ways, big variety of ways. So many different things are happening and lockdown is murdering over 100 million people in 2020 on top of other things as well.

Balls. Blowing Up Tires

2020-09-07 - Monday

Screenshot at 2020-09-07 19:29:23 CDC 6 percent.png

CDC said 94% of Covid deaths in 2020 was not Covid deaths. United Nations says new polio outbreak in Sudan casued by oral vaccine. That's only the tip of the iceberg. You'd be surprise what the UN and what others have said and even worse what they've done as well. They admit to a series of things in white papers, articles, and even in videos, their plans, what happened, what they already knew, what they did on purpose, who they work for, why they do Agenda 2030 and a series of things in the name of transhumanism and a series of different endeavors. Pumped up bike wheels, basketballs, volleyballs, bouncy balls. Square plates. Bubble gum bubbles. Stimulus check 2 update below.

Cancer Cells Inside Vaccines

What they don't tell you is that the polio vaccine has live cancer cells inside. It also contains other utilities for reducing fertility.

Greatest Trade Ever

I'll give you a free smile. All it will cost you is one smile. Take off your Covid Mask and give me a smile and I'll give you a hug.

Joy Villa

2020-09-08 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-09-08 18:32:55 Newsweek Published How Hillary Clinton Won in 2016.png
2016 - Newsweek published this before the election results and didn't have anything ready for if Trump ended up winning.

Bill Gates says Covid2 is coming and it will be much worse. They're testing us before they bring in the real depopulation bio-weapon. Now, a Trump rally in North Carolina. But people are wearing masks there at the rally which is terrible. Take off your masks, people.

Does that mean you love welfare?

I like to have a house that is mine. I don't want you to come into my house uninvited and say private property is a social construct. I want to have a wall and lock my door. I believe in the freedom of doing whatever the Hell I want in my house or on my alleged land. I don't want you to put up a tent in my yard and say you can do whatever want on my alleged property. I don't want you to come into my house and eat all of my food.

Army For Trump

2020-09-09 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-09-08 03:20:50.png
Sign up to be a poll watcher

Over 10.6 million people recovered from Covid-19 as of August of 2020 according to Johns Hopkins Hospital. In other words, people are fighting the 2019 Novel Corona Virus which Bill Gates patented in 2019, which test kits were being developed for in 2017, which was being developed in North Carolina before moving to Wuhan, China in 2015, which was mentioned in Lockstep in 2010, which was mentioned in a book written in 1984 and on and on. It wasn't two weeks to flatten the Covid Curve but just a moment to flatten our freedoms & liberties in 2020 like the world has never seen before. The 100 is a show about people taking the Bill Gates vaccine tattoo chip in order to gain control over people globally. People who do not take the mark of the beast are nailed to x crosses like Jesus was. Army For Trump.

Killing Kaitlin Bennett

2020-09-10 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-09-11 00:27:35 Kaitlin Bennett.png
Kaitlin Bennett can be found on Liberty Hangout

Top tech companies compete against each other for world domination. Hidden cameras on the back of seats on buses, trains, planes, public transportation, on Zoom, on apps, in public places, in your house, on your computer, many different places, when you do not wear your mask, then you are in trouble, you get banned, you get arrested, you submit, you bow down to tyranny, then they boil us frogs hotter and hotter, it never stops as long as you do nothing. Vaccines turn genes off.

CDC Admits

CDC said 94% of Covid Deaths are not Covid Deaths. If you are sick, anything can push you off that figurative cliff towards your literal death, be it alleged Covid or a not-alleged common cold. What really matters is not Covid, the Flu, the cold, or any number of symptoms, illnesses, sickness, disease, cancer, germs, bacteria, viruses, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. What matters is that you should try to be healthy. If you're not healthy, then anything will kill you. The problem is not the anything that kills you but the fact you are so unhealthy. Yeah, old people die. Old people get sick. Some people with pre-existing conditions will get sick of almost anything and die. This is common sense and not a pandemic. It's a plandemic. Covid was patented in 2019 by Bill Gates indirectly. It moved from North Carolina to Wuhan, China, in 2015. It was mentioned in Lockstep in 2010. It was mentioned a book written in 1984 or 1983, around that time. I'm not talking about a book named 1984 but another book that talked about Wuhan, China, written in the early 1980's.

Vampires & Zombies Have No Babies

2020-09-11 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-09-11 22:45:06 Alexa Jones.png
Alexa Jones on Banned.video

Vampires and zombies do not have babies. They infect and make other people do what they do and pass it on that way. Vitamin C, D3, and Zinc. Are white people the problem? If so, please tell me, a white man, what I can do to help you. Thank you very much, have a beautiful day.


Blake Lively is talking about the Hollywood pedo movement. They have sex with newborn babies, brand new right out of the womb with the cord still plugged in, they get animals to have sex with the children, the kids, the boys, the girls, the toddlers, the babies, the rape, abuse, torture, murder, drink, and eat them. They have sex with dead bodies. We're talking about celebrities, actors, politicians, etc.

Motion Detecting Garage Lights

2020-09-12 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-09-11 22:49:29.png
CNN Sucks

Empty hospitals & doctor offices. You pay for health insurance, but if you got a sore throat or anything other than Covid, you can't see a doctor. They still steal your money. Billions of people are dying. Over 80 million unsolicited ballots is rigging the 2020 USA Presidential Race right now. The problem is not the solicited mail-in ballots but the UNSOLICITED ballots. That is UNSOLICITED vs SOLICITED. The fake news, technocracy, schools, Hollywood, and others, lie about this and much more. That is treason. That is espionage. That is very bad to collude like that with China, globalists, and others, against nationalism, patriotism, freedom, etc. Do NOT wear masks. Instead, wear Vitamin C.

Got PayPal. Hello Crystal

2020-09-13 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2020-09-13 21:49:01 RSBN Liz.png

I have PayPal. Globalists started realizing how invading armies of foreign countries would be resisted by the citizens of the conquered nations. This realization has accelerated especially in the 1900's more so than in previous centuries and it elevated their push to trick the citizens by posing as angels of light, just like Lucifer, the greatest lie Satan ever told was that the Devil does not exist. Control freaks come in with Bill Gates, the United Nations, and others, and pretend to be the good guys. They try so hard to entice people to beg for a Prison Planet. They get people to police themselves to wear masks, get vaccines, to lose freedoms, and more.

Stopping the Election

Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other terrorist groups will be shooting conservatives on election day, which is Tuesday, the third of November of 2020, they'll be attacking patriots who try to vote in person leading up the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. They'll be discouraging millions of MAGA supporters from voting. They'll be doing everything they can to stop people from voting. Patriots must be poll watcher. Patriots must be ready.

L4OJ YouTube Time Capsule

2020-09-14 - Monday

Screenshot at 2020-09-14 16:35:24.png
Reminds me of Baby One More Time by Britney Spears

We are under United Nations control. Fire break banning in America in the 1980's led to annual mass forest fires in places like California. Lockdown causes debt when people can't work, invest, buy, sell, rent, lease, trade, services, goods, to gather, to meet, to work, to eat, to do commerce, etc, and debt causes economic depressions globally, a silent killer. YouTube Live Experimenting. They drove around. 4 eggs.

Forest Fires

Why are forest fires scared of borders? Why are the fires not hoping across the borders of California, Oregon, Washington State, and other blue states, cities, countryside, counties, regions, communities, neighborhoods, forests, woods, jungles, mountainsides, etc, why are they not hoping over to other places? Fire breaks were banned in the 1980's in California which is a major cause of forest fires. The democrats and others did that. They're responsible. Also, arson or arsonists are paid by George Soros and others. Also, smart meters, geoengineering, climate change manipulation, and a number of different things have been contributing to the forest fires as well.

Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Oatmeal Joey Arnold can be found at @joeyarnoldvn and just Google my name @joeyarnoldvn in a search engine website, app, etc, via Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, other places, to find me all over the Internet and beyond.

I'm a second generation American on my dad's side.

Vote Anna Luna

2020-09-15 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-09-15 15:48:36 Anna Luna.png
Vote Anna Luna

In school, they force children, students, to talk about, to write about, how masks are normal. The good news is that video of that Bronx woman screaming about how we are not going to take any more. Trump retweeted the United Spot parody of Biden who played off his phone the Despacito song during his speech today.

Comedy Gone Wild

The parody had instead a rap song all about "Fuck the police." The Amazing Lucas was watching it on his live YouTube stream. Had me balling lol. Lucas: "We got white Kanye in the oval office right now." Crazy times, I agree. Vote Anna Luna. Bye guys.

Chinese Food

2020-09-16 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-09-16 20:50:21 Drug Feminist.png
@w_hole uploaded a Tik Tok video about stopping the evil orange Hitler.

Covid-19 is a man-made virus from North Carolina which moved to Wuhan in 2015. Covid has HIV-insertions and other unique features. Covid was sent to America from China, an act of war. Big tech is censoring the video of Tucker Carlson's interview with Dr Li Meng Yan who is a virologist whistleblower who confirms Covid-19 came from a lab from Wuhan, China. Twitter suspended Yan.

Lab Created Covid

When you scan over Covid-19, you find the insertion points, like plastic surgery, like when a woman has fake boobs, the machine is able to see how the Covid virus is a chimera, that is part this virus and part this other virus and part other viruses; part these certain genes and part these other genes. The machine can even tell you how and where the genes, the specific insertions, came from. Actual serial numbers. Why are people still getting Covid if people are wearing masks?

Dancing With Boobs

2020-09-17 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-09-17 02:13:03.png
She can dance with her boobs. Meanwhile, Australians chants, "We want freedom."

Australians chants, "We want freedom." Bill Gates Vaccine to attack Chromosome 8 in order to make humans retarded. Over 60% of businesses in 2020 permanently closed or bankrupt, this is worse than the 1929 Great Depression which expanded in the 1930's, 100+ million people are starving to death due to shutdown, we are murdering people each second we do not fight our overlords who are enslaving humanity, blood is on my hands, blood is on your hands, each second you are not sharing Alex Jones with people.

Trump Gamble

Playing with Covid Vaccine Chess is dangerous for Trump in 2020, even as Trump has the fake news where he wants them, Trump's real enemy is not really the press but the globalists behind them. So, Trump wages war with the puppets instead of exposing globalists who are the puppeteers.

What happens when they turn off Chromosome 8?

You become retarded. Vaccines to turn off chromosome eight.

Ruth Died

2020-09-18 - Friday

Barbie Valeria Real Life 15.jpg
Barbie may not be totally real but America is

I'm on Stream Yard. People are evolving into mutants as we adapt to radiation, diseases, 5G, geoengineering, bad vaccines, a series of things. Well, many people may not mutate fast enough and things go to chaos. To some extent, the fact that humanity does adapt is good news. But we shouldn't rely too much on that. "It's a protest against stupidity." President Donald Trump. Ruth died.

Risin to Murder Trump

2020-09-19 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-09-19 23:05:29 Ricin.png

Ricin sent to murder Trump. Alex Jones broadcasting to you from the new capital of the United States of America, the state of Texas.

Biden Cuties

2020-09-20 - Sunday

Biden Cuties.jpeg

New Show: Biden's Cuties. Joe Biden said 200 million of 350+ M Americans died of Covid in 2020. Nerf gun game. Cake. Change the world perspective. My social newsfeeds videos. Understanding the science and art of rocks.

Nigger vs BLM in PDX

2020-09-21 - Monday

Screenshot at 2020-09-21 17:02:21 PDX Man.png
Black Guy Stands Up To BLM in PDX

"You don't know because you aint from here, but you come here..." PDX Man regarding Black Lives Matter (BLM) in Portland, Oregon. Dare me to make a video of anything and I might do it.

Excuse For Tyranny Coming in the Winter

2020-09-22 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-09-22 01:11:54.png

They'll continue to use the excuse of death to lock you down during the winter months. People have always got sick and died for thousands of years. That's not a new thing. Countless Invisible video. "We have waged war with an invisible enemy, the China Virus, which has claimed the lives of countless lives." Trump to the United Nations General Assembly today, puns intended being that the invisible enemy could be a virus or deep state, and countless could mean many or none because it is either too many to count or too few to even count making it "Count - LESS." We should break up Texas and Florida, not to mention California. We all know why too.

CDC Says No Masks

CDC retracted the airborne thing off their website. That means CDC is saying no masks indirectly. Facebook will not let you share that.

Breaking Cells

2020-09-23 - Wednesday

Bare in Bear.jpg

Bill Gates Vaccines to reprogram cells. Soylent Green is people. They burn up babies in order to heat up hospitals. CDC said their airbourne Covid articles was a glitch, just a website error. What, how was an entire web page accidentally written and published on their website?

FDA to Block Vaccines

Trump launches Operation Warp Speed to get Covid Vaccines ready before November of 2020 and now the FDA is bringing up added regulations, restrictions, laws, rules, code, for what is required for a vaccine in order to stop the Trump Vaccines. BLM shoots police in Kentucky.

Losing Ballots

2020-09-24 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-09-24 20:41:17 Deanna in a Pink Leather Jacket.png
Find DeAnna Lorraine on Banned.Video

They found Trump ballots in ditches in 2020. They're actively stealing and losing ballots in order to stop Trump from winning in 2020, right now, they are finding this all over the place, be a poll watcher, take a picture of your ballot before you lose your ballot.

Destroying America

George Soros, Bill Clinton, the United Nations, Bill Gates, and others, are involved in racketeering, terrorism, treason, in dividing, conquering, in instilling civil war in the United States of America, especially in 2020. "Joe Biden should not secede under any circumstances." Hillary Clinton regarding the 2020 U.S. Presidential Trump Victory. Millions of Germans in Berlin protesting 2020 Covid Lockdown. Gutters. Tree pruning. Rain. Costco delivery.

Falling Over

2020-09-25 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-09-25 03:13:35 Clarke.png

Matty is saying the former commanders live inside her, globalists love that idea because they want humans to upload their consciousness to the cloud, but they will be killing themselves. The plan is to lock your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc, on election day, Tuesday, the 3rd of November of 2020, as they steal the election from Trump and as they claim Trump is trying to steal the election even as they steal it instead. They'll say it appears Trump won but that was just a red mirage. They'll say there are over 80 million mail-in ballots which they will have to count for many weeks after the election. Please copy and paste this message to others before they delete this message and ban me. Shelf fell down. Abuse.

Operation Destroy America

Fake news say Trump is asking military to steal the election from Biden but what actually happened was globalists asked military to steal the election not from Biden but from Trump.

Shredding Off Tomorrow

2020-09-26 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-09-27 01:56:54.png
Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) Chicks

"You stupid bastards," Joe Biden to U.S. military veterans. CDC says 70 years old and up, over 94.6% of those people do not die and do in fact recover from the 2019 Novel Corona Virus Covid-19. If you get a thousand dollar fine for not wearing a mask, do NOT pay it, period. Many people are not paying.

How do you destroy America?

Black Lives Matter appeals to our emotions, anger, confusion, frustration, and fears. BLM destroys the family by destroying the man. A big factor in destroying the man is in destroying the woman, the rib and heart of men.

Coming Over

2020-09-27 - Sunday

Covid at 94 Percent Survival Rate for 70+ Year Olds.jpg
This is according to CDC and not just Fox News

Covid at 94 Percent Survival Rate for 70+ Year Olds. They put like their so-called daughter or ancestor into Clark. They used knight blood tech and it is similar to the religion o Elon Musk of uploading your consciousness to the cloud which may be happening now or is at least being attempted in real life, in the real world where we are, it is not fiction, but you will die when you go into the Matrix and the lie and deception bigger than Covid 2020 is that you will not die and this will be the next bix global hoax coming as soon as 2021, that is next year.

Make America Guns Again

Up into the 1900's even, many Americans had military grade riffles, guns, weapons, that is even waitresses, staff, customers, employers, employees, at work, at restaurants, at school, in cars, in the back of trucks, all kinds of people in the United States through into the 1970's even. Over 99.999% of the time, people didn't go crazy and blow things up. Guns were everywhere but people were not mass shooting. Terrible things were not happening. Guns is not the problem. This is the clear evidence of such.

New Green Deal = Thrive

2020-09-28 - Monday

Covid Over Biden Shirt.jpeg

The new New Green Deal is called Thrive. The gameplan is not simply to beat Trump 2020 via one way or another, there are many ways they are doing it and one of them involves saying Trump lost even when Trump wins. It's critical to understand several levels to how they go after winning. They go after plunging stocks, the economy down 40% and then even farther down to get many people to beg for Biden or whoever.

President Pelosi 2021

Pelosi: "Whether he [Trump] knows it or not, he will be leaving... I'm second in-line, uhhh, to the presidency." 2020-07-20 - MSNBC - Morning Joe.

Trump Biden Debate 1

2020-09-29 - Tuesday

Wall-E World.jpg

England and other countries try to force people to have Covid related apps for track and tracing before letting people into restaurants, stores, and even for travel. Trump was not evading taxes, he was avoiding taxes, and that is legal, there is a distinction between evasion and avoidance. Have neighborhood security meetings. Have Walking Dead Communities.

Covid Davos Takeover

Davos said in February of 2020 they would use Covid to reset the global economy in order to accelerate elevated monopoly and control over corporatism, monopolism, banks, etc, worldwide. They've been putting fluoride in drinking water since at least the 1940's to dumb down humanity and Bill Gates does not drink the tap water but you do. 2 million people starved to death in 2020 because of lockdown, over 238 million are starving and may die really soon because we wear masks, because we obey the globalists who are telling us what to do.

South Park Covid

2020-09-30 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-09-30 21:57:33.png
They saw South Park

Democrats will try to claim that Republicans are stuffing the ballot boxes in order to activate the 20th amendment which involves delaying the counting of the votes, the 2020 U.S. election, in order to keep Trump or anybody from being elected by the 20th of January of 2021 because then Pelosi and her gang can then choose who will be the next President of the United States of America (POTUS); that is on top of other a number of things they're attempting right now to take over the USA and the world. They're doing many different things to bring us down and this is just one of their plans, one of their things.

What about race in the future?

Chris Wallace asked a hypothetical question regarding racism and the next four years. It was a genuine question in that Biden and Trump responded, it was not rhetorical, but the question was a trap meant to mislead the audience as the debate was a show to brain wash people to hate Trump. Chris Wallace interrupted Trump 35 times, Biden 0 times.

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